Sunday, May 24, 2009

Missionary Update - and a few Spiritual thoughts.....

Yes, we remembered to email him. Are you kidding me? I.will.never.forget.again!
He didn't send any new pictures, here's an older one that hasn't been posted before


Hey guy how are ya doing? Hahaha good thing that you guys remembered to write me this week! Haha just kiddin. Sounds like things are going good back home though, that is good. Mom it looks like you are becoming a staight up athlete. That Rocks and nice work in the marathon! Dad, I am living the Mustang honestly. Everytime that I see the pics I just want to drive it!! But oh well it looks like I am going to have to wait…
This week was really really rainy and wet. But one of the most effecient in the work. We are really coming along in this sector and so is my companion. He is doing good. We are also going to have a batpism within the next couple of weeks if all goes well. His name is Felipe and hes got 14 years old. And of course, and usuall the time is going by really fast. I only have about 7 months left and that is nothing here in the mission. That would be about 5 transfer. Not a lot..... Hope to keep making the best of this time here.
When exactly were you guys planning on going to Cancun? Like what month I mean? Did you have that planned? That should be really fun, but this time, we are going to have to put a lot of sunscreen so we dont do a re-peat. And now I will be able to use my spanish so that will be really cool.
So I have basically been eating chuncky peanut butter for this past week along with all of the other treats that you guys sent me!!!! Thank you guys sooo much for the package! WOW! I am loving the POPTARTS and the BEEF JERKY it was awesome. The package for my comp just barely got here and we will get it this Tuesday so we are good to go. I am sure that my comp will love it! Thanks again! Also you guys wanted to hear a little bit more details about my comp. Well he basically has just had a rough life with everything. Came to find out that my comp is getting letteres from his family now and is getting a lot more support. After he talked with them on the phone, that really helped him out. He is doing a lot better here in the mish. At first he was struggling and everything and now he is improving a lot. He really is starting to love the mission!!
Well that is about it family, nothing much going on this week, just the good old missionary work!! Have a great week family and tell tuffy and corb and griff to throw me a letter please!!

Elder Catmull

Sorry I dont have a pic this week, I gotta buy some new batteries cause these ones suck haha....

He has just shy of 7 months left, and found out this morning that it's all now paid for. With the help of some great extended family, we have been able to get his mission paid for a little early. I have to tell you, it's been the BEST investment we have ever made. Each email or letter home, I see how much he is changing and yet is still the same. I am so proud of him, but even more, thrilled for him because he has found his own happiness. That is ultimately what we want for our children right? That they be happy, whatever path they choose. I am hoping the next 7 months will go by quickly. I'm ready to have him come home and to be able to enjoy his new maturity.

Today our lesson in YW was about personal history keeping. I showed the girls the binders that I am keeping for Elder L. Every letter, card, email, news clipping related to Chile, from the time he got his call until the time he returns are all organized in some binders. I know he's not doing a great job at keeping his journal (which, really they are so busy, how do they have time?) and I wanted him to be able to have something to spark his memories of these two years of his life.

The lesson and my preparation for it, also led me to some of my old journals. I was really good the last time I was in YW and working on earning my Personal Progress. Everything you do, you record in your journal. I enjoyed going back and remembering some of the things I did while working on it.

I've been reminded of the most important reason for me to keep a personal history or journal. As I re-read some of my thoughts and feelings, the same Spirit I felt then, flooded over me again. It was like I felt the same things all over. Things I had forgotten were brought right to the forefront. It's important to go back and remember those spiritual feelings. It reminds us why we keep doing what we are doing.

I also shared with the girls the story of how my great-grandparents were married. Those family stories are fun and interesting and help us gain insight to our heritage. I hope as my posterity go back and read my journals, that not only will they get a sense of my own personal testimony, but they will also gain a sense of identity from their ancestors.

Which brings me to the subject of "the blog". I shared with the girls that this is another way to keep a personal history. Now, to clarify, I won't put my deepest darkest secrets out here. Mostly cause I don't have deep thoughts, nor dark secrets. But that is what my personal handwritten journal is for. Not to mention that it's special actually see "handwriting". I think that is important as well.

So yeah, I'll get deep here every once in a awhile, don't be afraid, it will be short lived and I'll be back to my snarky, sarcastic self in quick time. But I do love the fact that I have this on-line journal. Not only can friends and family see what we are up to, but I have made some amazing new friends from this whole shenanigan. I've learned great lessons and read examples of others that I would like to emulate and been inspired to become a better person.

And finally, I should have probably made this into two separate posts, but then again, it's my journal right? I can do whatever I want.


Sue said...

I'm glad your missionary is doing so well. It is the best investment you'll ever make.(7 mo. will go very fast)

I luv that you are keeping journals. My blog is that for me as well. I love to go back in time and read what was important to me.

tammy said...

Wow. Seven months. That time will just fly by I'm sure. My 12 yr old was actually talking about going on a mission today. I wasn't sure it was something he wanted to do, because he's so darn shy and kind of a homebody, so that made me happy. Not that I'll let him leave my house ; ) So glad your son is doing so well.

Great thoughts on journaling and blogging. I don't spill everything on my blog either. I kind of started a private blog awhile back to do that, just because I suck at writing in and actual journal, but I need to get better at it.

Erin said...

Yay for paying the mission off early! Your family is being blessed while he is out there too.

LaurieJ said...

We had the same lesson yesterday and you put my thoughts into words. I am with you on the whole handwriting thing too...

Wohoo for 7 months and counting!

Jan the crazy lady said...

Blogging is easier for me than journaling. But, you need to place your deepest in a journal. Good job.

I love the son updates. The 7 months are going to fly. He is your child from that picture. Full of life.

SO said...

Wow 7 months? That isn't very long. I saw the missionaries yesterday morning as they were heading out to start the day and thought what that must be like. To get up and have nothing to do all day but go out and teach the gospel. How difficult it must be some days and yet how rewarding every day.

I kept a journal pretty good for a while in high school and college but not so much since then. I need to be better at that.

Becca said...

I get the whole handwriting thing, but I suck at it. Which makes me even more grateful for a blog because this is the best I have ever done in my life in keeping any sort of journal. Unless you count that one really long entry my freshman year of college that was only about all the guys I kissed that year...yeah, I can't wait for my kids to read that one--but at least they'll see my handwriting right?