Thursday, October 22, 2009

5 People I Would Love To Be Trapped In An Elevator With

Okay so two of my FAVORITE bloggers (Shark and Plain Jame) have posted this game and I was challenged to play along.

I've been thinking this over, cuz there are A LOT of fascinating people that if I had to get stuck in an elevator, which would by the way cause me serious anxiety - perhaps unto death, I would at least like to spend some time with them.

1. My Splenda Daddy Cheesy I know, but really he was the first thing to come to my mind. He's my other half for crying out loud! What if I never get out of the elevator? What if I am in the elevator A LONG TIME???? I need and want my better and much more patient, calming half to be there. Besides we seem to amuse ourselves to no end. We make each other laugh and think we are oh so funny all the time. Much to the chagrin of Tuffy. But that is a whole 'nother post!

2. Derek JeterThe dude is an AMAZING ball player. Have you seen some of his moves? I would love to hear his story from his own mouth. I want to know how he maintains such a fairly private live amongst the chaos that many of his teammates seem to cause. I want to just see if he is that kind, calm and cool in real life. And when I piddle with excitement, at least Splenda will be there to wrap his jacket around me to hide my embarrassment.

3. Elvis Presley. Not bloated, drug hazed, glitter jump suit Elvis. I want to talk with thisyoung, handsome, incredibly talented Elvis. The one whose voice is A-MAZE-ING. I really thought as a very young girl that my dad WAS Elvis. We listened to him alot. I want to hear his voice in person. And yes, I realize that Elvis is dead, but there were no rules attached as to whether or not the persons had to be living. And since this is my blog and my turn at the game, I can do whatever I want. So, I would like to visit with the young looking one, but get his whole life story. What happened? What went so terribly wrong with such a talented young man? And he could just sing for awhile and everyone else in the elevator would be as happy as me.

4. Gonna need my staples. Yes, you know it! The vending machine dudes!
Gonna need the beverage pimp as well as the snack machine guy. They can be one and the same, but he needs be on the elevator with dollies of both on board. Sweet, salty and the ever beloved brown bubbles. 'Nuff said.

5. And now my final choice. Since Splenda is there with me, trying to keep me in check, apologizing for my behavior and attempting to spare me further humiliation, I felt it only fair to ask him.
"Splenda," I said, "If you were stuck on an elevator who is the one person you'd want to be stuck with?"
His response?
"The elevator repair man."

He's a dreamer that one, isn't he?

How about you? Feel free to play! I might have to have a round 2 or so.....


Terri Ferran said...

I don't play that game. I play the game "Who would you NOT like to be stuck in the elevator with?"

1) Manuel Uribe (google that one if you need to)

2) Anyone eating ranch dressing
3) Anyone with pickle-breath
4) Anyone who stood between you & me and a diet coke
5) Me, on a cleanse (stuck elevators and boats are discouraged under this scenario)

FYI--tonight, after the conference let out, in a crowded elevator we stopped on a floor and 3 punk-looking tattoo-covered specimen stepped on. One said, "It stinks in here." All was silent so I spoke up from the back, "Excuse me" in an embarrassed tone. He quickly apologized and said he didn't mean me. I didn't really fluff, I just wanted to say "excuse me" in a crowded elevator when someone commented that it stunk.

M-Cat said...

And this, my BFF SIL, is EXACTLY why I love you so!

Kristina P. said...

I love his answer. Such a man.

tiburon said...

This is totally better than my response.

I am for sure gonna have to do another one.

And I love your SIL.

For reals.

CountessLaurie said...

Right now, I am so annoyed that my answer would be NO ONE. Just me, a diet coke and a good long book. Maybe a pillow for my butt. And that would be that. Until I needed the facilities, of course!! :-)

Scrappy Girl said...

I would like to be in that elevator with Barack at Time Flies...Jan at Crazy Lady...and CJ The Purple Diva.

I want to just sit back and listen. LOL

DeNae said...

I kept reading to see what number I was. I must be number 6, huh?

Vanessa said...

While you are in the elevator w/Jeter, will you please ask him:

"What the hell were you thinking by dating Mariah Carey?"

That is all.

JennyMac said...

Vanessa's comment rocks. Really, what in the ________ WAS he thinking?

And rock on Elvis...but get the young hot Elvis, not druggy large Elvis.

Cherie said...

LOL!! Splenda is one smart dude - That thought never even crossed my mind - duh! ha ha

Pedaling said...

very telling list.
i like it.
i'd choose my big daddy, corny and mushy too.
food a must
junk food even better and a little elvis....cute version- wouldn't have thought of that, but i like it!

kado! said...

great list!...if you come to NYC you'll have a better chance of getting stuck in an elevator with Derek...and me! (though i see i'm not on the list!)