Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Slang Gang Word of the Day - a Plethora

(notice - many of these have been edited for language purposes.  Trying to keep my blog YW friendly)

June 18: Bat Crap Signal
1. Like the Bat Signal, but used to summon someone crazy.

"Hey look, there's Gary Busey. Someone must have turned on the Bat Crap Signal."

**I need to turn it off, crazies are surrounding me!**

June 20: kittens and puppies
Raining kittens and puppies would mean raining lightly.

"Let's go out. It's just raining kittens and puppies."

**It sounds so much nicer than cats and dogs**

June 21: postmodem depression

The feeling you get when you haven't had access to the internet (i.e. facebook and twitter) for a long time, like several minutes.

(A family is on vacation)

Mom: Johnny, come to dinner!

Johnny: Not hungry!

Mom (to dad): What the heck is wrong with him?

Dad: He's got postmodem depression; he can't update his facebook status.

Mom: But we have only been here for 15 minutes.

**It's a valid syndrome, of which many of us suffer.  Sadly.**

June 22: Aluminum Digger

A younger version of a gold digger.

That girl is fifteen and after that boy's lunch money. What an aluminum digger.

**This just made me laugh**


tammy said...

Aluminum digger - that's funny!

I think my boys had postmodem depression while we were gone. They went into the den and didn't come out at all yesterday except for food. I kind of forgot they were in there. I'm such a stellar mom.

Mae Rae said...

my boys definately suffer from postmodem depression. they have been without cable and internet for 4 days now and they are itching.

Mrs. Organic said...

I have just gone 3 days without internet or cell phone service. My postmodem depression is so bad I just might have to be admitted. I'm okay with that. You know, as long as they have hi-speed wifi.