Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling.......

It's almost May and snowing.  Let's just get that out of the way.

Channel surfing today looking for some background noise while I work, and stumbled on Oprah.  Oh how I hate that woman.  For reals!  I think she is a big, fat fraud!  A fake!  Even her voice grates on my last nerve.  I boycott her show and everything about her.  No Oprah lovefest like the rest of the female world from me!

Found old re-runs of Scrubs instead.  Now, THAT I like.I wish I were that witty and quick on my feet.

I have a knot in my back/neck.  Right side.  Hurts like a motha.  I stretch, and stretch, and adjust my position often to try and ease it, but I'm gonna have to break down and take a one of my rogue muscle relaxants that I found in my bag after we got home from Mexico.  I am trying to ration them since I might not get back until next March.  I do love it when one of the boys or Splenda takes a minute and rubs it.  I prolly need a whole massage session dedicated to just that knot.

I just paid off the boy's graduaton materials.  Good laws!  Graduating fron high school is EXPENSIVE!  Judas!  How many announcements does one really need?  For that matter, I hate sending them out because I don't want people to feel obligated to gift him.  But on the other hand, I'm so dang happy that he IS graduating and he's my last, that it is quite the cause for celebration. 

Triathlon in 3 weeks.  Gonna be a blast!  I need to shave some time off my 5k, but other than that, I am feeling healthy.  Ragnar is just around the corner so I'm also trying to build up mileage.  Love this season! The season of races, events and rides.  I live for it.

Getting puppy hungry again.  When I was searching for my 6th photo yesterday, I came across the first pictures of the puppies.  Oh, how I loved them!  Maybe next heat cycle we'll let Jordan get a little frisky with Bentley again.

Don't post hate comments about backyard breeding.  It just makes you sound stupid and self-righteous.  And by all means don't hide behind 'anonymous' makes you look even dumber.

My nails are too long and I desperately want to file them down.  However, last time I did that, my nail guy Jimmy got mad at me.  Argghh.  Maybe I will just have to deal with his wrath.  Long nails = no bueno.

The Jazz game is tonight.  I can hardly wait!  It would be nice for the Jazz to win and end this series so they can have some extra days of rest.  We are beat up and have injuries that need recovery.  On the other hand, if they lose, they come back to SL and that means I go to the game Friday night.  Otherwise I have to wait until game 3 of the next series.  Either way, I love playoffs.  It's when it's exciting to me.  Now, to make sure I can stay up for the game.  Sheesh!  An 8:30pm tip off?  How does one expect me to make it?

Prom is Saturday.  Tux is ordered but just remembered corsage.  Off to make phone calls.

Go Jazz!


tiburon said...

I am soooo with you on Oprah. Can't STAND that woman. But I think you already know that. As well as what I ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cause we never talk about anything...

tammy said...

I cannot come up there for a visit if it is still snowing!!

Oprah. So over her. Was never a huge lover anyway.


Garden of Egan said...

Wow. That was wrandom! I think instead of a muscle relaxer you might need to take a hit of some ritalin or sumthun'.
Why don't you file your nails on the Oprah show while your last is graduating from the Prom. Should save some time.

Verification word:
Please give me a definition of that one!

Cherie said...

I am not necessarily and Oprah groopy but if I did get the chance to see her show in person I would do it just to say I did.

Congrats on paying off the Grad expenses - WOW it does add up these days!!

Nails = I wish I had some...seriously.

Patricia said...

I too can not stand watching Oprah. That's probably why I don't.HAHA Sorry about the knot, I hope it gets better soon or just go for the massage you are definately worth it especially since you've got all the bills from the graduate.


LaurieJ said... are already running on a WBR team? (hint hint)

Mrs. Organic said...

Hate the snow -rode in it yesterday anyway (froze my nethers)

No love for the Big O. Her book recs are an invitation for me NOT to read.

Don't think I'd ever race but love hearing how others do.

Mae Rae said...

random and yet just as good as ever. Happy thursday!

Pedaling said...

Go Jazz!

why do people harass you so much?
nails, dogs, judgment calls....seriously, don't they have anything better to do...
you are a real life person.
a good person-
send 'em my way---i could have a little fun.

veronica said...

I agree on the Oprah thing. Ick!

No haters here. Just puppy lovers. (That didn't sound right...)Just people who adore puppies. If you have a batch of little Jordans, can I have dibs on one? I'm serious.

Eric and Ape said...

I know what you mean about the graduating and the gifting... BTW, you'll be getting your invite in the mail any day. No gift wanted at all! Just glad to have you in the family! Thanks for the invite to watch the J game! Carmello makes me so mad, I had to contain my cuss words...

Suzie said...

I wish we were neighbors so I could make the dance flowers as a favor.

I'm thinking about puppy breath right now.

Just ME the MOM said...

. . . trying to catch up . . . a fun post! Good luck with the triathlon!