Friday, April 30, 2010

Funny Bone Friday...Things I may have heard, or said, or just thought in my head.

I like me some black

I don't like my rear end hanging around

Did you just call the Colonel a "dude"?

BOOM!... Roasted!

It smells like rotten egg out of someone's butt.

Look!  I sweated a smiley!

Me:  Not gonna lie - I think I might be getting good at the Zumba
Splenda:  What's Zumba?
Me:  It's like Latin dancing
Splenda:  Does that mean I can ask you about your immigration status?

I don't like to come up sputtering and gasping for air.

You could smell my Monster from halfway across the pool?!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday - late edition

I usually post earlier in the day, but I have been waiting for a particular piece of news so that I could add it to my list.

1.  Brinley went in for testing today.  She's been feeling miserable and the fear of relapse hung heavy.  Earlier this evening I read the news that for now - preliminary results - show no relapse!!  I'm sure her mommy and daddy can actually breathe again.  Of course, need to get to the root of her pain but no relapse is FANTASTIC news.  And I am so thankful for it.

2.  Gym rat friends.  We've become quite the Trifecta and I love it.  I know I can count on these girls every damn morning.  It gives me extra incentive to get up at the butt-crack of dawn.

3.  The ability to run again.  The last couple of weeks, I had a few people ask how my hip was and how I was feeling and I can't even describe what happens in my heart when I can say "I'm great!  Back to normal!"  Planning races or events to add to my calendar just makes me so happy.  I am thankful for a strong body and good health.

4.  My employer.  I know right?  Who is thankful for their boss?  Me.  I just got a 15 year recognition certificate and the chance to order a fun prize.  Me and a coworker got them together since we worked for the same company when it was puchased by our now employer.  I work with a fabulous team of people, I have flexible hours, and I seriously have the best boss in the world.  Even when I screw up ROYALLY and want to throw up out of sheer stress because I blew it, she just calmly expresses her confidence that I'll get it taken care of.  I heart her.  (And no, she doesn't even read my blog - so back off on the kissing arse accusation)

5.  I am thankful for the fact that it's almost May.  Like in 2 days! That means in 31 more days it will be June.  It's warm in June.  It doesn't snow in June.  And then 30 more days it's July.  I love July. I love the holidays, the races and the fireworks.  And then 31 more days after that it's August.  My anniversary, my birthday, MY FAVORITE MONTH!

6.  I am thankful that I have a great relationship with Sissy's mom.  I know lot's of MIL's or MeeMaw's aren't so lucky.  But really, she is open with us, shares Sissy on a regular basis and tries to be a really good mommy.  I never have to worry if I will get to see our little angel or not!

I could go on and on today, but I've been reading about people's blog pet peeves and discovered that long posts are one of them.  I need to stop being so wordy!  : )

Whatchoo thankful for?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Slang Gang Word of the Day

April 28: Urban farmer

A person who constantly plays Farmville and acts like they know everything about a real farm -- but all they do is live in the city, sit at a computer, and at a certain time, need to stop what they are doing to farm their imaginary crops.

Carly won't shut up about her stupid farm and throwing sheep. What an urban farmer.

*For the record:  I do NOT play any FB games.  All mafia wars, farmville, etc etc get the 'ole ignore click.  No offense, I still love you.  I just hate those stupid games**

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling.......

It's almost May and snowing.  Let's just get that out of the way.

Channel surfing today looking for some background noise while I work, and stumbled on Oprah.  Oh how I hate that woman.  For reals!  I think she is a big, fat fraud!  A fake!  Even her voice grates on my last nerve.  I boycott her show and everything about her.  No Oprah lovefest like the rest of the female world from me!

Found old re-runs of Scrubs instead.  Now, THAT I like.I wish I were that witty and quick on my feet.

I have a knot in my back/neck.  Right side.  Hurts like a motha.  I stretch, and stretch, and adjust my position often to try and ease it, but I'm gonna have to break down and take a one of my rogue muscle relaxants that I found in my bag after we got home from Mexico.  I am trying to ration them since I might not get back until next March.  I do love it when one of the boys or Splenda takes a minute and rubs it.  I prolly need a whole massage session dedicated to just that knot.

I just paid off the boy's graduaton materials.  Good laws!  Graduating fron high school is EXPENSIVE!  Judas!  How many announcements does one really need?  For that matter, I hate sending them out because I don't want people to feel obligated to gift him.  But on the other hand, I'm so dang happy that he IS graduating and he's my last, that it is quite the cause for celebration. 

Triathlon in 3 weeks.  Gonna be a blast!  I need to shave some time off my 5k, but other than that, I am feeling healthy.  Ragnar is just around the corner so I'm also trying to build up mileage.  Love this season! The season of races, events and rides.  I live for it.

Getting puppy hungry again.  When I was searching for my 6th photo yesterday, I came across the first pictures of the puppies.  Oh, how I loved them!  Maybe next heat cycle we'll let Jordan get a little frisky with Bentley again.

Don't post hate comments about backyard breeding.  It just makes you sound stupid and self-righteous.  And by all means don't hide behind 'anonymous' makes you look even dumber.

My nails are too long and I desperately want to file them down.  However, last time I did that, my nail guy Jimmy got mad at me.  Argghh.  Maybe I will just have to deal with his wrath.  Long nails = no bueno.

