Friday, October 9, 2009

Funny Bone Friday - Things I may have heard, or said, or just thought in my head

"Go to your Dad, he wants to sniff your butt."

"c'mere, come get your hair, I just took it out of my mouth"

"What does soy milk taste like? Beef salad"

"You can't hurt me, there are people in sight"

"Does this look like a wrestling ring?" "No, it's the child abuse couch"

"You can't squeeze my six pack, it's sore"

"Don't crimp your bump"

"SOX audits or being deployed to's a toss up."

"Go ahead and pull your head out if it's looking double"

" You want to piggy poke me?"


tammy said...

I think I would give up milk before drinking soy milk.

I want a child abuse couch.

Anonymous said...

Would I want to know what a piggy poke is?!

Plain Jame said...

Perhaps your best work EVER.

Candle said...

Hehe, funny stuff - hard to figure out which you "heard" or "said" :) Thanks for dropping by my abysmal blog...

Devri said...

please tell me your not getting a piggy poke! lol

great words of wisdom gal!

rychelle said...

as always, hilarious!!!

Natalie said...

Funny stuff!

wendy said...

Six Pack ---no one could squeeze mine -----OH WAIT ---yes they could as it is no longer a six pack but a full on keg.
you are one funny gal

Erin said...

Hair in your mouth? Ewww!

tiburon said...

I wanna squeeze your six pack.

I have a keg