Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tuffy's High School Graduation - 2010 His Swan song......

He did it!  He might have done it by the skin of his teeth, but he did it!  Tuffy's graduation commencement exercises were last night.  And boy, was it a celebration on so many levels for so many reasons!

 I got there early enough to get the good seats.  The ones with the backs on them and not the bleachers like I did the two previous ones.

Everyone made it.  And on time.  Barely.

It wasn't long.  We were in and out in less than 2 hours.

He was sitting next to his besties.

We could see him the whole time.

We didn't have obnoxious people behind us.

I wasn't freezing.

It was my last one.  For a lot, a lot, a lot of years.  Until the grandbabies start graduating.  And then I can just go and be the cool grandma.  Like in 15 years.

walking in

taking his seat

with his bestie

bestie screwing around

the entire class - yeah we will prolly get dropped down to a 4A before long

rising out of his seat to be accepted

starting his 'walk'

changing the tassels

I tried to get video of them tossing their caps, but I am not that good with the camera.  As I am often reminded.

Of course we needed some family pics outside the center

the Brochachos

thanks Grandma Sue and Grandpa John for your support yet again!!

Tuffy and 'tana

of course with the parentals

the whole fam damily

And then it was off to dinner at one of the boys most favorite places!  Good eating!

And why is it that when I ask them to pull a funny face, TWO of them - I won't name names *cough SplendaLuka -cough*  Just can't bring themselves to do it?

It was a fabulous night!  I couldn't be prouder of Tuffy!
His brothers pinned him and asked what his plans are next.  The kid is holding his cards close to his chest.  He wouldn't let on what he is planning on doing.  I guess we'll all be surprised!

Congratulations Tuffy!  You made it!

Momma Cat


CountessLaurie said...

Yay! Way to go, Tuffy!

(p.s. what's a 4A?)

tammy said...

Proud momma moment for sure.

Garden of Egan said...

Ahhhhhh! Congrats Tuffy!
I love the goofy faces......except on the stick in the mud no-goofy-face people.

Now what???? Eek!
No more teachers dirty looks!
You're gonna miss it. You know you are!

linda said...

You're one proud Momma Cat and rightfully so! Congrats to all!

Merri Ann said...

Congrats!! Wow, to have them all out of high school ... must be a very proud parental milestone.

Martha H. said...

Congrats to Tuffy!

And congrats to you for making sure he saw it thru. :)

Jewls said... more graduations til your grand kiddos? Wait until they graduate from college, those ceremonies are even more boring! :)

Stace said...

you have such an attractive family! seriously...i'm too old? really?!

Anastasia said...

congrats! again ;)


Congratulations Tuffy !!

Mae Rae said...

This must have been so great for you. Even though we are very close in age I am not able to say my baby will be graduating from high school for at least 9 more years. Ugh, I won't be able to be the cool grandmother then, just the wrinkly old mom instead.

tiburon said...

Soooo proud of that boy!!

And totally jealous that you are done.