The Jazz game is tonight.  I can hardly wait!  It would be nice for the Jazz to win and end this series so they can have some extra days of rest.  We are beat up and have injuries that need recovery.  On the other hand, if they lose, they come back to SL and that means I go to the game Friday night.  Otherwise I have to wait until game 3 of the next series.  Either way, I love playoffs.  It's when it's exciting to me.  Now, to make sure I can stay up for the game.  Sheesh!  An 8:30pm tip off?  How does one expect me to make it?

Prom is Saturday.  Tux is ordered but just remembered corsage.  Off to make phone calls.

Go Jazz!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Saw a fun game on Just So's blog and thought it would be kinda cool to do too  You find the 6th picture you ever posted to your blog.


It was for this post.  About the Flat as a Pancake run.  Not my best run.  I was not happy and I am still harassed about my language at the finish line.  (If you can imagine)

It was kinda fun looking back at my oldest posts.  I have to say since November of 2008 - this blog has kinda growed up.  A little anyway.  Maybe there is hope for me after all.

Feel free to play along!

Monday, April 26, 2010

A Colonel, the BFC, my Marine Recruit and Nene......all makes for a great evening.

(The recruit and the Colonel)

My BFC and her husband, the Colonel were in the area the past few days.  Their son-in-law was graduating from BYU and they flew in from NC for the ceremony.

We had talked about a get together and batted the logistics around.  We usually try to get all the cousins together, but their time was limited.  I was lucky enough to score a dinner with them Saturday night.  And right up front, I want to thank her siblings and her mother for graciously sharing her with me.  I didn't realize that the schedule was as tight as it was until later, and I sincerely apologize for infringing on their time with them!

BFC's husband is a retired USMC Colonel and now continues teaching and instructing.  He was extrememly helpful with 'dawg and all his questions during his enlistment process and with us and our concerns.  Dinner was a great opportunity to get as much information from him and from my cousin as we could.  I literally felt like a sponge trying to absorb as much information as I could.  I know that the military life is hard, I wanted their perspectives.

After leaving our original restaurant of choice (too many prom kids), we ended up at Trolley Square and the Rodizio Grill.  For those that don't know, it's a Brazilian barbeque.  Excellent food!

We had a few minutes to wait until we were seated, and were just chatting and catching up.  'dawg was trying to just stand upright.  He had spent the past 24 hours in a Marine activity (another post for another day - as soon as I get everything from him - let's just say it was AWESOME).  He was starving, exhausted and sunburned.

As we were stood waiting, up walked two EXTREMELY TALL dark men, with tall, dark beautiful women on their arms.  I didn't think much other than the fact that they were TALL.  And BIG.  Next to the women, I was a class A frumpt!  They checked in and then wandered away from the entrance.  As they walked away, Splenda pointed out the fact that it was Nene from the Denver Nuggets, who were in town for the playoff's. Well that perked the boy AND Splenda right up!  It was like having dessert before dinner!  Nene's no small player for the Nuggets.  He is their starting center, and let me say, while I have no love for any opponents of my home team, I did respect his manners and his attitude.  Dude was totally cool.  No diva there!

We sat down and wouldn't you know it, they then immediately sat Nene and his party right next to us.  I started watching Splenda fiddling with his phone.  He never plays with his phone, I'm like what the crap is he doing?  It then dawned on me that he was trying to covertly get a picture of Nene.  So what do I do?  Bust out the camera and asked 'dawg to get me, BFC and Splenda (with the hopes of Nene in the background)

What can't see him?

(That's the back of his head there circled in yellow.  Yeah, the back of his chair and mine touched often.  Although he is Brazilian and I didn't understand a word of what they were saying.  Actually, truth be told, I didn't even know they were talking since I was so focused on listening to the Colonel and BFC.)

Over dinner we had a fantastic chat.  They filled us in on what to expect as a Marine family.  And while I will experience it from a mom perspective rather than a wife perspective like BFC, there are similarities.  It's a hard life.  The Colonel was helpful in helping 'dawg to understand what to expect in boot camp.  How to advance his career, how to blend in when its time to blend in.  What to do to excel.  It was fascinating and great information.  BFC helped me understand that 'dawg really does belong to the US government now.  They own his a**.  And whether I think he is being treated fairly or not, I need to keep my big yapper shut.  Don't get all crazy and call my congressman or senator about what I think in that regards.

They discussed MOS options, and what to expect with various ones.  We talked politics.  'dawg was reminded that he's been sworn to defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.  He works for the government and his commander in chief is BO.  He is not to speak ill of his boss, regardless of his own personal political views.  His worry is the mission at hand, and that is defending the United States of America. 

We talked about the benefits of military life.  The perks that come during and after service.  We also talked about the toll it takes on a Marine's body physically, and how it affects their families.  I watched as the Colonel subtley took some medication to help ease pains that he's acquired over the years of physical labor.

After several hours, we headed home.  Dropped 'dawg off at his car, and then BFC and the Colonel at theirs.  BFC is going to be a granny in August so I'll get to see her again when she comes back out west, but I was still so sad to have to say good bye.  I love them.  I love their wisdom, their perspectives, their intelligence and their level heads.   I love that they would not only take the time to talk to 'dawg on the phone during the enlistment process, but have been so helpful in sending links, documents, web sites, etc that all help us to become a part of the family known as the United States Marine Corp.

