Sunday, May 9, 2010

Utah Jazz vs LA Lakers - Round 2; game 3

This will be short and sweet.  Mostly pics because my words are inappropriate.

Splenda scored us some tickets.  Halfcourt on the very top row.  Loved them!

We were all together as a fam except Tuffy who had to work.

At the door, they were giving away t shirts and big signs that could be folded into fans that made the loudest noise ever!  They also had these posters with the most ridiculous picture of Kobe Bryant on one side.  He is SUCH a d-bag.

After we got in our seats, 'dawg and Luka went to walk around and Splenda and I started people watching.

Wouldn't you know it? A row of Laker fans were right in front of us. I watched them come in, find their seats, and then leave again. While they were gone, I took the opportunity to leave on their seats, each of  them,  a Jazz sign and the ridiculous picture of Kobe.

I wanted them to remember that they were in OUR house.

The game got started, the cheering was loud, and my hands were going!  At one point, I may or may not have yelled "Laker fans are pu****s!"  One of the dudes turned and looked at me. I looked back.  Arched my brow, and continued yelling and clapping.  Remember where you are mister.  And I will win a stare down every.damn.time.

We had a row of Asian gentlemen behind us.  With their camera's and Jazz enthusiasm, they were fun to have around.  The immediate bench in front of us were two couples whose apparent mission was to get drunk.  I swear if I didn't know that the actor Vern Troyer was dead, I would swear he was sitting right in front of us!

 Seriously,  all I could think of was Mini Me.   FUNNY!

And during the first quarter, we watched as two young men, who were stupid enough to ask someone else to buy beer for them got busted and escorted from the arena.  Lame.  Dude's you paid that much money to get into a game and pull a dumba** stunt like that?  Whatever.  I laughed at you.

The game was close, exciting and fun to watch. 

(end of the first quarter)

(half time)

(end of the 3rd quarter)

(final score)
All except for the last 4 seconds.  It was gut-wrenching.  And felt surreal.  Did that tip in just roll out?  Did the buzzer just really go off?

I hate Kobe Bryant.  I hate Phil Jackson.  I hate the Lakers. 

I am realistic enough to believe, that we very well might get swept in this series.  We don't have the size.  We have guys injured.  And apparently, the NBA believes Kobe walks on water.  So as the playoff's continue, I will cheer for anyone playing AGAINST the Lakers.

And while I am patiently waiting for next NBA season, I will now dig in and enjoy the MLB and my Yankees!


tammy said...

I will join you in hating the Lakers.

J.J. said...

Not a Laker lover, not a huge basketball fan overall but I love watching Kobe play. With that said I enjoy watching anyone that talented play any sport.

More importantly, when did Verne Troyer die?

Stace said...

verne troyer's not dead, silly!

and i'm sad i totally missed the game! those damn girls of the hills distracting me again!

Team Manwell said...

GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Omgirl said...

What a fun game to go to! Honestly, I'd rather go to a game where it is neck and neck like that, even if we lose, than one where we are ahead 20 points the whole time and win. the excitement of a close game is awesome!

Garden of Egan said...

I'm so sorry you are full of hate for Kobe...
and the Lakers....
and the stupid fans.......

But most of all I'm so sorry I wasn't there to witness you.
You would have been priceless. I would have paid double to get tickets to see that!!!

Happy Mothers Day!

wendy said...

Oh, you and I would have so much fun at a game. I can take anyone one. I FREAKING CAN'T STAND THE LAKERS and I think the refs think Kobe poops gold bricks.

funny story ---but several years ago me and my BFF were at a BYU-Wyoming basketball game at Provo. We somehow got stuck in the Wyoming section. (bad idea) They were so foul mouthed. I turned around and nosed up with a guy and said "I wouldn't even hold in my hand the crap you spurt out of your mouth".
He was shocked that little ol'me would challenge him.
THEN, after the game, the ushers escorted ME and my friend out so we wouldn't be harrassed by those Wyoming guys.
I was ready ---brass knuckles and all.
I watched the game on tv. I was frustrated at the end cause yeah, now we are behind a rock and a hard spot ---or should I say the refs and Kobes gold bricks.

tiburon said...

That was the most stressful game I have ever watched and the crowd was so into it.

You are lucky that Splenda scored those tickets... ;)

kado! said...

i felt like I was at the game with you! ...and I LOVEd it! well except our team lost...that part sucked.

Garden of Egan said...

Your boys are alive today because of benadryl made me SNORT!!!!!!

Ya, what's with some of those uptight mothers that don't give drugs and breastfeed until the cows come home. (pun intended)

Jenny said...