Monday, October 26, 2009

Missionary Monday - update

Hey mom and dad, sorry that I am writing you guys so late. We actually went and played a b ball game with the kids in the ward and an investigator that we have called Diego. He is sooo awesome!! He will be baptized this next month. I really do appreciate the letters that you guys sent me, even though it waanst the best news.... I am sorry to hear that Kasey died, I really do feel sad. I was actaully looking really foward to seeing him again, but I guess that it is a lot better that his is not suffering right? That was really suprising about you being rushed to the ER mom, I hope that you still are doing okay and that it does NOT happen again! We are getting so much work done here in this sector, seriously, we are turning things around here. I try not to think aboout the time that I have left, but just to work work and work hard for the rest of my mish. I am so glad that we are doing great here. I will probably end my mish here. Sorry this letter is goin gto have to be short, we are kinda in a big hurry. I love you guys soooo much and thanks for all that you guys do! Have a great week!!!!

Elder Catmull

**That's it. THAT'S IT! A measly paragraph. Just cause he's busy doing the Lord's work and all......**


Plain Jame said...

I bet it's a roller-coaster of emotions for him - it's starting to get so close to coming home time and he must feel like there is still so much he wants to do so he'll want to feel ready to leave...

tammy said...

That kid's gotta get his priorities straight.