 I have to laugh.  As the Colonel ticked off a list of qualites that make a great Marine, Splenda, 'dawg and I all looked at each other smiling since they were all qualites of 'dawg.  What an exciting adventure he is undertaking.  What a privilege for me to have a front row seat.

And of course, they brought us prizes.  What is better than that????  You all know how I feel about prizes!!

The Oorah bumper sticker is for me since I had it all wrong.  And on FB *gasp*  Now I know.
The other one is for 'dawg.  Love it!
The car magnets are for Splenda and I.  Proudly displayed!

A HUGE thank you to the Colonel and my BFC.  I love you both so much!  We will have much more to talk about in the next 8 years won't we?

PS - I just found out that my other cousin's son enlisted in the Navy.  He'll be shipping out soon too.  I am so proud of ALL my family and their willingness to sacrifice for others (I've lost count of all the cousins that have or are now serving). 
NG - you are def in our thoughts too!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jazz v Nuggets - Western Conf - Round 1 - Game 3 @ Energy Solutions Arena

Ever been to a game at the Energy Solutions Arena?  It is by far the loudest place I have EVER been - but oh so fun!

So it's NBA playoff time and Splenda scored some tickets to the first home game for the Jazz in the first round series.  Up against the Nuggets.  Denver started with the home court advantage but lost the second game so we came into it tied in the series.  I wanted nothing more than a fun, exciting game!  I was not disappointed.

The plan was for all 5 of us to go.  A nice little family event since we don't know how much long 'dawg will be around.  However, Tuffy had to work and 'dawg had to attend a mandatory Marine activity at Camp Williams.  Luka invited two of his best besties and off we went.

Of course our seats were by no means good. I mean we were at the VERY top row. THE VERY TOP! But I will say, that we could still see all the action, and this is where the funnest fans seem to sit.

We settled in, watched the boys warm up and then they announced the starting line up.  The hoopla they go through is kind a fun to watch.

The game got under way, and not gonna lie I was immediately worried.  The Jazz were not doing so well.  We couldn't seem to make a basket if we had paid for it.  The crowd wasn't getting into it very much and things were kinda mellow with the exception of the Denver fan sitting next to us.  RIGHT.NEXT.TO.US.

He ran his mouth on, and on, and ON!  Our boys said a few things back at him, but since we were struggling, we didn't have much to say.  The second quarter changed all that. When the score got to this

things got loud and exciting. 
(early in the second quarter)

For the rest of the game, it followed that trend.

As our lead got bigger and bigger, the Denver punk got quieter and quieter.  Now everyone around him started running their mouths.   It was quite the entertainment.
(half time)

(end of the 3rd quarter)

The 4 kids in front of us kept up their beer runs, so as the night progressed so did their silly antics. I watched the one dude, thinking that the more drunk he got, the more handsy he became. With the girl in their party and his dudes. I like to call him Mr Huggy. My boys couldn't help but tease them when they spilled some of their beer. At $7.50 a cup - it was an expensive slosh over.

By the middle of the 4th quarter, it was pretty apparent we were gonna come away with the W

(final score)

By the end of the night, my throat was trashed from yelling, my hands stung from clapping so hard and I had worked up a sweat!  We left the arena bouncing high and excited.  And I should mention, I got many compliments on my choice of jersey.  There was only ONE other person that we saw in the same one.  The D-Will throwback college jersey.  So awesome!  Thanks 'dawg for letting me borrow it.
I also racked my brain to think of a way to get to the next game.  With a sign.  What would it say?

D-Will - my son wants to have your babies!
It's a Sunday game, don't tell my Bishop I'm here!
Gaines for MVP!
(and some I won't post here)

As we stood the corner waiting to cross the street and get to our car, here was Mr Denver Punk and his buddy waiting with his.  He was wearing his Nuggets jersey of course, so he was getting quite the harrassment.  At one point, he and VERY LOUD Jazz fan were in a face to face screaming match.  I can't repeat what was yelled, but let's just say, Splenda Daddy has decided he will never eat a chicken nugget ever again.

I couldn't help myself I had to take a picture with the Denver Punk. 

(he was a good sport about the pic - and his buddy who was silent the whole time was more than happy to snap it for us)

And while I enjoyed the Jazz handing the Nuggets quite the beating, I really loved just being in the arena with all the people and getting caught up in all the action and excitement.  When I actually sit still for a game, I love as much as the next kid.  Now, can we have that much fun at home Sunday evening for the next game?  I hope so.

And as for Mr Denver Punk.  I will admit I have respect for him.  I was reminded of the time I went to Boston for a work conference and wore my NY Yankees jersery.    Oh.My.  But that's for another post, another day.

Go Jazz!

PS - there are several more pictures of me at the game, however, I have no idea where they ended up.  I bogarted my way into a lot of them.  I can't help myself if I see someone getting all posed up and just as they are about to click, I jump into the background.  Too late, that lady just jumped into our photo.....bwahahahahaha.  My poor family - I wonder why they always try to keep 10 paces of distance between me?

Friday, April 23, 2010

It's Friday, and I wish I had something Funny to say

All I got are the antics of my grown sons......who obviously are bored......with too much time on their hands..........

