Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday's Wrandom Wramblings

I am beginning to think that the only time I post lately is if I have some funny slang gang word, or my random ramblings.

Maybe I've lost my mojo.

This is supposed to be my journal.  I am sucking at keeping a journal right now.

I just reached 100 readers!  Imagine how surprised I am at that!  Who was the lucky 100th  follower?
Her.  Well, actually, I'm not sure exactly WHICH one of them it is, but they are following me now. I clicked over to thank them and, you know, "meet" them.  Cute girls with a cute blog and really, let's face it.  They had me at Taco Bell.

I got my Social Security statement today.  I usually never even open the envelope.  I'll leave it on the kitchen table so Splenda can look at it if he wants too. 
I felt brave enough today to open it and read it.  Feeling sassy.  On top of the world.  Ready to tackle anything. 
My SS statement today kicked me right in the ding ding.  I will be working until I am 90 years old.  And even then, I am pretty sure that this "money" they say I've earned, doesn't really exist and I will never see one cent of it. 
Wind out of sails.  Deflated. Sass is now lying crumbled on the bedroom floor like a pair of socks.

Women of Steele Triathlon is Saturday morning.  I've prepared as much as I can prepare.  I am still nervous.  Remember last year?  Yeah, my stomach is kind rebelling again this year.  Didn't think I really got too nervous for things, but I guess I really am.  Even though I am more prepared this year than last, I am worried about the swim.  I just remember how much harder it was than I planned on.  All those bodies in the water.  Not being able to get air.  I can swim, but can I swim with all those bodies flailing around me? NGL - getting edgy.

I have been craving Arby's french dip sandwich.  But I have to be careful, and remind them to leave the cheese off.  I finally broke down today and grabbed one from the drive through late this afternoon.  I repeated my order TWICE.  Both times reminding the drive through lady "no cheese please".  She even repeated it back to me correctly.  I had no worries.  I fought my way out of the parking lot through construction and the death intersection and back to my humble little home and makeshift office in my bed.  Rip open the bag, get settled with the au jus sauce ready for dipping, and WTH???  There is that stupid CHEESE!  And it's not like a big mac, where you can kinda scrape it off and discard the patty and bun that it's touched.  No!  It's melted on the top bun and throughout the meat.  Unsalvagable.  Perhaps, I should have ordered is as "sin queso por favor".  That might have ensured that it was correct.  Not.happy.

I'm not gonna complain too loudly, because HE had it worse than me.  Far worse.  And I am linking back to him in the hopes that he might get some sort of compensation.  And I like the kid.  He might have far worse living conditions for the next couple of years, and it's a bummer that his last trip with his Momma involved staying in a crappy place.  So yeah, crappy Nauvoo Family Inn and Suites - you suck.  You can go hit his blog and up his page count.  Maybe crappy NFIS will see it and do the right thing.

If ya can't tell, I defend my friends.  In Real Life ones and the ones that live in my computer. I'm as loyal as a puppy dog.  And right now, as smelly as one too.  I have yet to shower since coming home from the gym.  Early this morning.  I've.been.WORKING. 

I DO, however, get to make a bunch of cupcakes and go have a huge birthday party with all the YW.  I love Wednesday's.........


Cherie said...

This was very random in the super great way only you can do random! I have to admit it made me giggle the whole way through thinking of you with all that Arby's roast beef with cheese all over it (hand it over Thank You!) and kicking the butt of the Nauvoo family inn and suites - Ha Ha.
Enjoy your cupcakes and eat an extra - One for the gipper, eh?@!

tiburon said...

Wow. You are totally making me want to do the tri on Saturday.

I am not getting nervous at all.

Thanks for that.

CountessLaurie said...

i detest when the drive thru people mess up. grrrr.

meanwhile, i happen to love both ramblings and slang, so keep 'em coming. and mae rae is quoting them, so heck, that's fun, right??

i have been wanting a cupcake for three days... you are killing me now. just go ahead and mention diet coke and finish me off, why don't you... sniff...


Scrappy Girl said... had me at cupcakes!

wendy said...

Having you as a young womens leader would be AWESOME ---or scarry---all at the same time.
Girl, get over the cheese thing. por favor.
I more times then not would not get the right order from a fast food take out. Frustrating. I hate going for fast food.
I want steak and lobster. Screw that up and you die.

good luck with the Women of Steele triathalon. You are amazing. I wish I were as fit as you!!!!!!

Garden of Egan said...

I hope you showered before you went to YW cause they are all about smelly people ya know.

So I think your randomness is totally awesome. We stayed at Nauvoo Family Inn and SWEETS about 7 years ago. Maybe they haven't vacuumed since then.
It was kinda ghetto.

Hope you kill it on Saturday (that's a good term right?) Hope you take pictures and post them.

Pedaling said...

You get up to 100 followers and lose your blogging mojo?
What's up with that?

Lara said...

I got my SS statement today too. I made 1000 dollars this year. And most of the last several. I rock. :)

I don't have much of a blogging mojo lately either. I blame all the spring weather. who wants to sit in front of a computer screen when you can be outside enjoying the sun?

Ha! the word verify is "uncoma" Because spring is when we come out of the winter coma.


Know the feeling, I oredered six kids meals at Jack in the crack and they all came with fries only, really people, you missed the main coarse in ALL of them?
I miss YW, have fun!

tammy said...

I've lost my blogging steam too, but yet keep getting more followers and I feel like I don't want to disappoint.

I have a feeling you are going to rock the Triathlon.

I think we're having french dip tonight.

Mae Rae said...

sometimes the journal just needs to be this. Wrandom and funny. It is what it is and it is AWESOME!

Jenny said...

Maybe it is the weather that is effecting you Mojo...after all we have sunny one day, then rainy cool the next.

Some times it is plain OK to be down or negative. So let it rip if you want. We all know you got a great personality, or we wouldn't be fallowing ya!!! I gotta check to see if I am even on there.

Have a cool day!

Jenny said...

All this time I thought I was a follower... Dang now your at 101!!!

Sue said...

my drive thru gave me a burger without the meat..Say what? I marched right up to the front of the line and demanded my beef...Don't they even try to listen.

my blogging mojo isn't gone..just my freakin time.

Chief said...

ding ding

I couldnt get past it

I tried

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I had to laugh at all the people who say they've lost their blogging mojo. Cause I feel the same.
Maybe we could start a club?

And I like that you are loyal. Not enough if people like you out there! :D