Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling

I am so, so tired.  I feel like I just haven't caught up.  Late nights for a couple weeks in a row, and I am just not dealing well with it.  If I'm not bedded down by 7:30pm, then I'm ruined.  Back on track tonight.  Or maybe tomorrow night.  If I can quit having things that need to be done in the evenings.

My times on my tri training today sucked.  I liked last week's numbers much better.  My legs are like jello.  I think Zumba is taking a bigger toll than I thought.  Who knew that latin style dancing could kick one's butt so well!

I have always liked Kevin Bacon.  I now discovered that I love him.  'dawg and I watched Taking Chance today.  Get the tissues and feel your heart swell with pride.  Very good film.  A must see.  No matter how you feel about war, this will touch your heart regarding those who fight and die in our defense.

My latest favorte snack?  Bottlecap candies.  All except the red ones.  The downside is if you eat too many of them, you get a sore tongue.  Oh, but the sugar!

Our youth group is supposed to hike Ensign Peak tonight.  NGL - the weather is def turning me off.  Don't get me wrong.  I love a good hike and this one is very, very easy, but the clouds, cold and possible rain?  Me no likey.

Spending waaaaaayyyyyyy too much time enjoying THIS this week.  I never feel like I have anything juicy to confess, and I question the reality of most of them, but it's still fun to feel like I'm eavesdropping without guilt.

I have a century ride (100+) miles on my bike in a few weeks.  Haven't logged more than 20ish in one sitting.  Getting slightly worried.  Hard to get road saddle time with this crappy weather though!

Speaking of weather - I think Mother Nature heard my violent threats towards her, it's gonna get in the 80's next week.  Now THAT'S what I'm talking 'bout!


tiburon said...

I love it when you get all random on me.

You show Mother Nature who's boss. Well done.

Amy said...

Reading the CB can get addicting. I am looking forward the warmer weather. The rain is getting a little old.

Wonder Woman said...

I am SO SO SO SO SO ready for spring. Kids OUT of my hair!!!!!

Good luck this weekend!

Garden of Egan said...

Well that was all wandom!
I hope you are able to get to the Peak and get your saddle ready for the century. You sound like an animal.
Now...would. you. please. talk. to. my. mother. nature????? I'm freezing!

Cherie said...

Hooray for it finally warming up! We are getting 80's too and we had a few warm days last week - I'm not totally white anymore!! Yahoo!

Ensign peak...Have fun Chickie :D

Mrs. Organic said...

I heard 80s on Friday. Friday! If it is, I will do at least 20 on the bike. I'd love to log 100 miles/week - supposedly cyclists have the best butts.

DeNae said...

You're an inspiration. As soon as I wake up from my nap I'm TOTALLY riding my bike 100 miles. Or maybe I'll just do that DURING my nap...

Pedaling said...

i haven't logged in more than 20 at one time yet this season either...ugghhh

Martha H. said...

I'm am loving the Zumba. We're thinking we might come join you guys on a regular basis.

I've heard that Taking Chance is a fabulous flick, but I've not watched it yet.

tammy said...

I'm tired too.

Some of the CB makes me sad.

I love Kevin Bacon.

It's been in the 80's here lately.

Lindzena said...

Latin dancing is intense. A few years ago I had some friends from the Dominican Republic who took me out to teach me that stuff. I hurt for like a week after.

Oh, and don't be afraid to hike in the rain! I just barely did that, just finished a post on it. It was the bomb.

Love your blog!

wendy said...

Yeah, I don't know what we all did to piss of Mother Nature. She must be menopausal.
No wonder you are dog tired ----you NEED TO SLOW DOWN.

Zumba, oh my gosh, you should see me do that. I can hardly do it as I am laughing so hard at myself.
sucks sooooooooo bad.


I know you guys are tired of the cool weather, so sorry but us AZ folks are just loving the absence of our suffocating temps. I can's not 90 at 8 am yet. yipeeee.

kado! said...

i want some constant nice is all so back and forth here! I sick of it already!