Sunday, May 10, 2009

Missionary Update

Yeah, I know, I'm a day late. Story of my life right now. And no new pictures, I posted an older one that I haven't shown before.

Subject:¡Dia de la madre!

I complety understand that you guys forgot to send me an email. I am still trying to get used to this Pday on Saturday thing. Honestly, I really don’t like it that much, but there isn’t much that I can do about that. Oh well.
Anyway things went really good this week. Things are still going good being a DL and with my comp. I can totally feel that we are getting into winter again. It is really cold here, and is starting to rain a lot. I have good news about the whole jacket situation. I bought one, for really cheap, and I am not even going to use my own money for it! Yes! What happens, is in the mission they offered us a waterproof jacket and pants. The only thing that the are going to do is take out 5,000 pesos every month (I think) to pay for it. It is a warm jacket too. I guess it was good that I waited or else I basically would have wasted that money.
Thank you guys very much for sending the packages! I am excited to get them. They should come in about two weeks or so. I do have everything I need right now. I think today though I am going to buy a new tie haha. Wearing the same ties EVERY single day is getting kinda boring so I am going to get some new ones! Thanks also for sending me the pics. There was a lot this week and it was cool to see Tuff and his new girl. I also like the pic of dad and the mustang! Wow am I excited to ride it!! Oh and also the pic of Chloee with the cereal spilled all over the floor was pretty funny!
Sorry this email is going to be really short, tomorrow we are going to be able to talk. I am going to be in my house when I get the call so that will be cool! Nothing has changed about the call so we should be good to go. We get to talk for about an hour. It should be the last talk on the phone until I am about to come home. WOW! It is flying by. I love you guys tons and thanks for always supporting me in what I do. I cant wait to talk to you guys tomorrow!!

Elder Catmull

And yes, we forgot last week. The change in his P-day threw us for a loop! But at least he sounds call in 2 hours! : )


Loralee and the gang... said...

I haven't heard from our missionary yet, either . . .
And you HATE Mother's Day? I know I get down on myself on this day, too, but HATE??
There MUST be a story behind that that I'd sure be interested to hear. . .

Cadance said...

Just stopping in to tell you.....HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!

tiburon said...

So glad he is doing well! Hard to believe he is going to be home so soon!