Thursday, October 1, 2009

A shout out from Gramee!!

I have to admit. When I thought of becoming a grandma, I was going to be called Grammy M. Then I heard the lyrics to a Carrie Underwood song and loved MeeMaw. It was so unique. And actually, it fits me a little better. You know, unconventional and all.

So when I found this blogger named Gramee. Well, it was love at first read!

I began following and enjoying all her pictures of her lovely family, and her tales of their ventures. And know what happened? She gave me a little love back. Yep. A blog award. A pat on the back, and at a time when I reeeeaaaalllllyyyyy needed a little boost.


How cool is this? Very cool. And now......if you go read her post, you'll see the rules and feel free to play along.

Thanks Gramee!


tiburon said...

Well you do rock. You rock - I roll. I am the round one after all ;)

Kado! said...

you DO rock! Yeah! congrats on being able to prove it! ;)

tammy said...

I love Gramee. And you do rock. My Mom gets called Grammy. I was thinking I like Gams maybe for myself, but hopefully I have at least 10 more years.

rychelle said...

you rock! you rule!

Jewls said...

Perfect award for you, you're awesome! Sorry about all the lame physical crap you're dealing with!

Chief said...

heading over now

JennyMac said...

You DO rock..

and if the rock fits...:)