Friday, May 1, 2009

Candle Breeze - BEST PRODUCT EVER!!

I'd like to bear my testimony of Candle Breeze

There were a few comments left asking me about the Candle Breeze that I referred to.
Seriously, the dude who came up with this is a FREAKIN GENIUS! And, he's a local cat, and I try to support local business's.

I have one of these for my bedroom

And one of these in my living room

I am totally into scents. I want my house to smell good, my clothes to smell good, my car and especially me. I notice scents like a fly notices poop and I'm all over it that quick too!

If something stinky my way comes, I am the first to notice it and the first to get away as soon as possible. People say "just breathe through your mouth" WHAT?!?!? And get that sh** in my mouth? No.Way. I even carry a small air room freshener with me at all times. With how much I drink, it necessitates sometimes having to use public facilities. You never know what you will encounter there, so with my small purse size room freshener, I am always prepared.!

On the flip side, if a delicious, clean, yummy scent my way comes, I am always the first to notice and then plant myself as close to the source as possible for as long as possible.

I used to use candles. Candle FREAK is more like it. And then Splenda pointed out how much black crap it leaves behind. On the walls, on the ceiling, on the carpet. And for awhile, I didn't care. Then we remodeled and I was informed that I now care.

So I went to candle warmers. You know, those little hot plate thingies that warm up the candle and then release the scent? Sounds like a good idea doesn't it? However, have I mentioned before that I am as graceful as a bull in a china shop? Yep. You guessed it. More than once, I have bumped the candle and sent hot wax all over. Have you cleaned up candle wax before? Huh? SUCKS! The final straw was the lovely purple candle that I bumped downstairs on the new carpet. I got all the wax out, but the purple dye is still there. To this day. Luckily the couch covers it.

Then there was the warming lamp. A hot light you place OVER the candle and it warms it from the top to the bottom. Again, no bueno. I'm just not graceful enough.

Finally came upon the Candle Breeze. Problem solved. Yes, the wax gets hot and melted but the covering around it is enough to protect it from even me, and all the while the fan is blowing sweet sweet smells through my house.

You can find them at Bed,Bath and Beyond, a kiosk in the South Towne Mall or on-line (the linkey link is at the top). The nice thing about on-line is there is always a deal of the day. And the scents that are available cover the entire spectrum of what you might enjoy.

So there you have it guys and dolls, the best invention ever! Candle Breeze.

And Deno, if you happen to need a spokesperson, a testimonial, or even a charity to give a few of your products to so you can write them off on your taxes, I'm your gal!


tammy said...

What an informative post. You should do infomercials.

I love to have good smells around me constantly too. I need to try the air freshener in my purse trick.

Vanessa said...

I hear this advertised all the time on the radio. I need to get me one!

SO said...

Note to self. Always wear Deo and a bit of a nice scent when meeting Melissa.

Shawn said...

I too am a scent freak!! The second that I step into my house----I can smell if there is something going bad in the fridge or the dogs have done a particularly bad poop---(they are litter box trained.)

And I am ANAL about it!! (heh, heh---that was a bit funny)

I usually use those Bath and Body plug-ins, so I don't have to think about it, but I might check out these for EXTRA smell!!


debilyn said...

Certifiable scent freak here, too!

I'll certainly be checking these out...thanks for sharing the info =)

Pedaling said...

ok, you are the best sales person i think i have ever seen/read/heard!

i think i would like to have one of these for myself, now.

Cadance said...

I heard you mention these before in a post...and wondered what they were...I ♥ good smells. I'm a glade-oil fan in the Winter...and Lavender or Vanilla in the Summer!
...but I will try these!

rychelle said...

i love candles. i'll have to try this out too.

Lisa Loo said...

Bless you--I now know that I am not alone in my quest for the perfect solution to the candle debacle.
Right now I put a pot filled with sliced lemons and oranges, cloves, cinnamon sticks and bay leaves and simmer. Do you have any idea what chicken noodle soup tastes like with a little of this in it? Or what all those items look like after they have simmered awhile?
Thanx for letting me vent...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, I am going to look at them now.

I love my home, my car and everything around me to smell good!

Anonymous said...

Ok in your opinion...which one gives off more scent? The candleaire or the candle breeze?

Becca said...

I love that you consider yourself a charitable contribution.

Sue said...

I'm a perfume freak! I have my fav. perfumes in each room. I luv my home to smell good! Might have to try this.

I have toilet drops that I take with me every where I go. I'm just sayin--they work!!! you drop one or two drops and there is positively no smell whatsoever.

Omgirl said...

I'm not loving the warmers. That's one thing I like about Scentsy--very decor oriented. But I'm sure as the company grows they'll branch out with their wamers. And then I'll be all over it!