Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday's Wrandom Wramblings

I'm tired.  It's after 9:00pm here and I am still awake.  That doesn't bode well for the morning.  I am tired.

I just rolled in this evening from Cedar City.  It's been a long day.  We have had terrible winds across the state and many gusts were up to 60 mph and higher.  Little scary on the 'ole I-15 with the trucks swaying all around me.  There was one UPS rig, that had three trucks all hitched together that I swear was gonna go over right on me.  I am glad to be home.

I lost a follower today.  What's that all about?  There seems to be some weird vibes in the blog world.  I don't want any part of it.  I just want to enjoy my blog, enjoy others and be friends with everyone.  Sorry that I ticked someone off.  Or was too boring for them.  Or was too inappropriate.  Whatever.  I guess since I am blogging for me and my journal, then it shouldn't matter right?  So why does it?  Good question.  I suppose it might be someone that also defriended me on FB.  Oh well. 

As I mentioned before I spent a couple of days in Cedar City.  I don't care much for Cedar. I think it stems back from my first work trip there with a bestie from my team.  Our experience was awful.  We hated every single minute of it.  Since then we have referred to it as the armpit of the state.  Sorry to the Cedarites - nothing personal, just not a fan of the city.

I was a fan however, of running early in the morning there at sunrise.  It reminded me of the Red Rock Relay we did last year.  Fun memories.  And the people that I interact with down there are awesome!

Speaking of relay's.  I'm doing Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay with the Legally Dead team.  They are an awesome team with some good friends.  I am runner 9.  Not sure I am ready for the distance and hills I am assigned, but I am STOKED to hop in the 'burb and hit with the team!  Good freaking times!

My cute Jordan has a melt down everytime I come home.  If I've been gone for a few days, she is even worse.  Cries like a friggin baby!  It takes several minutes to calm her down and get her to shut her yapper.  Nothing like the feeling of love from your dog!

Gonna see a PT tomorrow for my chicken wing problem.  Thanks to Johnny at my orthopod office, I am getting in and getting it looked at.  Also huge shout out to Patty who totally worked around my freaking schedule.  I have great health care providers.  Seriously.  The best ever!

Our state has an execution scheduled for midnight Thursday night/Friday morning.  I know that people have differing opinions on the death penalty, and I don't want to get all political, but in this particular instance, there isn't a better example of why the death penalty is appropriate.  Ronnie Lee Gardner is a career criminal and as you read about his life - his is the prime example of why it should be carried out.  I know that all across the nation, eyes are on the state of UT and this latest drama.  Interesting.

Tuffy is in Las Vegas all week with his girlfriend, her sister and their Grandma.  Should I be concerned?  I am choosing not to think about it.  I did just send him a message to remind him NOT to look at the ground as they walk the strip.  NOT to accept any handouts from the guys passing out cards.  NOT to make any eye contact.  And when not enjoying the lights - look straight ahead. 
I would like him to come home now.

Back to WBR - I am so excited for this weekend's relay race I can hardly stand it!  Of course I have to be at the captain's house at 2:30 in the effing morning, but I figure I have several hours before I have to run, so I plan on sleeping.  I just can't wait to run, hang with my teammates and prove to myself that I can do my hard legs.

The weaning off the caffeine is going well.  The first two days, I had a small headache at bedtime, but nothing that couldn't be slept off.  Now, remember I'm not going cold turkey.  That would be dumb.  But the weaning process is going well.

Did I mention that I'm tired?  I think I'll go to bed and sleep in until at least 6.  Which is totally sleeping in for me!


Garden of Egan said...

Definitely random my friend.

I loved Cedar City, but then, I was coming from snow in April to stay in St. G for the week and I was in heaven.
But I won't unfriend you for that seriously. (There's a certain city in my state that I can't stand. I loathe it.
I always say if Idaho had to have an enema they would put it in ___)

If there is someone on facebook that sucks the life out of me I just "hide" them.

You are right. You blog for you, it's your journal. Besides, I wuv you!
Good luck with your freaking crazy running stuff. I totally admire you.
Good luck this weekend. I'll be thinking about you!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Not get all political? I've missed your rants! And have fun with the relay!

LaurieJ said...

He's not even my son and the idea of Vegas for a week is giving me short panic attacks...

You are going to rock Ragnar- Good Luck!!!

Mae Rae said...

i will ease your mind my dear, i was the follower that you lost. Ha ha ha...only kidding. Anyone who could click remove your blog should be sitting on death row too.

Johnny Sengmanichanh said...

Good seeing you today. Stay off the Diet Coke. I spoke with the Dr. "Thats what he said!"

carma said...

a while back I wrote a sentence or two about losing a follower and one of my followers said that I need to stop talking like that because that kind of talk just turns people off...honestly I was hoping she would also stop reading my blog. I agree with what you said - it is our own little place to write whatever we want.

chickensh*t that I am, I immediately removed those sentences about losing a follower from the blog post.

I think I only received one comment from the complainer since then. Hoping she has decided not to visit again :D

Lara said...

I lived in Cedar for 3 years and I had a really hard time there. I don't like to blame it on the city itself, because it has its virtues...but...


I can't believe I wasn't a follower already...I thought I was. So, now I am.

Just ME the MOM said...

Love the random! Good luck with the Wasatch Back - I always look at the participants as a kind of Super Hero. Who COULD really DO that!! ??'


tammy said...

Followers come and followers go...

Good luck with the Ragnar! I heard there are 999 teams this year??

Dogs are funny people.

Erin said...

I live in Cedar. I have learned to like it all right, but it's not where I would prefer to live.

wofgtg said...

I agree with the comment of erin.

Mrs. Organic said...

I swear I left a comment here earlier. Just wanted to wish you a good run.