Thursday, October 29, 2009

Question of the day....?

Imma axe you somthin (yeah I said AXE not ask)

Let's say that hypothetically you worked in the health care industry. Albeit, not in direct patient care, but in the industry.
You are surrounded by very smart, very intelligent, very educated people. You're not one of them, by the way, you're still trying to figure out how you landed here 11 years ago, but whatever, back to the situation at hand.

There are signs posted all over the restroom reminding everyone to wash their hands. There is even a sign with pictures to show one how if one doesn't know. Signs that say PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS. You can't miss them really.

And let's say, again hypothetically speaking, that you and several of your co-workers have witnessed another employee who works on the same floor exit the restroom, after leaving a stall, after obviously doing her potty business, and NOT.WASH.HER.HANDS.

This disgusting event has been witnessed several times. On one occasion, the non-hand-washer used the sink to brush her teeth instead. With her unwashed hands.
Another time, she was observed making coffee. Good thing that you don't drink coffee, because that would just make you throw up. Hypothetically speaking of course.

So my question is trifold:

1. Do you continue to do nothing except gossip about it behind her back. But is it really gossip when you don't even know who she is? You don't know her name or even where on the floor she sits. So that's not really gossip right?

2. Anonymously report her to the employee health nurse so that they will speak to her and let her know that her behavior is not only inappropriate, but downright disgusting and is somehow a violation of some policy we have written somewhere.


3. Do you grow a pair and tell her to her face as she walks right the sinks, that she should stop and wash her hands. Do you throw in the word dumbass for good measure?

Discuss....please advise. Because hypothetically speaking, I might have to start from a different office every single day just to avoid the non-hand washer.


glittersmama said...

I've never been much for confrontation, so I would probably go with option two. OR If you know her name, you could magic marker it on a piece of paper and hang it above the handwashing sign in the bathroom. (something suitable for passive-aggressive notes dot com)

definitely ew.

Jewls said...

Ewww, tell her. You don't have to use names, just mention that she should probably wash. and your other friend could really loudly, and obviously make fun of the signs and be like, "Sick, why do they even need these, who doesn't wash?" ha ha! Good luck with that!

Chief said...

I say it straight out to her face no hiccups, no hesitation and no sarcasm.

"Hey nasty biotch, do you think I want to smell whatever it was you had for breakfast hen you get your nasty digits near my face?"

or something like that

DeNae said...

No, no, no - no abuse. The world is such a mean place. Why are we so quick to encourage one another to buy into that hateful treatment?

She needs to be talked to. If reporting her won't get her into any trouble but will solve the problem, do that.

If not, if you are in a position to take her aside and gently, privately let her know that you noticed her slip-up, and express your concern for her health in these "swine flu days", not to mention the fact that she could be risking her job, then do that.

Cherie said...

I have grown a few balls since I have gotten older (yeah you read it!!) and I would just tell her.
Like as she is leaving the bathroom..."Ummm did you forget to wash your hands??".

wonder woman said...

Passive-aggressive me says talk to supervisor if she won't get in trouble.


tammy said...

First, yuck.

Second, are you sure she isn't using handwipes or hand gel after leaving the restroom? Just asking because when my boys use a public restroom they'd rather come use a handwipe out of my purse than wash their hands in a gross restroom.

Third, if she isn't, then yeah, something definitely needs to be said, either to her face, with a note if you're chicken, brought up in a staff meeting, or something. Does she not care about her own health? Grossness.

Vanessa said...

I would prefer a passive aggressive note such as then ones found here:

Vanessa said...

Ummm, do I know how to spell? Let me try that again. "I would prefer a passive aggressive note such as those that are found here:" That is better.

Devri said...

lol to tell you the truth, people probalby talk trash about my family too..

We do not wash our hands in that gross bathroom, cuz only to wash your hands clean, you then grab the door to open it and then your hands are germy again. yuck!

And all my little ones the same thing.. wash those hands, then touch every service possible..

We exit the bathroom, then hand sanitize..

But definatly.. tell her nicely if she is not sanitizing some how!

Plain Jame said...

I like cake..

Pedaling said...

my first inclination would be to go with number 3.
but, i've learned that when i do - i later regret...
so, i'd probably just leave it be.

damn, i've mellowed with age....

kado! said...

i would do #2!!!

...but i think you should do #3!!!...because it would make a really fun blog post that I know you fill us all in on!!! Can't wait to hear how this ends!

kado! said...

oh...and i have to add...i agree with Tammy....when my boys use gross public restrooms...i don't want them to touch anything..and I dump anti-bacterial gel on their hands...that i keep in my maybe shes doing that?

tiburon said...

I would leave her a nice passive aggressive note.

Martha H. said...

Our restroom at work is nice and clean, not a gross public restroom you might find at say - a gas station or something.

M-Cat is right. It's super gross and at least 3 of us have witnessed the culprit on multiple occasions exit a stall and walk right on out the door. Or, just for appearance sake, she'll wet her hand, but not use soap or friction to clean the nastiness.

I was so glad we both noticed what she brought to the pot-luck last Friday cuz there was no way I was eating any of it. YUCK!

I'm thinking we need to find out her name and have the employee health nurse say something to her.

MaeRae said...

Can I just say ICK? ICK!

I have worked in the health care industry and still do (to a point) but regardless that is uncalled for regardless of where you work.

I think that it should be brought up at a staff meeting with a supervisor present. MRSA can be spread and if it comes back to where you work and people knew there could be some serious problems.

Omgirl said...

Um, I have to go with option 4. It just wouldnt' bug me enough to do anything. Now, I'm assuming she doesn't treat patients, right? Or does she? Cause that changes everything. But if she just goes back to her desk? Well, let's just hope the toilet paper did its job. I probably wouldn't say anything.