Thursday, April 22, 2010

In honor of Earth Day 2010

I may have:

let my car idle in the garage to warm up
left the water running while I brushed my teeth
took an extra hot, long shower so I could shave my legs
left the refrigerator door wide open while I wandered around gathering my lunch
let the TV and lights stay on while I went to the gym

All before 8:00am this morning.  I am off to a good start. 

I think when I get home, I'll make sure the TV is on simply for background noise, make sure all the lights are on, start the dishwasher half full and do a couple of mini loads of laundry.
And then, purely for the entertainment value - I will set up Al Gore's face on my dartboard and practice my hat tricks!

Never accuse me of not being a team playah!

Thankful Thursday - A shout out to Linda

I just have to say that I am having a hard time coming up with the right words.

Let me back up and set up the scene.
A week or so ago, a darling new blogger that I have met and fallen in love with Linda of Lindanjake sent me an email mentioning that she had a little something for me and my son and could she get my address.

Well, I'm NEVER one to turn down prizes, and gave her my deets.  I actually then forgot about it for a little while.  Got busy with other things and you know, let it slip that I might have a prizey coming in the mail.

Today, I stepped out to the mailbox inbetween rain showers and, to my delight, found a box addressed to me with a return address of CA.  Linda's name was on it and I immediately got giddy with excitement.

Nothing could have prepared me for when I opened the box and first found this note:

Wha?  Someone thinking of me and my son?  Whenever I get a note or a message like that, I am always taken aback slightly.  Only because I don't ever feel myself interesting enough to think about.  I think the 'ole lack of self esteem creeps in, and my mind doesn't allow me to think that I am worthy of anyone else's thoughts.  So this note started my tear ducts to well up.

I then undid all the bubble wrapping and tissue paper to discover these:
I had unwrapped the saluting Marine bear first and I immediately began to soflty cry while my heart swelled up.
Then when I unwrappe the Marine with his bulldog - I full on Let.It.Out.  Loud weeping.  Tears of happiness, of pride, and of sheer thankfulness.

How is it that a perfect stranger (okay not perfect stranger since we do blog and all), but someone who doesn't even know me IRL, can just be out and about and think of me?  I feel so unworthy of the many gifts, kind words, and thoughtful goodies that come my way.
When the gifts are especially personal, I get all verklempt and overcome with an emotion that is hard to describe.
I feel complete love for my benefactor.  I will humbled that someone would even bother to think of little old me.  Me, who is just a sassy, crassy broad who spends more time offending people than doing kind deeds.  And yet, I am treated so kindly.  So often and by so many others.

What made this package particularly special was the discussion 'dawg and I had earlier in the day.  He was torn between going the the Jazz playoff game and fulfilling his committment to the Marines.  I suppose he could have created an elaborate lie and gotten out of the assignment to make it to the Jazz game, but he had a "come to Jesus" moment with himself.  He reminded himself that being a Marine is what he REALLY wanted to do.  It was going to require sacrifice and he was going to need to get used to giving up things that he wanted for the better good.  I had a proud moment with him today.
This gift this afternoon was the icing on the cake.  And it came at just the right time.  I do not believe in coincidences.

There are not words for me to adequately thank Linda for her thoughtfulness.  Just know that it means the world to me!  I am going to keep the saluting one and 'dawg will take the one one with the Bulldog (since that's his nickname anyway), until he goes to boot camp.  Then it will sit safely on my shelf until he returns.  When he is called for deployment to the wicked desert of Afghanistan or Iraq, it'll come back to my shelf awaiting his safe return.

Linda - thank you.  From the bottom of my heart.  Not just for the darling gifts, but for the mere act of thinking of me.  The message that I am worth someone else's thoughts, does my heart good more than anything else right now.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling's

Ever wonder what this picture says?  I've tried to make it bigger but then it's just blurry but it says " You laugh at me for being different.  I laugh at you for being the same."  And now you now.

I think I've sworn off skittles for a little while.  The dog (who never sneaks food), got into a bag, ate a whole bunch and then barfed them up all over the stairs.  Red dye does NOT come out of carpeting.  Sucks.

Okay, prolly not.  I'll likely have more skittles by the end of the week.  They are so soothing you know.

The Utah Jazz are in the playoffs.  So exciting.  With 'dawg going off to be a Marine and all, Splenda thought it would be fun to all go to a playoff game as a family.  Just the 5 of us.  Well today, we find out that Tuffy has to work and can't get his schedule swapped.  'Dawg has a mandatory Marine activity.  Swell.  Two extra tickets.  Now what to do?

The Marine activity is an overnighter and spending 24 hours as if at bootcamp.  Sounds a little intimidating to me.  He is STOKED!  It will cover the basics of formation, PT and then.......wait for it.......COMBAT SKILLS.  He's like a puppy waiting for a car ride!  Wonder how he'll feel about MREs.

The kids climbed up on the roof yesterday to lay out and catch some sun rays.  Should I be concerned?  Kids.  Love 'em.

I heart summer.  We all know that, but I will admit, I do love a good thunderstorm.  As long as it doesn't stick around.  I liked the rumble, and the sound of rain pounding down, and the windows going dark.  For a few minutes.  Then my sun came back and I was happy.  Enjoyable today.

You know what's NOT enjoyable?  Being on call for work.  Feel so tied to the computer.  Although, the Shark did send me this picture today and I laughed so hard I snorted.

