Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A little bit of the Marines and a whole lot of Sissy

Memorial weekend isn't by our tradition a big party weekend.  It's usually low key. Maybe a bbq, but mostly sticking around home, watching movies, being together and making sure we go to visit our Dad's grave sites.
Saturday, the Marine recruiters here in the west side of the valley had a family function for all their poolee's and their families.
The recruits had some competitions.  Pull ups, crunches, and a mile and half run.  Then they fired up the grill, barbecued some dogs and burgers, played some b-ball and basically chilled together for a couple of hours.
The nice part was it was at a park so Sissy could play to her hearts content.  The down side was it was CHILLY!
It was nice to see 'dawg's recruiter again and to meet Staff SGT Wheeler.  Good people they are.

In the competitions 'dawg fared well.  He won the crunches, and earned another Marine recruit shirt.  He was leading the run, but at the last corner, the kid that had stayed behind him drafting, pulled ahead.  It's okay, he posted a time of 8 and some change for a mile and a half.

'dawg and Sis took a trip to the Aquarium.  That girl LOVES that place! 

And she loves posing for silly pictures.

We spent the rest of the weekend, watching our traditional Memorial day weekend movies, and enjoying Sis.

All in all, a nice relaxing weekend.  Which is good since June looks to be one busy month!


Garden of Egan said...

Looks like it was a fun time.
Sissy is pretty dang cute!
It was cold there? I'm not gonna lie, I feel a little bit happy about that. Sorry. (I'm sorta sick of the cold around here so it's nice to know that someone else can share in my misery)

Have a fabulous week!

My verification word:
Yup EM you do roac!!!!!!

tammy said...

Sissy makes the best faces.

Mae Rae said...

that looks like it was fun. Cold? At least it wasn't snowing. Glad to see she had so much fun.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Oh fun!! Looks like you guys had a great day!
*sigh* Not loving the cold still lingering around here. I think I need to be reminded, there is such a thing as summer, right?

CountessLaurie said...

What a great looking playground!

Are these the guys 'dawg will go to boot camp with? Wait, do Marines even have boot camp?

Looks like a nice weekend!

Sue said...

a weekend with sissy..life is good

seriously hasn't our weather been the worst?