Thursday, October 15, 2009

Slang Gang Word of the Day - Triple Threat

October 13: Facebook crush

A crush on a FB friend is characterized by the unexplainable urge to revisit the friend's Photos tab repeatedly and checking to see if other friends have written new messages on their Wall. Usually afflicts users who are only somewhat acquainted.

"I've got a Facebook crush on a guy I was going to rent a room from, but in the end we just friended each other."

**C'mon, confess.....whose your FB crush?**

October 14: Caraoke

Singing along with music in a car, especially loudly and passionately.

That long road trip felt a lot (shorter/longer) because of the Caraoke.

**I actually prefer to call these ICC's (in car concerts). I am do a mean show!**

October 15: cactus legs

the feeling on a woman's legs as a result of not having shaved.

--Steve is mad at me!
--cuz last nite, he wanted to touch my legs and i didnt let him
--cuz, i got cactus legs, i haven't shaved in a week!

**Ladies, ladies, ladies.....there is a simple solution. Incorporate running a razor over your legs as part of your daily shower routine. Trust me. I've RARELY had cactus legs. For reals.**


Cherie said...

I do not Facebook!

I'm an ICC gal!! Woot!!

I love cactus legs in the winter :D If hubs wants to fool around he just has to live with it. Ha! Now cactus underarms is a whole different ball game!!

Sandy Toes said...

I wish...I don't have time to pull out that razor everyday!
sandy toe

MommyJ said...

My six year old always dogs on me when she notices I haven't shaved. "Mommy, didn't you shower?" she'll say. Well, yeah, but sometimes I'm in a hurry, and you know, it just doesn't always happen, and... then I stop and realize I'm justifying myself to a six year old. And then I tell her to go eat her popsicle and leave me alone.

As for facebook crushes, I wouldn't say I have a crush. Because it absolutely isn't that. But... an old acquaintance/used to be boyfriend who I am friends with on facebook just had a baby, and named him Henry. I am absolutely convinced that he only chose this name because he recently became aware of my blog, read it, and must have learned that I named MY last baby Henry. I mean, let's be real. It's not like there are any other children in this world that have that very same name, and we won't even consider the possibility of it being a family name. Because he totally stole the name from me. Or so my weird convoluted brain is telling me. So long story not so short, I've been checking his wall a lot, looking for evidence. Waiting for him to explain the name origin of said baby boy Henry.

I think my story might actually be more lame than a facebook crush.

tammy said...
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tammy said...

I never have cactus legs. I can't stand to sleep with myself if I don't shave.

tiburon said...

Can't even tell you how much I love the ICC. Your version of Babe might be the greatest thing ever.

SO said...

No FB crush here.

I do lip syncs in the car because I'm not too good on remembering all the lyrics. And that way I can kind of fake it.

In the winter I have a coat of fur because I don't regularly shave.

Kado! said...

no FB for me....

and the weather is COLD enough here to give you instant cactus-leg...even if you already shaved...SUCKS!

Plain Jame said...

Ok I have a confession.
My husbands step brother got married really young and fast. We all were like Really. Really? They got married last august and were separated by December... Divorced by April I think. She defriended everyone but me on facebook and I sometimes get on her page and photos to see what she's up to.
Thanks for letting me vent.

wonder woman said...

Have you heard the radio commercial talking about women going WEEKS without shaving? It's ridiculous! I can understand a few days, but more than that is disgusting. I don't shave because my husband hates cactus legs, I shave because *I* hate them!!!

JennyMac said...

these CRACKED me up! cactus legs...ugh. HAHAHAH.