I am going to make copies and hand out in staff meeting on Monday.  I think my entire team will appreciate it.

I saw a report today on the news that tanning beds are addictive.  Yes. Yes they are.  I hope they didn't spend a bunch of taxpayers money on that research.  I could have told them.

My BFC and her husband are coming in from SC and we are having dinner Saturday and talking Marines.  I am so excited I could piddle.  I love them!  And they have such vast knowledge on all things political and military.  I can't wait to pick their brains.  And we have fun together so - yeah, pretty much gonna be an awesome night.

I never made it through all six books I checked out of the library for my trip to Mexico.  Okay, admittedly, I didn't even make it through one.  It's now overdue.  I just need to give up on it and take it back.  I've discovered that Colin Powell is not all that exciting or likeable for that matter.  I am disappointed.

Better hurry and try to disguise the red stains, the YW are headed here for movie night.  And I gotta get a quick tan session in first.

An open letter to Subway

Dear Subway  located in West Jordan, UT on Redwood Rd and approx 7800 South:
Yes, you.
You suck.

I realize that making 5 sandwiches during a busy lunch period might be slightly difficult, but since you are IN the business of making sandwiches, I kinda expect that you might have it down better than you did today.

Remember that good looking kid with the big brown eyes who waited in line for a really long time today about, oh, noonish?  The one on the phone? 
Yeah, he was on the phone because I am on call and can't leave the computer so he kindly went to get everyone's lunch and needed to get the orders correct thus the phone. 

5 sandwiches.  Similar.  Nothing outrageous.  No special orders.  A couple subs of the day (should be easy), a couple of 5 dollar footlongs (again, should be a breeze) and one toasted chicken sandwich.  NOT.HARD.

How come then, when my good looking, kind hearted kid got home with all of the sandwiches, were two of the foot longs WITHOUT MEAT???!!!
Both 5 dollar Italian footlongs had no meat.  Cheese?  Check.  Veggies? Check.  Dressing?  Check.  Meat?  NOPE!

What to do?  It was pouring rain, the boy had already stood in line forever, trying to be quick since your staff was kinda busting his gonads for so many sandwiches being dictated over the phone, so asking him to take them back was not gonna fly.  Besides that, someone could claim we just took off the meat.  And frankly, the other boys whose sandwiches those were for were starving and dived into them biting, chewing and swallowing before realizing that there was no meat.  So return a sandwich with a big boy bite bitten out of it?  Not likely.
In the past, you have been wonderful.  I used to stop every single Wednesday on my bike on my way home from the gym, and while I am pretty sure your staff had been smoking the hooch, the sandwiches were at least always correct.

Today, I am bitterly disappointed.  You are better than this. 

A very disappointed Mom who had to make her big boys eat their foot longs without any meat.  That sucked.

Wordlesss Wednesday

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Slang Gang Word of the Day

April 19: Child Supervision

When an older person, especially a parent, needs a tech-savvy kid to help him/her with computers or other electronic devices.

"Jimmy, could you send your kid over to help me with my facebook? I'm afraid I might get a virus without some child supervision."

"Dad, if you dont know how many o's are in Google, why dont you just ask for some child supervision?"

**I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to work the DVR, add to my ipod, or use the DVD player downstairs**

Monday, April 19, 2010

I did WHAT?!?

Actual conversation tonight at dinner:

Tuffy:  "So, how about that ticket Mom?"

Me:  Looking irritated at Splenda Daddy "Geez Splenda, we could have just kept that to OURSELVES.  You know PRIVATE!"

Tuffy:  "Duh Mom, you put it on Facebook"

silence.  crickets chirping

Me: "Um...oh yeah"

I'm a friggin idiot.   There are not enough smart pills in the world for me right now.

Salt Lake City Marathon Bike Tour 2010

Saturday I rode the SLC Bike Tour. 

Last year, I ran the half marathon.  It was my first half marathon and I loved IT!  It was one of my favorite races of all last year.  But I knew that my body was not ready, or prepared for 13.1 miles, so this year, I had to settle for the bike tour.

The bike tour is supposed to be the same distance as the marathon 26.2 miles.  However, they made some changes to the route this year, and instead, I crossed the line with 23 miles.

We started early that morning, I picked up Lisa and Leslie at 4:45 am.  We loaded their bikes and headed for the Shark's house.  Got her bike loaded and headed for the U. 

 We parked, unloaded, got ourselves all situated and then met Chad and headed for the start line. 
Now Chad and Tib are more conservative and like to error on the side of safe judgement and line up towards the back of the pack where the odds of crashing out of the gate is minimal. 
That makes me crazy!  I love to be RIGHT ON THE START LINE!
We compromised and started somewhere in the middle, although we got seperated from Chad and he stayed safely in the back.

The sounded the horn and we gingerly made our way to the start line.  Once out of the chute, it thinned a bit, but I am not gonna lie.  It was kind of an adrenaline rush to be that close to other cyclists and the challenge of keeping myself upright and not knocking into someone else.  It was kinda a rush!

It was just a few minutes and I seperated from the pack.  The three girls were close together so I felt okay taking off.  I figured Chad would catch up to them, see that they were sticking together and then race to catch up to me.
I was wrong.

