Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Senior Salute - to my Tuffy

(Homecoming 2009 - His Senior year.  Tuffy and 'Tana)
At our high school, parents of seniors can buy a portion of a page in the yearbook and do a "Senior Salute"  They usually provide some embarrassing picture of the kid when they were little with a mullet and no teeth and then write something profound and deep about their next leg in their journey of life.

I used to be a good mom.  I was ALL OVER these things.  'dawg had a great one.  Luka had a great one.
What happened to Tuffy?  I could give you all my excuses, we were in Mexico when it was due, I misplaced the paperwork....... or I can admit that I am a lazy A mom and just plain didn't get it submitted.  I feel terrible.  I feel AWFUL.  I feel like I really let my baby down.

So without further ado, I present Tuffy's Senior Salute:

(these last two pictures are preschool - to Tuffy's left is 'Tana - who knew that they even went to preschool together?)

Well done mate!  You finally did it!  All those hours fighting over homework.  Discussing absences ("I was there, I swear!")  Last minute runs to the store for some needed supply for a project that was due first thing in the morning.  The third degree about tardies.  School lunch money.  Stupid teachers.
We're done.  I will never need to nag you about school ever again.  From here on out - your further education is your business.  You'll do great, you'll be successful, of that I have no doubt, but I don't have to feel any responsibility about it. It will be completely you!  Awe.some.

You are the caboose on our little family train, and the best caboose ever.  You are kind, tender hearted and clever.  You make me laugh on a daily basis and even though you tend to be quieter than others, you are a deep thinker.  You find creative ways to do things, and you are your own boss.

We can't imagine our family without you and we can't wait to watch the rest of your life unfold.

(Tuffy and 'Tana at seminary graduation)

I think I like blogging it better.  I can add as many pictures as I want, and I can write as much as I want.  So now, of all the boys, who got the better end of the deal?


Loralee and the gang... said...

Those are some gosh gang cute photos! I love looking back at how adorable those handsome boys once were. Was doing that the other day when I was updating my boy's school year photos on our living room wall. I always just put the new one on top of the old, and so I went thru the stack...ah the memories, right?

Mae Rae said...

This is great. I think in the long run the third ended up the winner.

CountessLaurie said...

Tuffy, here is a secret. I am the third child too. I know this as all third children know this. Don't tell the older two, but Mom loves you best!!

Nice tribute Mom. And people think I am weird that I look at the boys in preschool and think they could date my daughter in 12 years... SEE!! It happens, people :-)

tammy said...

Aww - look how cute he was!! You're right, I think this is better than the yearbook. And YAY for no more having to nag him to do his homework!

Garden of Egan said...

Ahhhhhh! I love it. He was a cute kid!
Are you sure you aren't going to miss all the hassle?

Lara said...

I think it's an awesome tribute. And you got to use way more pictures than you could have in the yearbook anyway!

Congrats to Tuffy! And his mom!

Pedaling said...

kids that have moms who blog,
get the better end of the deal!

I can hear the relief in your words.


tiburon said...

Awww Tuffy - I salute you as well!!

Not everyone can get a blog post/salute with kindergarten photo scanning skills ;)

And I say that with all the love in my heart...

M-Cat said...

Tib - Suck it. Maybe I should have gone to the CBC so I could learn how to do these things, but then again, I really don't care.
And you and me are now in a fight.

Sue said...

I luv your salute...much better tribute by far.

What a cute son you have.

Is not having kids out of school the best ever?

There is life after High School!!!! yeh

Vanessa said...

You were at the CBC. I saw you on KSL.com.

Tuffy is all growed up. I bet it seems like yesterday he was in preschool. Sniff, sniff.

carma said...

a blogging tribute is way better than one in a Yearbook keepsake that they will keep in their possession forever and show their kids one day ;-) Just make sure you put in lots of keywords for when he does a keyword search 20 years from now to access the blog tribute (I kid -- this was really very nice - looks like he was always an incredibly happy child -- due in no small part to his awesome mom)

linda said...

What a great salute to your handsome Tuffy! Yes, this was waaaaay better than the yearbook shout outs!

Congrats Tuffy!

Terri Ferran said...

I love that kid!

It just occurred to me that you are "Em" which is like 1/2 of an M&M which is like the Splenda version of chocolate...

I think I will refer to the two of you as "Splendem" (Not to be confused with "Spend 'em" which would make Splenda explode)

Scrappy Girl said...

How cute is he! Congrats on the accomplishment. But you can definitely cross your name off the Mother of the Year award list...they don't allow forgetting stuff like that...lol. I think you are a great momma.

tiburon said...


Jenny said...

So awesome.