Thursday, May 28, 2009

I did it!!

I've been threatening to ride my bike to work. In fact, it was one of the reasons I justified spending as much money on the road bike as I did. I had planned to not only use it to ride, race etc, but as a form of transportation
I've been waiting for the weather to get warm enough and for myself to get brave.

This morning I finally did it! Keep in mind, I also had to pack along the laptop, work files, dayplanner, lunch/snack stuff, and then all the stuff I would need to shower, dress and get ready. It was a LOT of stuff!

I swear when I put the packs on my back, they weighed at LEAST 60 pounds. Turns out that the big one was only 25 lbs and the small one was only 8

I'm aware that I scared my gym rat friends slightly. I'm pretty sure that as they watched me pedal off today from the parking lot, that they took bets as to how long it would take me to either fall or give up and call for a ride.

And the cool thing? By the time I got here, unloaded, showered and sat at my desk ready to work, it was the same time as if I had driven. SA-WEET!

Lesson's learned?
Keep as much of your shower-get-ready-stuff as possible at work. No need to haul back and forth. Purchase more and keep locked at my desk.

Don't let others pressure you into letting them take your bags and drive them there. If you set your mind, you really can do it!

Beware that Martie will likely take a picture that she is NOT supposed to. She's such a Hooch!

Since I have already begun creating a "shower at work" stash now, the ride home will be lighter and oh so delightful!!


Martha H. said...

That last pic is THE BEST! Come on. Admit it. You know you want to.

I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist. You were having a bit of a struggle getting the old sweatshirt off and I just couldn't help myself. YOU were the one that put the camera in my hands. Just sayin'...

BTW - totally impressed that you rode the bike to work today.

tiburon said...

Why the crap are you taking off your sweatshirt with your helmet still on??

Emailing you a pic to add...

GRAMEE said...

very good, to bad the packs were so heavy.

grumpy always took a extra set of clothing the day before he planned to ride his bike so he didn't have to carry any with him. he also kept a towel and soap in his office. just for these occasions.
bikes can be very expensive to get a good one.
we have to have an extra rider on our homeowners insurance to cover the Bikes..
over $8,000 worth of bikes for him..

tiburon said...

is that a bottle of urine?

LaurieJ said...

I am thoroughly impressed. I would have started making the excuses at the bike purchasing point :-)

tammy said...

I think I would be okay to ride in the morning, but not so much up for it on the way home.

You rock.

DeNae said...

We may be twins in many ways, but this fit hard-body thing is not one of them. I'm so envious of anyone this driven, but I guess not envious enough to do anything about it. Sigh.

Way to go, sistah!

Jan the crazy lady said...

Way to roll. Literally. I need to do this too.

Anonymous said...

Okay seriously, you're making me look like a huge slacker! But, I still love you! ;)

Pedaling said...

see Melissa rock it on the bike!
nice job.

Kami said...

Look at you rock it to work...all sweaty and getting undressed in the office. I bet they all loved that...espesh Martha. You were just giving her blog material. ;)

Seriously...could you be my life coach. I need some one like you.

rychelle said...

you have a shower at work?!?

Sher said...

You rock! You're lucky you have a shower at work!

AS Amber said...

Speaking of hooch...check out your SEXY arms!!!

And ya, I'm with Tib. Take the damn helmet off BEFORE you take your sweatshirt off. Duh!

Oh, and way to go! You did it!!!

nikkicrumpet said...

UGH...can you sell me some of that energy!!!!!