I didn't see them again until the finish line.  At about 8 miles in, I knew that Chad wasn't finding me.  I wasn't about to stop and wait so I decided I was going to kick it and see how fast I could bust this out.  The route is fairly flat with small downgrades and a few slight upgrades and it is a closed course, so you really could get cranking if you wanted to. 
I wanted to.  I pushed hard until I was gonna puke.  Then I would back off, coast a bit, catch my breath, and then push again.  That was my pattern for the next hour and 14 minutes. 

I crossed at 1:14 and some change.  I was pleased.  I turned around and rode the course backwards looking for my friends and only found Tib.  I rode in with her and when we finally got to talk, I was told the others had gone ahead, so they were somewhere already across the line.
It took some minimal coordinating to find one another.  Get some food and drink, park our bikes and then we headed for the bridge at the Gateway to watch the runners come in.

At first it was all 5k runners.  Interesting thing about a 5k.  ANYONE CAN DO IT!  Really!  Even if you walk part of the way, you can STILL DO IT!  I saw little kids, wicked old people, and even some folks I thought would likely have a heart attack, but still kept shuffling along.  And to everyone of them, I say "good on ya!"

Soon the half marathoners started coming in and then this is where my heart started hurting.  I was insanely jealous!  While I had enjoyed the bike ride.  I didn't LOVE it.  I LOVE running!  I was so envious of those runners I could taste it in my mouth!  Not sweet. 
We watched for a while hoping to see some friends we knew that were running, and took the time for some photo op's.

Chad, Me, Lisa, Tib and Leslie (Leslie's first ride/race ever - she rocked it!)

Who is that grabbing Lisa's boob? 

The Trifecta - a shark, a cat and a guppy

Then it was back to get our bikes and get ourselves back to the U. Most riders boarded the Traxx train up the hill to the U, however, when I found out the next train wasn't for 20 minutes, I wanted to ride it. Chad and Lisa joined me and off we went. On a suicide mission. For those familiar with the SL area. Picture 400 south, from main street to the U. The institute building at the U. IT IS A HUGE HILL! What were we thinking?!?!

By the time I racked my bike, I had a total of 29 miles on it and had burned 1800 calories.  My quads were burning and I was ready for a shower like nobody's business.

Chad took care of us as usual with beverages (dude keeps his cooler filled with our favorites) and then we headed home to unload bikes, soak sore muscles and ice knees.

I felt pleased with my performance.  I am satisfied with my time.  But more than anything, I wished I could have run it.  It just made me that more determined to get my miles built back up and get some more races on the agenda!

As for the tour itself.....a VERY well run ride - kudos to those who put on the event!  I'll be there next year but sans bike and with my running shoes!

A typical Weekend with my best girl *Warning - journal entry*

Some have asked if we get to have Sissy every weekend.  Nope.  Every OTHER weekend we get to play with her. 
Some have asked what do you do with her?  Spoil her rotten?  Yep.  Every chance I get.

A typical weekend with my bestest bestie.

Her Mommy drops her off Friday afternoon (athough this weekend, she came Thursday night and I took Friday off work).  She comes with her bag with some special toys and a pair of jammies to go home in.  I have everything else she could need at my house.  From the beginning we've kept our place stocked and just adjusted as she grew.  The baby items are now downstairs in storage until the next grandbabies come.  In like, 10 years!!!!

We play with toys until Poppa gets home. Or run errands.  Friday, we had to go downtown to get my ride packet and while she doesn't normally nap, she sure zonked out in the Sharks Ultra Cool Minivan

And then it's dinner. She is NOT a picky eater, but she has her favorites. Pancakes is one of them. 

She has definitely moved from the "terrible two's" to the "I WILL DO IT MYSELF!" threes. 
If Luka and/or Tuffy is home - she has eyes for no one but them.  They are the FUN ones.  The ones that chase her, tickle her, bounce her high and rough house with her.

After dinner, we usually play some more, maybe take a bath, read some books, and then watch a movie.
When it's time for bed, she and I snuggle in my great big bed, cuddle under the covers, turn out the light and talk.  We talk about the day, her family, and our plans for the next day.

She is smart and has a great memory.  First thing she will say when she wakes up, is usually a reference to whatever we were last talking about the night before.  Or, she will simply say "I had a good sweep".

Most Saturday mornings, I am at the gym or have a race or ride, so Poppa gets her all to himself for awhile. 
A standard rule is breakfast in bed.  From the time she was little, she has always had a bowl of cereal in my bed watching a movie or Sprout.

 They also will play animals, farm, tent, outside, and check out shark, snake and dinosaur videos on the computer.  She never has been one to play barbies.  She'd rather watch a shark feeding frenzy, or see a snake swallow an egg whole.  You know, gross stuff like that.

Saturday afternoon, Poppa found a garter snake in the backyard.  Sissy was in HEAVEN!  If we had let her hold him, I think she would have jumped at the chance!

Saturday afternoon's we head out to do the grocery shopping.  She knows that we go to Wal-mart first.  Usually a new book will end up in our cart, she chooses the fruit snacks and helps to push the cart.  She knows that once we get done at the Wallyworld, we head to Macey's grocery store for our traditional ice-cream cone and if Tuffy's working to find him and say hi.  We are like clockwork.  She knows the routine to the T!

