Friday, October 16, 2009

Funny Bone Friday - Things I may have heard, or said, or just thought in my head

"Once you get past his fartiness factor, he is a really nice guy."

"The keys are sticky, I HAVE to pound."

"Did he just SNIFF his bat?!"

"Karen's always the easy one."

"Look, it's porn at the Panda"

"I made a new friend in the time it took you to get there"

"We could have strapped that on the back and had it jerked by the time we got there"

"Your painful UTI, was my salvation"

"I thought for sure I was going to see puppy dog noses at any minute"

"I almost buried my face in your cleveland for safety."


Scrappy Girl said...

I love these posts...I need to take notes this week and do one! We say the weirdest stuff around here!

Martha H. said...

You need to be at work more often. ha ha ha

I can't believe 2 of those were just from this morning alone.

So funny!

Plain Jame said...

I love how even though it doesn't make sense, it's funny.

Kado! said...

i did not see any porn in the Panda shots in the last there a picture you are keeping to yourself...cause you know we want more info!!!

I swear i saw someone sniff their bat too...we must have been watching the same game!

....and I hope the Yankees play tonight....the rain has stopped...but it is COLD! Sean was gonna get us tickets...but we were scared of the's only freakin' Oct!

Cherie said...

I would like to know how a painful UTI is your salvation!! ha Ha

When I read these I try to imagine where they might have taken place and the pictures I get in my head are often as funny as your sayings!! HA

Offf to Panda...Just sayin....

wonder woman said...

Cleveland. That's a good one. Cleveland rocks.

LL said...

I accidentally deleted one of the three posts you put up on my blog. (sorry) Thanks for commenting.

I like the dog and the milk bone even better than the sayings!

tammy said...

It's so fun to imagine when and where these were happening.

AS Amber said...

Omg you crack me up.

H&H (Wish you were coming V's thing.)

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