Monday, October 12, 2009

Missionary Monday - update


Hey mom and dad, how are you guys going? How did this week go for you guys??? All things going good here. As you know we had transfers, and I don’t remember if I told you guys about them very much, but here ya go. I stayed here and was moved up to senior comp and to train another zone leader named Elder Larsen. He is way awesome and hes from Bountiful. We are doing great here. I felt kinda weird cause when elder cuadra left, it was the entire weight of the sector, the zone and the missionaries (our sector, 5 others, 12 misionaries) on my back, but now it is getting a little easier as the days go on. I guess just a lot more work haha. Yeah that’s right, that means that I have only one more transfer until I come home. The next transfers are on the 18 of Nov. and then 31 of Dec. Time is flying by. It kinda hasn’t hit me yet that I am getting ready to go home, but I guess president wants me to realize that I am haha.
We are having some awesome experiences here in the mish and things are just straight up going good!! Nothing new going on, the basically the work work and more work.
Today I am going to be using the card that I got. I know that everything is good to go there, I just haven’t had much time to be able to use it haha.
Things are going good like I said. Me and my comp are doing some crazy blue darts haha and I got some funny videos. Some time this week we are going to see some good views so we should be good to go there!!
Mom I really do hope that you get better. I am praying for you, so I know that you will!!! Sounds like things will be going good back home in a bit. That would be nice if I could get the talk about the starfish??? Thanks for the info on the weather dad, it seriously is good to know. 70 degrees here is lik 85 really with the humidity and the o zone thing. Well I love you guys have a great week!!! I am going to send some pics as you can see!!!!

Elder Catmull


What is up dude! Sorry I couldn’t get ya an email last week, there was just a crap load of stuff that went on. I think parents will tell you about the transfers and everyrthing, but now I got a comp from the states named elder Larsen. He is tight dude, and things are going great here on the mission. So she is your gf dude? I don’t even know who she is bro, you gotta let me in! how is school and work going?? Anything new going on back home? Dude, I gotta tell you bro, we have been throwing some mad blue darts here hahaha. I got some good pics and videos dude that I wil have to show you when I get home. I hope things are going good back, have a good week!

Elder Catmull

**YES!! Finally some new pictures! And since I have received nothing yet from Church Travel Services, I am left to assume it will be early January that he comes home. But doesn't he look and sound happy? Love it!**


Jewls said...

Ha ha, those pics crack me up, typically mish!

Pedaling said...

he looks great.
time is just a passing by so quickly.
love the baptism re-enactment.
e-mails are great
e-mails with pictures soooo much better!

tammy said...

He does sound very happy. Time is just flying by. Well, for me it is, not sure it is for you.

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

I know your anxious to get him home, but he does look good. Happy and enjoying himself. Time will fly by and he will be here before you know it.