We also usually throw in a dinner out.  Texas Roadhouse is one of our fav's because of the specials before 6:00pm.  Sissy loves eating the peanuts, and buttering the rolls.  Not a big one for actually eating a whole roll, but she likes to sample them all

Saturday nights are usually stay up a little later nights.  But the routine is still the same.  Snuggle in bed, talking in the dark.

Sunday's are a lazier bit of a morning.  Splenda is out the door a few minutes before 9:00am for his meetings, but Sis and I will lounge about, hiding in the tent, reading books, watching Sprout and playing farm until it's time to hit the showers.

Sis doesn't like showers so much.  Let me re-phrase that.  She doesn't like having her hair washed and getting soaped down.  Once that part is over, she happily plays while I do my make up and start my hair.

Once we are all gussied up, we go to church.  She loves church.  She understands that we sit in the bench area quietly.  She loves the sacrament.  Something about taking your own piece of bread and that teeny cup of water that is so appealing to little kids.  We usually have a bag packed for her with fruit snacks, crayons, a few toys and books.  Each week, it gets easier and easier for her to last the hour and 20 minutes until class time.

The next two hours, she goes to her "cwass" and we go to ours.  Her class consists of children 18 months to 3 years.  She turned 3 in March, so she'll wait until next January to go into big girl Primary.  For now, it's playing, snacking, singing time, coloring, puzzles and learning social interaction.  They also have a small lesson that teach the children the most basic gospel principles. 

After church, it's dinner, and then depending on the plans we either kick it at home just playing, or we go visit family and she plays with cousins or if her daddy has the day off, he comes and takes her to play for awhile.

Sunday nights are early to bed nights.  Mimi does have to get up at o-dark-thirty for the gym so we snuggle and talk.

Her Mommy comes Monday mornings early to pick her up and take her home until the next time that we get our turn to play.

Usually, our house looks like Hurrican Sissy rolled through.  It takes me a while to put it all back together again, and admittedly, I am pretty beat by Sunday nights.  But I wouldn't trade these weekends for anything!  She is a funny, charming, smart, happy and absolutley delight to have around.  She is cuddly, loving and affectionate to every one of us. 

I can't imagine my life without this jewel of a human being!  She truly brightens our every minute.
Sissy - you are the bestest BFF a Meemaw could ever have!  I love you!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Top 20 things I learned in St George

I go to St George (southern UT) every other month for work.  I go to train new users on our software system.  I am the teacher.  Stop laughing and snorting at me.  It's true.  I train a couple of classes.  I didn't say I liked it, or that I'm good at it.  It's just a small part of my job.

This last week, with 'dawg going away to be a Marine and all, he wanted to tag along and have a little get away.  The days I was scheduled to be gone happened to match up with his days off.  It kind of came together spur of the moment.  And then, on the way out of town, we got a wild hair and invited his BFF to come along as well.  His BFF is self employed in the landscaping biz with his Dad and frankly, not a lot of work happening right now.

They are wild party boys.  No. Lie.

I established 3 rules:
1.  Don't get me kicked out of the hotel room.  This was my WORK trip afterall.
2.  No smoking in the room of any substance legal or otherwise.
3.  I would purchase food, but NOT alcohol.  They were on their own for that.
Oh and the usual rule which I  remind them just in case and that is: any language is usually fair game EXCEPT for the F bomb, Diety (Lord's name in any fashion), or crude references for body parts.


I now present the top 20 things I learned whilst spending time with two 23 year old boys.  I did learn much more, but am busy using some brain bleach to clean it all out.
Without further ado:

1.  A long board and a skateboard are NOT the same thing.
2.  A Low-Carb Monster can and a tall boy beer can look similar in the dark.  Sniff first before taking a swig.
3.  Farts happen in the confines of a car without a courtesy roll.  Rude.
4.  Boys are not afraid to drop trou in front of their friends mother to change their pants.
5.  One boy can pack more shoes and clothes and one woman can.
6.  One woman can pack three times as many products as a boy.
7.  Boys don't care what soap or shampoo they use.
8.  There is some kind of beer that comes served with orange slices.  Like that is going to make it taste better?
9.  That no matter what you add into the potatoes at Taco Bell, they are still going to be disgusting.  Argue your point until the cows come home.  They are dis.gus.ting. (see pic below)
10.  Boys can be chatty kathy's
11.  Only when the mom shows up do the boys remember their language at the pool despite the small children playing about.
12.  People actually drink beer at 10:30 in the morning.
13.  If Mom introduces a cute girl who happened to be at her training class to her son and his BFF - she will get lots's of love.  The mom - not necessarily the girl.
14.  Son's do drunktext their mothers.
15.  Boys can disappear for hours at night and still wake up in time for free breakfast.  All while not having a vehicle to drive.
16.  Boys can create the BOMB of a wing sauce.  I need BFF to hang with me more often simply for his skills at ordering the right wing sauce.
17.  Boys can be so quiet when returning to a hotel room that Mom never knows what time they come in.
18.  That wintergreen chew smells like Pepto Bismal.  It does not look as pleasant.
19.  That despite strong moral differences and principles, I can absolutley LOVE and ADORE a couple of wild, 23 year old young men.
20.  That they can and DO respect me and love me back.

(that my friend's is some sort of fried potato with cheese sauce and sour cream - wrong on SO many levels)

(I swear they just unspooned)

(they had the gonads to send this to me while I had to be indoors training)

(Completely out of my element, but I love these guys!!)

