Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jazz v Nuggets - Western Conf - Round 1 - Game 3 @ Energy Solutions Arena

Ever been to a game at the Energy Solutions Arena?  It is by far the loudest place I have EVER been - but oh so fun!

So it's NBA playoff time and Splenda scored some tickets to the first home game for the Jazz in the first round series.  Up against the Nuggets.  Denver started with the home court advantage but lost the second game so we came into it tied in the series.  I wanted nothing more than a fun, exciting game!  I was not disappointed.

The plan was for all 5 of us to go.  A nice little family event since we don't know how much long 'dawg will be around.  However, Tuffy had to work and 'dawg had to attend a mandatory Marine activity at Camp Williams.  Luka invited two of his best besties and off we went.

Of course our seats were by no means good. I mean we were at the VERY top row. THE VERY TOP! But I will say, that we could still see all the action, and this is where the funnest fans seem to sit.

We settled in, watched the boys warm up and then they announced the starting line up.  The hoopla they go through is kind a fun to watch.

The game got under way, and not gonna lie I was immediately worried.  The Jazz were not doing so well.  We couldn't seem to make a basket if we had paid for it.  The crowd wasn't getting into it very much and things were kinda mellow with the exception of the Denver fan sitting next to us.  RIGHT.NEXT.TO.US.

He ran his mouth on, and on, and ON!  Our boys said a few things back at him, but since we were struggling, we didn't have much to say.  The second quarter changed all that. When the score got to this

things got loud and exciting. 
(early in the second quarter)

For the rest of the game, it followed that trend.

As our lead got bigger and bigger, the Denver punk got quieter and quieter.  Now everyone around him started running their mouths.   It was quite the entertainment.
(half time)

(end of the 3rd quarter)

The 4 kids in front of us kept up their beer runs, so as the night progressed so did their silly antics. I watched the one dude, thinking that the more drunk he got, the more handsy he became. With the girl in their party and his dudes. I like to call him Mr Huggy. My boys couldn't help but tease them when they spilled some of their beer. At $7.50 a cup - it was an expensive slosh over.

By the middle of the 4th quarter, it was pretty apparent we were gonna come away with the W

(final score)

By the end of the night, my throat was trashed from yelling, my hands stung from clapping so hard and I had worked up a sweat!  We left the arena bouncing high and excited.  And I should mention, I got many compliments on my choice of jersey.  There was only ONE other person that we saw in the same one.  The D-Will throwback college jersey.  So awesome!  Thanks 'dawg for letting me borrow it.
I also racked my brain to think of a way to get to the next game.  With a sign.  What would it say?

D-Will - my son wants to have your babies!
It's a Sunday game, don't tell my Bishop I'm here!
Gaines for MVP!
(and some I won't post here)

As we stood the corner waiting to cross the street and get to our car, here was Mr Denver Punk and his buddy waiting with his.  He was wearing his Nuggets jersey of course, so he was getting quite the harrassment.  At one point, he and VERY LOUD Jazz fan were in a face to face screaming match.  I can't repeat what was yelled, but let's just say, Splenda Daddy has decided he will never eat a chicken nugget ever again.

I couldn't help myself I had to take a picture with the Denver Punk. 

(he was a good sport about the pic - and his buddy who was silent the whole time was more than happy to snap it for us)

And while I enjoyed the Jazz handing the Nuggets quite the beating, I really loved just being in the arena with all the people and getting caught up in all the action and excitement.  When I actually sit still for a game, I love as much as the next kid.  Now, can we have that much fun at home Sunday evening for the next game?  I hope so.

And as for Mr Denver Punk.  I will admit I have respect for him.  I was reminded of the time I went to Boston for a work conference and wore my NY Yankees jersery.    Oh.My.  But that's for another post, another day.

Go Jazz!

PS - there are several more pictures of me at the game, however, I have no idea where they ended up.  I bogarted my way into a lot of them.  I can't help myself if I see someone getting all posed up and just as they are about to click, I jump into the background.  Too late, that lady just jumped into our photo.....bwahahahahaha.  My poor family - I wonder why they always try to keep 10 paces of distance between me?


i (is undefined) said...

I'm definitely thinking the middle sign is the best choice. DO IT.

tammy said...

You can thank me for not being there later (since I'm a jinx and all).

I love that you asked the Denver dude for a pic.

Garden of Egan said...

That's pretty awesome!
Looks like you might have had to have some oxygen to be able to breath in seats that high.

Nice of the loser...I mean the guy to pose with you.

Natalie said...

Go Jazz!!! I can't believe you got a picture with the Denver punk. Too funny!!!

Mae Rae said...

i cannot help but think...teeny tiny you, wore a NY Skankees shirt in BOSTON? What was you thinking, girl?

I am glad you had fun at this game. The kids look like they had fun too.

tiburon said...

Super fantastic night! You and I could have ripped Nugget boy down to size ....

So glad you guys had the chance to go :)


Fun night for sure!
Who cares where you sit:) I say it's all about about the sights, the sounds ,the smell, the GAME....

Did sit literally courtside at a suns game once and man those guys are TAAALLLL! I almost got ran over several times

A Musing Mom (Taylorclan6) said...

Uh, my husband wants to marry you now because of the playoff tickets.

Instead he gets me and a 47 inch t.v.