Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday's Wrandom Wramblings

Another Wednesday, another day of crap rolling around in my head.

I think I am seriously losing it.  I wore two different flip flops to the Physical Therapist today.  One bright pink and the other black.  I don't know how it happened, but I didn't even realize it until I sat down and glanced at my feet.  How does that happen? 

And then I thought I lost my cell phone and was on the verge of a hysterical meltdown, when I found it in my sunglasses case.  Wha? Who does that?

Annual lady check today.  I'll spare you deets.  But for the record, I LOVE my gyn.  LOVE HER!  She walked in, and I freaked out - she has lost 120 pounds.  That's like one whole ME!  She looks fantastic and she always treats me like a long lost friend.  Gonna check my thyroid to see if there is something jacked that is causing me to be so freaking tired all the time and for these ellbees sneaking back on me.

Also saw the PT today.  She worked my chicken wing some more and then put me in the traction machine.  Picture the rack that stretches you.  It actually felt kinda good and relieved a little bit of the pain down my arm, but it looks like I'll see the orthopod on Monday and she mentioned I should get some pics done and take a look at the disc's. 

Getting old sucks.  rocks.

'dawg, Sissy, myself and the Shark and her girls all went to see Toy Story 3 last weekend.  I bawled.  Like a four year old.  You have to understand something.  Toy Story holds a special place in our family and my heart.  Most people know my real last name so I'm not disclosing a huge secret, but the founder of Pixar is Splenda's cousin.  The night Toy Story came out, the whole fam damily went to the first showing and about took over the entire theater.  It was incredible!  My boys loved it, but especially Tuffy.  He was 3.  He loved Buzz and Woody like no other kid I have seen.  It was our go-to movie for years.  Toy Story 2, no less of a love affair.  So as the story unfolds in the final edition, it was very much a comparison to where my life is now with my sons.  Yes, I wept.  And I will likely see it several more times in the theater.  And for the record, this was the first movie that Sissy sat entirely still for the WHOLE TIME.
Kudos to Ed and the whole Pixar team. You are amazingly talented!

We leave for Trek in a week.  I am not ready.  Okay, physically yeah, I can pull it off, but have I started putting together equipment and clothing?  Nah.  Not so much.  Need to get on that.

Being on call for work sucks.  rocks.  I can't do my regular life and that kind of ticks me off.  Plus, I'm not all that smart, so it's basically a week of having my self-esteem squashed hour by hour.

Did I mention that getting old suck.  rocks?


Gramee said...

You need to try my assignment.
I was asked by someone very important to me to do the
"Who am I" post. The challenge was it had to be positive,
Well I think I accomplished mostly positive, it is hard to think of so many things and have it be upbeat for the most part.
He told me to list 40 things. I lost count but I think thats what I had.
Some were a stretch to come up with,
Now after I read it. I can think of other things I missed. Positive things.

Just ME the MOM said...

I have to agree with your comments about getting old! I could complain with the best of 'em! I dislike even the very thought of going to the doctor for a check up - it's always bad news these days!


tammy said...

I'm overdue for the doctor. thanks for reminding me.

I was freaking out when I thought I'd lost my keys the other day and Luvpilot was out of town. Turns out I put them in a pocket of my purse that I never ever put them in. I'm losing it with you.

The flip-flop story is awesome.

I know I will cry in Toy Story. I cry in everything.

carma said...

you crack me up about your job. c'mon - you are a blogger - you've GOTTA be smart ;-)

hope you get to the bottom of the thyroid sich. I had to give up on the medicine after week 3 - pounding headache that felt like I had a clamp on my head. I'm going to a free consultation next week to see if there is an alternative.

nobody makes a movie like Pixar - they are a bunch of creative geniuses that rank way above any other creative geniuses!!!

Garden of Egan said...

YOU my friend are NOT old! I'm almost old enough to be yo' mama.....if I'd been a teen hussey and had you when I was 12, but that's beside the point.

You'll have a blast at your trek. It's sorta awesome. If you were closer I'd given you my "gear"

I love the torture device, body stretcher, from the PT's office. I had that done three times a week for a month. It was fabulous and I wanted to take it home.

I'm excited to see Toy Story 3. I've heard a ton of good stuff about it. Wow, part of the family! You're famous!

Cherie said...

You are 2 years younger than me so I am here to tell you that you are not old!!
But being that you are having Dr. Appts and I'm waddling around my house after surgery like a 90 yr old without her walker I'd have to say that sometimes the maintenance sucks!
I also cried so hard during TS3 - my sons love affair with Woody and Buzz, and the time frame also mirrors the movie and it just brought the tears!! That is cool that Splendas cousin is a part of Pixar - they really have done a fab job!

CountessLaurie said...

kay, so I am laughing right out loud at the two different flip flops... I could totally see me doing that. You could be starting a whole new trend though.

I heart Pixar. I have my own Buzz Lightyear. Don't tell him I told you, but my husband cries at "Cars". Every time... don't know why...

Mae Rae said...

loved the randomness today. well, the other day but I am just getting to it. How on earth did the lady doc get so thin? 120 elbees in a year is a lot.

Getting old does suck!

Lene said...

I am with you on the getting old thing. It totally bites. But that stretching machine sounds amazing. There are some days that gravity is just too much on my aching back.

You might start a new trend with the different color flip flops. I on the other hand tried to leave my house without pants the other day. Needless to say my 12 yr old son was traumatized.