The most important take away from this trip?  Love your freakin kids man!  No matter what they do or don't do - there is nothing that can happen that should ever sever your relationship with your offspring.  Ever.

Wonder what June's trip to Southern Utah is gonna bring?

7905 Thornton Circle - no more.........

(Me - age unknown.  Guessing 7ish?  Next to our trailer.  Whatever lied beneath the skirting always scared me)

I've made no attempts to hide the fact that I grew up in a trailer park.  Yep!  Right there in the heart of upscale Sandy, UT - there was a little mobile home community.  We moved in when I was 5 and moved out when I was 12 (maybe 11).  Why there?  We had just come back from Las Vegas where my Dad was doing school at UNLV.  He transferred to the U of U, was a poor college father, my mom worked, and we scraped by.  A trailer was the most financially viable option at the time.  At least they owned something instead of throwing money down the renting drain.  When Dad graduated from the U's Law School, we packed up, and moved to a home a few streets away.  In the same ward boundaries, but it seemed like worlds away from the trailer park.

Next to our section of the park was a man who raised, bred and raced quarterhorses.  I grew up LOVING to go to his horse pasture, petting them, playing in the barn, and whenever possible, he let me help feed them.  One night, a mare gave birth to a stillborn foal.  I watched the whole thing.  My BFC was into horses MUCH more than I was, so she loved to come visit and spend every waking minute there.  We had secretly named all of them and had our favorites.

At Halloween, we could go to SO MANY places in one single night for candy that lasted months!  Our dog could run free without being confined to a fence.  I'm sure there were some people who weren't fond of that, but that's just kind of how things were in the park. 

W slept out right in the yard.  No tramp.  Just sleeping bags on the ground.  No one worried about it. 
Kick the can, riding our bikes, climbing the trees, scaling the fence to the pasture, playing at the playground.  Telling all kinds of stories to the new kids who moved in.  My brother and I had completely convinced some of them that Elmer Fudd was indeed, our uncle.  They were just young enough to not get the fact that he was a cartoon character, but they REALLY believed he was our uncle.  We would tell tall tales about how he would take us hunting.   Ridiculous now that I think about it.  But, it's true.  We did stuff like that.
Running through the sprinklers.  Just aimlessly walking around.  Playing at different trailers on any given day.
There was a pool several blocks away.  Each year, my brother and I would get our pass and then spend most days just hanging out there.  Latch key kids?  We were the epitome.  And, for the record, we turned out JUST FINE!
Neighbors came and neighors left, I think we were probably the most stable family there.  I have MANY memories of that trailer, the neighborhood, and life growing up there.

Last Saturday, our youth group went to clean ditches in that area of the valley, in fact, right where I grew up playing in the ditch! I could even see the spot where I peed my pants one day. But that's another story. 

It took me right back to when I was a kid.  I remembered the houses, the ferocious dogs that scared me,  walking down Caballero lane to go home.  The mean boy that took my spider cookie I got from Primary.  The horse pasture. 

But wait!  There was no more horse pasture.  Instead, there were brand spanking new million dollar homes!  I drove down the street towards my old stomping grounds and there was NOTHING. 

A field to my right and a field straight in front of me.  There were some homes under construction, but nothing that left any mark as to what used to be there.

It was like my entire childhood was erased with a few strokes of a backhoe.  No circle.  No trees.  No trailers.  No dogs running around.  No horses.  No playground.  Nothing.  All gone.  I don't even think the pool is still there.  Some of the streets didn't even exist anymore for me to drive around and check it out.  Amazing how it can all be just obliterated.  Not even some stray power poles left.  Nothing.  Like it never existed.

Good thing I had a car full of other adults and work to do, otherwise I might have wandered around looking for anything to prove it had existed.  That I had existed there.  Instead, we got to work cleaning the leaves and debris out of the ditch, chatting about upcoming Trek, and basically shooting the bull.

However, when our work was done and  I pulled out of the area to head  for our meeting point, I couldn't help but take a quick look in my rear view mirror just one last time.  My childhood home.  Gone.  My childhood neighborhood.  Obliterated.  And yet, knowing that no one can take my memories from me.  The good ones and the bad ones.  They are MINE.  They belong to ME and no backhoe, tractor or razing machine can erase them from me.  Instead of being able to take my grandchildren and showing them one day, I'll have to suffice with the few pictures we have and all the stories me and my brother can remember to tell them.

Yeah, I can crack all the trailer trash jokes I want.  Because believe it or not, we lived it for a period of time.  And, we are all the better because of it.

(brother's bd party.  Notice the bookshelf in the back?  Dad built that)

(Again lots of books in the background.  We were all a bunch of hardcore readers)

(Behind the kid with flour on his face is our kitchen.  I think the picture makes it look bigger than it really was.  We were a single wide after all)

(I think my 8th or 9th birthday.  My favorite Aunt and Uncle with a bd present for me.  Love the furniture and Auntie's hair?  Out the window you can see a neighbors trailer)

(This had to have been shortly before we moved.  My little sister wasn't very old.  Maybe I was even 13 when we moved....?  Love the decorations?  And the paneling on the walls?  So 70's motif!  It was awesome!)

**A huge shout out to my Mom who was able to come across a few pictures and send them my way!**