Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thankful Thursday and some other crapola, I mean stuff.

It's Thursday.  I'm supposed to list all the stuff I'm thankful for.  FINE.

Let me preface - still feeling a little out of whack.  Or just plain whacked.  Whatever.  I'll come around.  Give me time.  I am going to try hard to be nice though.  And kind.  And grateful.  And not a beast.

Guess what I got in the mail??  WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!
A gift card to VS

Cause I won on Kado's blog.  CLICK HERE TO CHECK HER OUT
I swear that girl does the best giveaways!  And so where will I be this weekend?  At the mall.  At the VS store.  Buying.......................lotion.  For this I am thankful.

I am also thankful for the Splenda Daddy.  He went golfing today for his work's annual golf tournament.  Last year, he won an ihome that he promptly set up on my side of the bed.  Isn't he the best?  This year, I was hoping that he would win a Mini Cooper S.  Instead, he got a gift certificate to Macaroni Grill.  Dinner out with my boyfriend?  Oh yeah!
I am thankful that every single day, Splenda looks for my perfect Mini.  I had one all picked out, but it was a little more money that he wanted to pay for it.  I can be patient, I really can.  At least I'm trying to.  He keeps looking every single day.   I'm a lucky girl to have such a great Splenda.

I'm thankful that summer is kinda here.  I don't have to wear a sweatshirt to the gym anymore, and most days I can ride my bike or run outside, but I could be done with the rain.  

I'm thankful for race season.  I love this time of the year. I get so amped up looking at my calendar and all the fun events I have registered for.

I'm thankful for good blogging friends who do giveaways that even though I don't need to win, I am gonna pimp out anyway because you NEED this book!  CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT

And finally, I am thankful for some really cool people in St George. 

Whatchoo thankful for?


Pedaling said...

warm, sunny weather, eventually, does wonders for the mood.

that man of yours, he's a keeper.

Jewls said...

I'm so jealous about your race schedule! I ran a 5K Saturday, but I have no other races booked...maybe I need to register for some so that I have something to work towards to get my buttocks in gear!

CountessLaurie said...

It's all whack! (I don't even know what that means but I hear all the kids saying it, so it must be cool. I bet you would look awesome in a mini!! Splenda is awesome!! I love that you two are such a great married couple. It's a nice ray of sunshine in a sometimes depressing world.

I am thankful for you! And diet coke. And a laptop so I can sit in bed and comment. Is that TMI?

Suzie said...

Your hubs sounds like a keeper.
You're a lucky girl-he's a lucky boy.

I'm so thankful that I didn't physically take down one of my employees today and then fire her butt. I just know I would have been regretful.

Martha H. said...

I like that you put a "click here" link.

I am thankful for YOU, my friend.

Plain Jame said...

So go get some unmentionables for that lucky wonderful man of yours and make his year, you hot smokin mama!

tammy said...

That Splenda...what a keeper! I wish that Luvpilot would look at wood flooring every day for me. Now that the supercharger is installed and running properly, I think it may be a good day to run to the flooring store. Wish me luck.

I'm thankful it's starting to feel like summer up there so I will dare to come visit.

Garden of Egan said...

You sound like a busy woman! I don't think I would be happy about a race schedule. I need to hang around you more so I would love it like you do.

Chief said...

Im thankful for you


Splenda is really a keeper!
ummm, what I am thankful for a little late as always, mmmmmhhhh?
sleep my kids let me sleep an xtra 1/2 hour today, it was nice.

carma said...

I'm thankful that "the boys" are out for the evening so I can catch up on blogs; I am hopelessly behind...

You do have a lot of fun things going on!!

tiburon said...

All fantastic things to be thankful for. Especially that Splenda. He is a keeper :)