Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling's

School is ALMOST OVER!!  Yeah, almost!  The boy graduates from Seminary tomorrow night and then the formal high school graduation is next Wednesday night.  One more assignment to hand in tomorrow and I think he's done.  He's my last.  No more ever.  I am giddy beyond belief!! 

I think he is even giddier than me.  If possible.

What's he going to do after high school you ask?  Good question.  If I got to choose for him, he would go on a 2 year mission for our church while his girlfriend finishes up her schooling and starts some college for herself.  Then he could come home.  They could get married, and he would start school and they would be poor, starving, but blissfully happy, married college kids like everyone else had done.

But I don't get to choose for him do I?  Don't get me wrong, he's a good kid and no matter what he chooses, he'll be successful.  He's wanted to be a chef since he was little.  I think he might choose a local culinary school to attend.  I guess we'll see. 

Have you ever taken off acrylic nails?  It hurts.  Whether you soak them off or peel them off (done both), they hurt like a mothah!  Right now, I am too chicken to do either so I cut them down and letting the acrylic grow out.  Yeah.  Pretty funny looking.  Feel free to point your fingers and openly mock.

I have gotten a bit lazy with my hair lately.  I am in the "growing it out" phase and it's now long enough to pull back into a ponytail.  My bangs are grown out as well.  So it's pretty easy to whip it into a pony and then secure any wisps with a band or clips.  Amazingly, I got a lot of compliments on it Monday when I did it that way for work.  I was running late, didn't want to take the time to flat iron it, so I pulled it back.  NGL - felt pretty good to get compliments on my efforts in laziness.

I have a huge bag of Skittles sitting on my night stand.  And what's funny, is the fact that they are sitting there makes me not want any.  Weird huh?  If I didn't have any on hand, I would crave, and fixate on them until I got some.  Now that they are within arms reach?  Meh - whatev.   A little here, a little there and no more needed.  Maybe I'm on to something with a new diet trick?

What I am craving is a CFDCwV.  When I work from home, it's trickier getting one.  It requires a jaunt out to the sev.  At work, I just walk downstairs to the cafeteria.  And now that Luka is gone all day, I don't have anyone around to go fetch one for me. 

I decided I am going to tackle the Jordanelle Tri again. Splenda thinks I am nuts. He would be correct. But I want to prove to myself I could do it better this time. I'm bat-shiz ca-razy! Fact.

Brinley isn't doing well.  I think about her and her family all the time.  And I worry.  And I wonder what is the perfect treat or thing I could do for them.  Until I come up with it, I'll just keep praying.  Hope you will too.

And now, I can't fight the urge for the sweet mother's milk that comes from a beautiful red fountain at the sev anymore.  I'm grabbing my mug and making the run!


Garden of Egan said...

translation please:

why in the helllllooooo would you do another tri! Gotta agree with Splenda.
However, that comes from a fat chick.

Hugs to you!!!!!

Wonder Woman said...

Caffeine free Diet Coke with Vanilla.

It makes me happy that I know you well enough to know that acronym.

I will be starting the 20+ years of schooling in September. Shoot me now.

You and Skittles? Chocolate and I used to be that way. If it wasn't available, it's all I craved. If it was available, I could pass by it easily. Now, however........I go through a bag of chocolate chips every 3 days. So beware.

tammy said...

I am liking you with long hair. You're rather hot.

That makes me so sad about Brinley.

I won't get acrylic nails just because of what it will do to my real nails. That and I need to be able to play the piano/organ. Although....that may get me out of my calling if I can't play. Must rethink.

I wish we could make all of our children's choices for them. Or lock them inside forever. But that kind of defeats the point, doesn't it.

Amy said...

I hear ya about the Skittles. I love Snickers. I have had onein my purse for a week. Knowing it is there makes me not want to eat it. Kind of weird.

linda said...

You have a graduate in the family...congratulations! I was sooo glad when my two finished high school. By the time they both graduated, I was just over the whole thing!

Your hair looks so nice long. I've never had long hair due to my "natural curl!" In fact, I'm in need of a cut now!

I know what you mean about the acrylic thing. Yep, hurts like the dickens! I had acrylics for years and years but now my employer says no to them. You know, the whole nurse/germ stuff. I'm cutting back on my hours at work as of July 1st though so I'm seriously thinking of putting them back on anyway. I feel a little rebellion coming on!

I so wish we could make choices for our kids. If so, my 24 year old son would be a college graduate by now!

JennyMac said...

I did acrylic nails for about 4 months once..until I realized it takes 2x that for your nails to recover. EGADS.

and by the way, you are so awesome and i do hope we meet in person one day. I just re-read your comment on my post today and your humor is why I love you.

Braden said...

Congrats on the graduations. That is really great. My first (of 5) graduates next year. Hope he chooses how you want him to.

I wonder if I kept some Mexican food on my nightstand if that would have the same effect as the skittles?

Mae Rae said...

oh the dream of all of them out of school. I have 2 years before my first is and 8 by the time my 3rd is. I want to travel after that.

tiburon said...

Long hair - short hair - no hair - it don't matta to me. I would still do you.

Now I want a diet coke.

I am sorry to hear about Brinley :(

Mrs. Organic said...

Good thing the kids break us in with the driving/dating first. Right into "the rest of your life" choices would kill me.

I cannot do acrylic nails. I absolutley love them but they start lifting off about an hour after I get them. Pointless.

Lately my hair only speaks Ponytail, and it is fluent.

Hugs to Brinley and her family, so sad.

Pedaling said...

last kid graduating and on to a new life- exciting- for both of you!

ahh ponytail's i wear them often!