Thursday, April 22, 2010

In honor of Earth Day 2010

I may have:

let my car idle in the garage to warm up
left the water running while I brushed my teeth
took an extra hot, long shower so I could shave my legs
left the refrigerator door wide open while I wandered around gathering my lunch
let the TV and lights stay on while I went to the gym

All before 8:00am this morning.  I am off to a good start. 

I think when I get home, I'll make sure the TV is on simply for background noise, make sure all the lights are on, start the dishwasher half full and do a couple of mini loads of laundry.
And then, purely for the entertainment value - I will set up Al Gore's face on my dartboard and practice my hat tricks!

Never accuse me of not being a team playah!


Garden of Egan said...

YOU R my new bestfriend!

Pedaling said...

oh, you ungrateful ignorant hater of the earth!!! ;)

so sad that many are FOOLED into thinking that this day is something it is not!

i love you even more today!

Vanessa said...

As I told Tammy, I'm dropping off all my styrofoam to the landfill later.

Merri Ann said...

I changed all the batteries in my kids toys ... and THREW THEM IN THE TRASH !!! And, I'm proud to say I've not been sucked in to the lightbulb thing. And, I survivied 42 years in Califfornia :))

AND ... I'll be laughing about the Al Gore thing for awhile Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha :))

tammy said...

Atta girl! I think the boys and I will go burn some tires and lightbulbs after school today.

Cherie said...

Ha Ha - True that true that!

I always feel so guilty on Earth Day - I am in hiding but I DID make 400 Worm in the Dirt Pudding cups for an elementary school this morning (in plastic cups ha ha) in honor of Earth Day so that has got to count for something!

tiburon said...

Sorry it took me so long to comment on this post. I was burning some tires.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

My kids support earth day by leaving the refridgerator door open about 5 hours a day.

We do what we can for the world.

wendy said...

so -----are you saying those are NOT good for the earth??
go figure.

kado! said...

looks like I have to step up my Recycling in order to counteract you and my commenting friends.

But I'm not gonna be the one to take short cold showers...I HAVE to draw the line Somewhere!!!!

Mae Rae said...

from june through september I am as green as green can be, the other 9 months i burn what I can burn.


We r not supossed to do that? huh........

All but the T.V. for background noise happen every day at this non earth friendly locale. Oh wait, who gets to shower and shave every day? Not this Mom!(TMI?)

Omgirl said...

At least I can applaud the Pin The Dart On Gore's Face part!

The rest....I just think of Sissy's earth and hope it's still around for her and her grandkids to enjoy together.