Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's Thursday, I'm trying to be Thankful, really I am....

(thank you Tib for letting me lift the logo- you are my graphic guru - I bow to your greatness)

Here it is Thursday and I forgot all about it until now, tonight, when I am about ready to keel over with exhaustion.
Instead, just a rambling, random, post with a little gratitude mixed in......boring really.

Today was probably one of the worst days I have had in a long time. Can't keep anything I eat in my gut. No appetite. Am I stressed about Saturday or did I catch the damn crypto from last week's foray into the pool? On the bright side - I get to go do it again tomorrow morning in final prep for Saturday's Tri. Good times.

Work sucked rocks today. An entire day's worth of a project, scrapped and will be re-doing tomorrow. Could I get those 9 hours of my life back? On the bright side - figured it out now, before the clinic suffered with a broken schedule.

Missed the gym this morning due to an early meeting at the hospital. I was late. nothing like an early morning meeting with a bunch of pee-pee doc's (urologists). However, on the bright side, the next kidney stone I get, I know exactly who I am going to. And in another 20 years when I need my bladder tied up, I've got just the dude to do it.

Missed the gym tonight. No Purdy = no kickboxing. Plain and simple. On the bright side - I did get to watch the season finale of The Office and
Easily the best episode all season.

My nails desperately need a fill. Going on 4 weeks. Can you imagine what they look like? My gray is taking over the top of my head and my feet are SCREAMING for a pedicure. On the bright side - Saturday afternoon when the Tri is over, all three things will be taken care of.

Am literally stressing out about Saturday's Tri. Flying solo on this one again. Splenda's trying to make arrangements to be at the start and finish, but he is in charge of a service project that has been months in the making. Why does he have to be so good? Shark and Chad are doing a bike race, so no buddies there. The unknown is KILLING me. Me no likey the unknown. On the bright side - Tuffy will come with me if Splenda can't work it out.

Gaddang Jordan is in heat again. I forgot it was coming around. It feels like we just went through this. And no, I am not breeding her this round. Too soon. You should always wait a cycle. Not sure if I will next round or not. I had so many people express interest, but it's hard to part with them, and it's hard to be the bad guy and turn people down. I'm just too picky about where the babies go. And before anyone feels the need to chastise me about "backyard breeding". Save it. I've had my share of dogs from the pound and not one of them worked out. So spare me your sermons, I got my hands full keeping her bloody monkey butt off my furniture. On the bright side - If I do breed her next cycle, they'll be Christmas puppies again. Pure Happiness!

And finally, what I am really thankful for today? You. Friends that are IRL,and friends that are strictly cyber-world. This blogging thing is uber-cool and I didn't realize I had so many long lost twin sisters out there!



Shauna said...

I am thankful for you too! L♥ve and (((HUGS))) :)

Kristina P. said...

Oh, Melissa, what a crappy day! Giving you cyberhugs!

SO said...

I'm sorry today was such a rough day! I hope you get feeling better. I'm sure you will do awesome in the Tri!

Becca said...

Here's to a better tomorrow.

And if it makes you feel better I'm jealous you can wait 20 years to have your bladder tied up. Mine should have been done yesterday...if not sooner!

tiburon said...

But we all know who your FAVORITE long lost twin sister is right?

Sorry for the crap day. Chinese food would have made it all better.

GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!!! I soooo wish I could be there!

rychelle said...

you're going to be great tomorrow! i just know it.

tammy said...

Hope today is better. I stress about the unknown too. Good luck tomorrow! Can't wait to hear all about it.

Devri said...

That is crappy, sorry...

I am not having a good friday if that makes you feel anybetter..

hugs to you

Jan the crazy lady said...

Good luck Melissa. Rock the tri world. You will do great. Ignore the crappy day. Run it away.

Mom said...

Hey, I would love to go to the Tri, both start and finish. How about some details so I can be there. Be sure and tell me what color you will be wearing LOL. Is there anything I can do to help with tomorrow besides pray hard for your protection?

Cadance said...

OK....I'm having a slight heart attack right now...please tell me that there was NOT a new Office on last night...because when the DVR went to record it...we were stuck between two great games...the Yankees & the Celtics....and since the TV "info" did not say the Office was NEW I canceled the recording.....PLEASE tell me I am not an idiot?? Was it on at the normal time? did it start off with a company picnic...because that is all I saw as I changed the channel back to the Yankees....please tell me I have not ruined my Birthday....

...hey come on over and play on my blog today....I have trivia & prizes!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Good luck on the tri! I know that when I am stressed about something, my stomach churns and gurgles and I process my food much too quickly, if you know what I mean! Hope your Friday is behaving so much better!

Pedaling said...

hey, what am i?
chopped liver?
i'll be there.
one way or another.

Shawn said...

You've got to realize how amazing you are! Sick and blogging, and working, and running, and etc., etc.

How do you do it? Could you let me in on the secret? I'm always wiped out!