Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An open letter to Subway

Dear Subway  located in West Jordan, UT on Redwood Rd and approx 7800 South:
Yes, you.
You suck.

I realize that making 5 sandwiches during a busy lunch period might be slightly difficult, but since you are IN the business of making sandwiches, I kinda expect that you might have it down better than you did today.

Remember that good looking kid with the big brown eyes who waited in line for a really long time today about, oh, noonish?  The one on the phone? 
Yeah, he was on the phone because I am on call and can't leave the computer so he kindly went to get everyone's lunch and needed to get the orders correct thus the phone. 

5 sandwiches.  Similar.  Nothing outrageous.  No special orders.  A couple subs of the day (should be easy), a couple of 5 dollar footlongs (again, should be a breeze) and one toasted chicken sandwich.  NOT.HARD.

How come then, when my good looking, kind hearted kid got home with all of the sandwiches, were two of the foot longs WITHOUT MEAT???!!!
Both 5 dollar Italian footlongs had no meat.  Cheese?  Check.  Veggies? Check.  Dressing?  Check.  Meat?  NOPE!

What to do?  It was pouring rain, the boy had already stood in line forever, trying to be quick since your staff was kinda busting his gonads for so many sandwiches being dictated over the phone, so asking him to take them back was not gonna fly.  Besides that, someone could claim we just took off the meat.  And frankly, the other boys whose sandwiches those were for were starving and dived into them biting, chewing and swallowing before realizing that there was no meat.  So return a sandwich with a big boy bite bitten out of it?  Not likely.
In the past, you have been wonderful.  I used to stop every single Wednesday on my bike on my way home from the gym, and while I am pretty sure your staff had been smoking the hooch, the sandwiches were at least always correct.

Today, I am bitterly disappointed.  You are better than this. 

A very disappointed Mom who had to make her big boys eat their foot longs without any meat.  That sucked.


tiburon said...

They need a spanking.


Braden said...

I'm sorry you had to endure this, but I'm sort of glad because your letter made me laugh. I HATE this kind of thing when companies don't do the most fundamental things they are in business to do.

Cherie said...

You should totally send that to them!
In this economy you think people would be doing their jobs better not trying to get fired!!


WHAT?? Nothing worse than being hungry and someone getting it all wrong. Soo Sorry!

CountessLaurie said...

That is pathetic.

Loralee and the gang... said...

Ive been eating Subway since I was 16. That's a long long time. I once even drove over 20 miles after dark by myself with my first baby along with to the nearest shop at the time to get a yummy BMT. (Hubby was at work) They are the best. So don't let a bad experience keep you away. These days, there is a subway every few blocks, or miles, depending on how big of a city you live in!
Have a good one!

kado! said...

I'm probably the only one here that thinks that sandwich was made PERFECT...well minus the cheese. ;)

BUT...i HATE when things are not made correctly, so I'm with you (and Tib) they need a spanking!

side note: a few years back at a Subway in Vegas I had a HORRIBLE situation. My oldest likes to eat his kid's meal with pepperoni and salami (the grossest meat) on it. Usually this is NO problem, they just make it up. This one time the lady said NO, kids meals come with Turkey or I politely told her, well I'll pay extra just add the correct meat! She would not! I even told her I'd buy the sandwich separately and just pay for the toy but she insisted that I could not buy them separately! I was pissed! I walked out of there SO mad and contacted their headquarters. They apologized up and down and sent me some coupons for free subs. ...but that incident still pisses me off when I think about it!

Vanessa said...

I hope the Subway head honchos google themselves and see your letter, and make a change.


Mae Rae said...

that is horrible but made me wicked hungry for Subway now. darn it.