Thursday, October 8, 2009

Obama - yes or no........????

I'll admit, I'm a bit leery posting this question, but I REALLY do want to know.
I don't want this to turn into a political diatribe. No arguing, name calling or otherwise offensive behavior. This is after all a family blog that is PG....okay...mostly PG13 rated, so let's keep it that way.

That being said, the question is this:

If you voted for Obama (or were planning on it but didn't make it to the polls), are you still happy with your decision? Why or Why not?


tammy said...

Did not vote for him, but had hopes that maybe he really could do some good.

Am not happy.

Pedaling said...

ditto tammy.

bad as i feared.

i will tell you that i have had a few personally e-mail me stating their disappointment in the president, the man they voted for.

those who e-mailed me are not bloggers, they just read blogs.

Catmando said...

Voted for him and still happy. Well, satisfied. I think he'll be added to the long list of presidents that were not as good as they thought they would be but not as bad as critics thought. I wouldn't vote for him in Congress, but he makes a nice president (moderate/pragmatic, good leadership skills). At times I disagree about policy, but I haven't met a politician I agreed 100% with.

CountessLaurie said...

I did not vote for him.

Plain Jame said...

Didn't vote for him. Don't hate him but a lot of his ideas downright SCARE me for this Country.

The thing is, I really hate his "celebrity" appeal, like as if Hollywood selected a celeb to back and in their eyes he can do no wrong.

Cherie said...

I did not vote for him but thought he seemed like a family man and once he was elected had some hopes that he might actually get in there and do some good...NOPE!

Omgirl said...

So far I am not ready to make a call on how he is doing. I think a lot of the problems he is dealing with he inherited in their worst state and he's doing the best he can. I'm not saying he hasn't made any bad moves, but I feel like it's too soon to tell on a lot of it. And I also think that, honestly, there weren't a lot of options for him. Even if a Republican had come into office, at this point we'd probably all be pissed at how he was handling things. This country was/is in a bad state both at home and abroad when Obama came into office. it's going to take a while to sort things out. There is no quick fix for the economy or Iraq or Afghanistan.

I'm not sure handing out bijillions of dollars to banks and auto companies and such was a good idea. But I'm not sure yet that it wasn't. Again, time will tell.

So overall, I still like him as a person and as a president. I think he is very bright, very genuine, has a lot of integrity, and is trying very hard. I'm going to reserve judgement on his policies and actions for a while and see how they turn out.