Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I have been doing a lot of complaining this week, so I really need to take a minute or two and look at being grateful.....

This new water bottle
I've been having issues lately with water bottles and I think this one is a keeper. See that sippie straw there? Me likey. Me won't spilly.

Glitter eyeliner
The Shark handed out prizes one day in class and look who came out the winner? The picture doesn't do it justice, but I LOVE it! I look almost as glamorous as Vanessa. Almost. Okay, not even close, but I can dream can't I?
Thank you Angel Shark.....

Work BFF's who take the pager so I can go get some miles in on my bike. I wish I had a picture of the EG, but link over to her blog and leave a comment telling her to post more. She is hysterical and needs to get all her Evil Geniusing down in writing!

This bad boy.
The pager. Yes, I am so very thankful that I GET to be on call this week. Get pages all day long from users who forgot how to do their jobs or make mistakes and can't figure out how to fix them. Who use their coworkers credit card to make a copayment instead of for buying their lunch and then can't reverse it all. Who call every damn day with the same issue that I have to keep telling them isn't a system problem at all and would they please work with ______ but still keep paging me. For the big fat paycheck that comes after my week, and the golden opportunities it affords me to stretch myself, learn more about my software and keep in touch with the end users.
I despise, hate, abhor, the pager. There is no big fat paycheck. Monday night will not get here soon enough for me. BUT! I am thankful for my job, and everything else that goes with it. I'm just whining for a minute.

For this sign of reminder.
I find it hysterical that employees of a healthcare organization need such a prompting. Really?! Wash.after.every.pee.people. I am thankful for the good lesson of hygiene I learned as a child. Well done Mom!

And finally, in all seriousness. My Splenda.
Today's is his parent's wedding anniversary. His Dad has been gone now for several years and tonight he is taking his sweet Mom out for dinner. To The Roof no less. She done did a good job raisin that boy! She's lucky, and I am thankful! Remember, Tuffy, The Roof when graduating Seminary......(said in my best sing-song bribery voice)

What are you thankful for today?


Melissa said...


Never ever again, post a self-portrait. I apologize to all

tiburon said...

Love the glitter!! You look fab!!

Water bottle too small.

Pager needs sparkle.

Shauna said...

I need to drink more water!~ You look awesome :)

Kristina P. said...

People still have pagers?

veronica said...

I'm thankful that I convinced Vanessa to tell me where I can purchase said Glitter Eyeliner, but I really think she should just do a giveaway!

tammy said...

Aww - what a guy! Love that he's taking his mom out.

Great list.

nikkicrumpet said...

HAH if I looked as good as you I'd post nothing but pictures of myself! And I like the glitter! And it sounds like you got yourself one heck of a man!

Natalie said...

The glitter is gorgeous! I've never had to carry a pager around like that...but it doesn't sound pleasant!

Plain Jame said...

You need to bling the pager. Too bad it's probably a group pager for IHC or something, so you can't. My dad works in telecom so I know a bit about it.


Cute that your man is taking out his momma! My husband has a really crappy relationship with his crappy mom. It's too bad really... I long for an awesome MIL.

Anonymous said...

Love the glitter eyeliner.

I think it's a fabulous thing that Splenda is taking his Mom out for dinner. What a guy!

rychelle said...

i need a new water bottle. did you find that in the eddie bauer store or on-line?

Vanessa said...

Ok, ok Veronica. I'll do a giveaway.

The glitter looks great!! You are one hot mama!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Iam thankful for all the times that my posts showed up in Google Reader promply . . . and I took it all for granted! Today I can't get my post to show up, and it's about my birthday! WAH! (You are a good bloggy friend. You understand how I feel, right?)

Cadance said...

Oh..thatis SO sweet that he is taking his momma out for dinner...he is a Great Guy! You done good!

love the sparkles!

I know those signs make me wonder, "What would people do if they were NOT there?, Not wash? Seriously????" GROSS!!!!!

I like that ice-tube in your water bottle....NICE!

AS Amber said...

Love, Love, Love glitter eyeliner. I use SKANK BLACK with glitters.
I got to see Vanessa's beautiful glittery eyes this week!
Yay me!
And your water bottle is so cute!

Sue said...

I luv it when my sons take me out to dinner♥

your water bottle is awesome.

glitteriffic eyes!

Shawn said...

Love the water bottle---I need to find a new one for stage with the band, as I get so FRUSTRATED when I can't get a quick suck on it and move on!

You have gorgeous sparkles, my dear. Now you need to do a bit of color! heh, heh.

Omgirl said...

Good list. I like that water bottle. I think my kids have those. Just teasing. It's cute.