Saturday, May 2, 2009

Susan G Komen Race For the Cure - Won't you join me?

Saturday May 9th is the annual Susan G Komen Race for the Cure in Salt Lake City.
If you live anywhere near this area, won't you please consider joining us?
Click here for more information.

This was my very first race ever last year. And to call it a race is a term I use loosely. No timing chips, no age-division winners, no medals.

Instead it is an inspiring morning filled with stories of hope and survival. Women and their families who have been touched breast cancer in some way, come together in a display of unity and love.

I didn't know what to expect, but when I got there I saw people with signs on their backs. They either said "I'm running in celebration of...." Or "In memory of..."
See, is was like EVERY person there had a purpose, a meaning, a human being, that they were running for. I remember seeing women with scarves around their bald heads because they were still going through chemo. I passed a big, burly, biker-type dude with a tshirt that said "I'm running for my most incredibly, beautiful brave wife." I saw entire families, kids in strollers, running for Grandma. I saw women walking together just holding hands to get through the 3.2 miles. I cried. A lot.

There were so many people it was unreal. I had never been in such a crowd and I was admittedly overwhelmed, but I caught the spirit of the event and got my own tag pinned to my back. "I'm running in Celebration of my friend Nonalee."

I met Non back in 1985. She was the first nurse I ever worked with. We stayed close friends for all these years. Her marriages, my babies. Our kids. Our doctors. Our patients. We shared so much. Several years back she got breast cancer. A mean aggressive form. Stage 4. She beat it. She took it by the horns and showed it who's boss. I remember the night she called me and told me she was shaving her head. She always had long blonde hair. It was one of her defining physical features. She was determined that SHE would be the one to take her hair, not the poisonous drugs. She drank some liquid courage, dyed it blue for fun and then shaved it herself. She.was.brave.

I lost her last fall to the evil that came back and ravaged her body. I spent some time with her a few days before she passed and I count that time as precious. She was still a fighter. Sitting in her bed with her scrapbook stuff scattered all around trying so hard to get the scrapbooks done for her grandbabies. No just lying there for that girl!

So this year, I will run "In remembrance of...." It will be bittersweet but I also know that every time I support this great cause, we get a little further in finding a cure.

I also believe in Karma. And I am hoping with all my donations that I will be spared the disease. So if you live anywhere near the Gateway, and are interested in saving your ta-ta's, then please, come join us!


Cadance said...

Wow...I love the story of your friend..thanks for sharing that...what a Fighter!

If i was in UT...I'd be right there with ya...this actually sounds like a race at the pace I could actually complete! =)

...are you taking donations....I could do that.

susette said...

Oh I walked this with a bunch of ward members for a gal in our neighborhood. The daughter of the mom with breast cancer made us all t-shirts that said "Big or small, let's save them all" It was a fun day and was so awesome to see the thousands of people who entered and participated.

Anonymous said...

Your friends sounds like a true fighter!

I will be with you in spirit, I do it every year for my sister who is a survivor!

tammy said...

That story about your friend brought me to tears. I'm going to do it when it's in AZ. I will be with you in spirit too next weekend!

Catmando said...

The power of purpose. Awesome story!

Becca said...

Oh how I wish I could be there. The kiddo's are keeping me busy that morning, but one day---we will race together. And by together, I mean I will try to keep up!

Shawn said...

What a great story for us for inspiration. Wish I lived closer, even though it would have to be a walk for me---I detest running!

Have a great time!

Omgirl said...

I just found out my cousin, who is 2 years older than I am, has breast cancer. They caught it early. But considering that our mutual grandmother died young of breast cancer, it freaks me out. It's probably genetic. I need to run in this baby! (or walk agressively, as the case may be).

Sher said...

You are on fire woman!! Look at all these races!
I'm hoping to do 13 on Saturday, but I might be able to squeeze this in!

tiburon said...

I would TOTALLY join you - you know that.

But I gotta do what I gotta do :(

Tink said...

I have some friends who are walking it this week. Wish I could join you all! However, this is the day we are honoring our grandmother who is 90! You will be in my thoughts.

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