Saturday, May 2, 2009

Elder L's weekly email......Missionary Update!!


Wow there goes another week! Seriously, went by really really fast. I hardly noticed the time. Things went really good here in Francke!

I am not sure if you guys got my last letter that I sent you, but I told you guys a little bit about the changes that were made and that I was going to have a bapitzm last Sat. which was really awesome! His name is Juan Pablo and is really cool. Everything went well with that. And actually, we are now teaching some of his family members which is even more awesome haha.
Some really interesting things happened this week. For example, yesterday I interviewed someone for the first time to be baptized. It was a little girl named Alejandra and she is 9 years old. I was just a little bit nervous to interview someone. Actually I think that I was more nervous than she was haha. Everything went well though and she is going to be baptizm this next week.
Also this week we had the zone conference, which was really good! I love going to the conferences cause we always get tons out of them. I always learn a lot and I got to see Elder Poujol with his new companion which was awesome. I miss the kid, but I know that he is doing good. President Lovell said something that impacted me a lot. He said, "If we lack joy in our lives, we lack diligence. If we lack diligence, we lack love for the Savior." Really a cool saying, and its true haha.
The last time that I wrote you guys, I dont know if you guys got it or not, but I mentioned that my Pdays are now Saturdays. EVERY SATURDAY. This is only because I am here in Osorno. In every other sector its Monday. So for right now, it will be Sat. I am still trying to get used to it haha.
Okay now for the GOOD information!!!! THE CALL!!!!

This is what all will be going down! Not this Sunday, but the next, the 10th I think it is will be the call if you guys can. The hour (in Chile time) will be at 7:00 pm on Sunday. Here is the number:

The "064" is the code here in Osorno. I am not sure if it is the same in La Union, I think soo. But just so you know. I am sure that you guys got everything all figured out about calling. If you have any questions, just respond to me and I will be able to answer them this next Saturday.

I am a little bit nervous this upcoming week cause I am going to have my first District Meeting this Tuesday. I am going to have to give a clase and direct it haha. I am sure that it isnt that bad, but still!

Anyway that has been whats going on here in Chile. The time is just FLYING by. In fact, this upcoming 19th of May, I will complete 1 year and 5 months in the mission. WOW. I guess that I am coming home sooner than I think wow. I still got lots of work to do so I will be really busy until the last day haha. I love you guys and am looking foward to hearing from you! If you get this emial please respond back saying that you got it so I know. I love you guys and miss ya!!!

Elder Catmull

Please send this letter to Tom

Here is his email:


Hey man good to hear from ya! I am sure that you are thinking the same thing that I was thinking coming up on the one year mark,” Wow time is flying by.” I guess that is how it is on the mission. In fact the 19th of this month, I will have 1 year and 5 months in the mission. Wow, after the one year mark, say bye to the mission cause its like a said the last time I wrote ya, its like a fart in the hand. Good to hear that you are liking Korea and well, dealing with your comp. I am here in a sector called Francke. I am the District Leader here and my comps name is Elder Gomez from Honduras. Yeah dude I did hear about Kaley getting married. To Dustin I think, but I am not sure. And about the jags, my mom sent the news paper cut out. Wow, that rocks dude. Guess when our year left, the team took off. Espero que le vaya super bien en estos dias. Fue bueno a escuchar de usted. ¡¡¡Disfruta la mission!!!

Elder Catmull


tammy said...

Woo-hoo you're gonna get to talk to him!

Devri said...

I am soo excited for you to get "the call"...

Jan the crazy lady said...

The call is soon :)

I still can't believe that he writes so much. He can take after you there. You always put it down so well. I am happy that he informs you so well Melissa. Those are great for the record books for sure.

Have a great day and great job at the race.

Sue said...

Those calls are everything aren't they? I sent 5 sons on missions.

I luv me some missionaries!

Shawn said...

Don't you just love Mothers Day calls!!

So special.

I love reading about your missionary. I am determined to get one missionary someday! I ask my 9 year old practically every day if he is going on a mission. He is my last hope...

nikkicrumpet said...

It sounds like he is doing some amazing work! What a cool young man. I loved the Mother's day is so great to hear their voice!

tiburon said...

Only 5 more days!!!!!!!