Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How I spent my Easter weekend

Sure I'm a few days late, but that is how I roll.  A lot.  Sissy arrived Friday night and stayed until early Monday morning.  So any hope of watching General Conference went out the window.  I did DVR it so I can watch the talks at my leisure.  Of course it's now Tuesday, and I haven't watched any yet, so what does that say about me?  Don't answer that.

We kept things kinda low key and quiet.  Friday night was a wedding for the daughter of some good friends.  Sissy loved the photo booth and the fish pond.  I realized that we really are meant for each other.  She was busy licking the frosting off the cookies and cupcakes, and then putting them down.  Perfect for me, since I HATE the frosting!  I finished off her licked cookies! We are the perfect team!  Although, I am a huge slacker and do not have any pictures.  The ones from the photo booth are just too small to scan.

Usually the Easter Bunny hits our house Saturday morning so we can leave Sunday for the religious (real meaning) of the holiday, but again, I was late.  No go. Instead Saturday  morning, we colored Easter Eggs and Sissy was in 7th Heaven! 

So much so, that when we told her they needed to go in the refrigerator to stay cold until the Easter Bunny came, she had a tich of a melt down.

Not to worry, we assuaged her distress with the promise of a movie after her shower. Cause we are all about the bribery.  And spoiling.  And doing whatever it takes to make her happy.

 She wrote an amazing review.

Saturday night is the Priesthood session of General Conference.  Tuffy had to work, so Splenda and Luka headed off to get spiritually lifted and I picked up a couple of my cute YW and we had girls night.  Of course, Sissy was so tired after the movie that a nap in the car was in order.

After a disappointing stop at the mall (no Easter Bunny to take pictures with), we grabbed some fast food, stopped to see Tuffy at work and get ice cream and then home to watch Grease.  Yes, I watched Grease with my Young Women.  And sang the songs out loud.  What does that say about me?  Don't answer that.

Sunday morning, Sissy had a blast looking for all her eggs. 

She just wanted to play with them and peel them and generally just fiddle around with them.  We let her for awhile until they needed to go back in the fridge to stay cold.  Which, I have to ask myself, do we care?  None of us eat hardboiled eggs, so why couldn't she just play with them til she got bored and then we toss them?  Why didn't we just do all plastic eggs?   Because. I have no other excuse.  I didn't think it through.

Jordan was plain bored

And what is with the outfit?

She went to get a clean pair of panties, found her why-wons (nylons) and wanted to wear them.  What of it?  Yes, I am THAT kind of Mimi that lets her do these things.

Bulldog happened to stop by on his lunchbreak at  just the time we were sitting down to a nice dinner of roast.  Sweet treat for Sissy to see her Daddy, and fun for me to have all my little chickens at home.

The rest of Easter Sunday was spent playing horsies, watching movies and generally keeping Sis entertained indoors since it was too cold to even venture outside.

Evening fell, and it was time to get ready for the game.  What game you ask? 

Only the SEASON OPENER FOR THE YANKEES!  I primed Sissy so she would understand that she needs to sit still and watch quietly while the boys in pinstripes play ball.  Okay, so I didn't make her sit through conference but I did for the Yankees game?  What does that say about me?  Don't answer that.

About the 5th inning, my team had a comfortable lead, Sissy and I were both exhausted so we bedded down for the night.  Good thing.  Had I been awake for the rest of the game, my head would have exploded out of sheer frustration!  Good thing, there is still LOTS of ball to be played.

However, my favorite picture of all weekend?

And that my friends, just about sums it all up. 

This is how a slacker Mimi, with obviously screwed up priorities spent her Easter weekend.


i (is undefined) said...

What does it say about you? What does it say about you? It basically says you're awesome. 'Nuff said.

Cherie said...

You are a crack up! Sissy must love you to death. You sound like you are so attentive and fun.
The picture of sissy holding up her basket, smiling really big, and squinting is priceless!! So dang cute!!

Scrappy Girl said...

Looks like a great big ball of F.U.N!

CountessLaurie said...

I love this post... I love that Jordan is in all the pictures in the background, just taking it all in.

I am sorry about the Y's. But it's only game one. Since I don't really follow baseball (or any sport since Jeff Gordon lost the Winston Cup- what does that say about ME? don't answer that) where was I - oh yeah, maybe I will root for the Yankees just to be contrary in the great state of BoSox (which rhymes with BoTox...)

Okay, so I had too much coffee. Love Sissy, love the post, love that you are true to you and love that you sang all the words to Grease...A wop ba-ba lu-bop ah wop bam boom

Merri Ann said...

I love this post....

Yeah for a simple, fun weekend ... you'll catch up on the other stuff when she goes home ... no worries ... the important people know where your heart is.

Loralee and the gang... said...

I think you and I are the only people who will eat stuff that our kids and/or grandkids have licked. And, since I watch my g-babies on mondays and fridays, whatever my daughter brings them in, they stay in. PJ's, whatever,(unless we have to go somewhere public) because sometimes they come pretty early. (I NEVER did that with my own. They ALways got dressed, even as tiny babies. Except now, my youngest (kindergartener) sometimes gets away with his PJ's all day, too, but only when the g-babies are here...)I guess I've just figured out what's more important... and you read my Easter post and saw that I ddn't get much Conference watching in, either, and it turns out that the Sunday session didn't get recorded after all like I thought it did...online or Ensign here I come, eventually!

tammy said...

Now that is a picture for posterity.

What does it say about me that I was hoping my boys wouldn't remember the part about coloring eggs this year?

tiburon said...

I wore the exact same outfit on Easter.

Sue said...

My kids and I quote Grease all the time..It's one of our fav. family movies..What does that say about me as a mom?

you are a cute g-ma!! we do what works don't we?

I did away with the coloring of eggs years ago.. plastic all the way now. Moms and dads can color eggs. we just hide em and give away money.

Mae Rae said...

Darn it, i was all prepared for a good couple of digs but then, well I read the comments and tib stole one of my comments (and it was not the outfit with the icky hat) and then I was so upset that the Countess needed a good butt kicking that I could not even comment on anything.

PS-i like the way you roll, and everything says "you love your fam" and will do what works.

bhamfam@msn.com said...

I noticed a comment you posted on the normal Mormon Husband blog. My daughter is serving her mission in Osorno, Chile right now. Maybe your son is home by now, but I thought I'd take the chance that maybe they know each other. I keep a mission blog for her. http://sistermadi.blogspot.com I would love to hear from you. Thanks,

Patricia said...

Awwwwe Sissy is just so sweet. I had a ball with my grandchildren also and I always let them lick the icing and I eat the cookies as my waist line will tell you.