Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day 2010 - or better titled - How I suck as a wife.

Here it is Tuesday and I am still chewing on my Father's day post from Sunday.  Chewing, I say.

Not from a lack of subject matter, more the lack of exciting things to post.  Lack of the great things I did for Splenda to shout out about.  Lack of cute pictures showing what a cute Dad and Poppa he is.  Lack of sappy, sweet loving words that describe how he completes me in every single way.

Why?  Because I suck.  Like a Hoover with a clean filter.

I got really wrapped up in the Ragnar race, being out of town, and thinking about all we still need to do for Trek and I quite simply forgot about it. 
I remembered sometime on the trail during the blur of time that consisted of Friday and Saturday.

So Saturday night, after I finally got Sissy to sleep, I staggered off to Wallyworld to get some groceries for dinner on Sunday and to see if I could find a great card.

Ever been to Walmart on the night of a holiday at about 10pm?  Not a great selection of cards left.  Or anything for that matter.

I got some food and left.  FAIL.

I talked to the boys Saturday night when I stumbled home and begged them to put everything away so I could finally go to sleep.  I let them know that we were grilling dinner for Splenda and then AS A FAMILY, we would do whatever he wanted to do.  Play cards, watch a movie, WHATEVER.

Sunday morning dawned.  I wished him a Happy Pappy day and then got to playing with Sissy and checking FB.

He puttered around for a minute looking for something ( I don't know what - we lose everything we touch) when he loudly announced that he finally decided what he wanted for Father's day.

GREAT!!  An idea!  I'd been asking and getting the standard reply of "I don't know.  World peace"

He requested that we all dig in and get the house clean and straightened.  He couldn't take the clutter for one more minute.  Let me set the record straight.  I HAD BEEN OUT OF TOWN!!!

I'm thinking, okay, we can do that tomorrow for "family night".
Nope.  He wanted it done and done NOW.

Boy did three other people in the house jump to attention.  Everyone took a room or two and dived in.  Granted, we don't live in a pigsty, but there was more clutter than usual.  And yeah, any judgy mcjudger's, we did totally break the Sabbath by cleaning.  But you know what, it made him happy.  And that's all that matters.

We went to a farewell for the son of one of our dear friends. He heads to Paraguay soon.  Kerri had so much good food prepared that we sat around eating, chatting and relaxing for so long, that our own plans for the bbq were set aside.  FAIL

Once Sissy was picked up, Splenda wanted to just sit around the table and play cards.  Could we find our cards?  The brand new deck that no one has touched and not the deck we let Sissy ruin?  No.  FAIL.

Instead, we sat down together and watched the movie that 'dawg and Luka had rented from the Red Box.  2010.  I didn't understand a thing that was happening within the first 10 minutes and fell asleep.  I woke up when it was over and as I was staggering to my bed, Splenda said, "That was the stupidest movie I have ever seen."  FAIL.

And that was it.  That was the wonderful, memory filled, love infused Father's day that I created for my Splenda.

'dawg did clean his car and Luka provided a cool hat and t-shirt, but me?  FAIL.
I really do suck at these kinds of things.  He on the other hand, never fails at holidays.  NEVER.  He always remembers and makes it something special for me.

My cute, cute Splenda.  Who spends his time figuring out a way for me to have a new car.   Pricing washing machines.  Paying all our bills.  Fixing dinner.  Making all the home repairs.  Car maintenance.  Googling every little ailment I have and providing answers and cures.  His back massages.  Shampooing the carpets.  Coming home with roses expectantly.  Attending all his church meetings and fulfilling his callings.  Providing leadership and spiritual guidance in our home.  Setting a good example for my boys who are growing up to be fine men.  Listening to me ramble about stuff that bores him.  Putting up with my friends.  Being at my finish lines.  Reminding me not to gossip.  Puts up with my yapping dog.  Never says a word when I have a bad haircut.  Always takes advantage of a teaching moment with whomever he is with.  Coached all three of his boys through all of little league baseball.  Supports his boys in all their decisions.  Makes sure Sissy wants for nothing.
Loves his sons.  Loves his granddaughter.  Loves me.  Loves his God.

My cute, cute Splenda.  You are the best, sorry you got stuck with a loser wife, who really sucks at holidays. 


tammy said...

You are too hard on yourself. I know if you asked him he wouldn't say you fail at all. Why else would he do all those things for you? Pretty sure he feels lucky to have married you. Now go show him the GB.


I betcha he loves you enough to cut you some slack! My husband and my Dad got less of effort from me this year than you gave to Splenda, and I did not do the Ragnar just before.

Gloria (The Mamafamilias) said...

At least you feel bad about it, unlike me and my "yea, well, whatever" attitude. (does that make me Laman/Lemuel - past all feeling???)

What cuties y'all are!

Pedaling said...

looks like splenda is off the hook for your b-day and moms day....not that he'll take the out....but, he should, just to relieve your guilt. ;)

btw- i vacuum on Sunday's and sometimes do laundry.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Wait... it was Father's Day? ;D
I lamely just sort of lumped my Happy Father's Day with Happy Anniversary.
Notice I had no Father's Day post.

CountessLaurie said...

Phew! Glad to know I am not the only one who failed at Father's Day!! I might ask for a re-do on a day he is least expecting .... just suprise him with cards and gifts and love. And then explain to him how I am following the Mayan calendar. Yeah, that's what I am gonna do.

Mae Rae said...

at least you suck less than me. I didn't even get a card. we ran to CVS after church to get one for his dad.