Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling

Wow - it's time to wramble again.  Okay, you're right, I do it all the time.  But Wednesday's give me an excuse.

First off - I am only going to say this once.  BLOGGING pays.  No questions please, but to the girl who emailed me, you know who you are.  I love you.  I thank you and I will be communicating soon.  That is all.

Today hasn't been a good week.  Monday was a melt down of EPIC proportions.  EPIC I say.  Haven't had anything the likes of this in about 15 years or so.
You see, I take this fancy little capsule every day to make sure that all the chemicals and what not in my brain and head are firing on all cylinders.  Happy pills we call them. It's a genetic thing.   I ran out of them.  Tried to get a refill.  No refills left on the rx.  Called the doc's office.  They didn't call the pharmacy.  No go.  4 days later and Mommy had a come apart.  Or as Tuffy called it a witch snit (but not using the word witch if ya know what I mean).  I won't go into specific details but there was major weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth, screaming, yelling, hucking stuff and I am still Listerine'ing my mouth to try and clean it up.  I should prolly chat with my bishop.  Oh wait, he lives across the street from me.  He most likely heard it all anyway.
How did the men in my life handle it? 
'dawg got his over the phone, so he played it safe and didn't come over until he was sure I was medicated and on my way to sleepy land.
Luka escaped into the other room, then quietly slipped away to the sev and came back with a diet coke and huge chocolate bar.
Tuffy hid out with his GF until he was sure of not being physically harmed.
Splenda tucked me in bed, went to the pharmacy and demanded they give me a few pills until the doctor's office could authorize the refill.  Then he snuggled me and let me cry.  He rubbed my back and neck and let me watch whatever I wanted to on TV. 
They are good men.
After I could somewhat compose myself, I apologized to my fam, the Shark (she happened to call whilst amid the rampage) and then let my night meds take me away to a blissful, uninterrupted slumber.  In the morning, Splenda  gently reminded me that this is why he would like to not own guns.
A couple of days later, I think I'll pull through but it was debatable there for awhile.
Ever have times like this?   Anyone else deal with anxiety or depression or both?  No?
I didn't think so.  I knew I had to be the only nut job around.

Switching gears - want some good news??  My son's divorce is FINAL!!  YAY!!!
Normally, I am not one to cheer divorce, but those kids got married too young and for the wrong reasons.  They both need to move on with their lives.  This needed to happen.  He is now Boot camp eligible.  Next open spot and he can take it!  Pray for an open spot soon!
I'm sure both he and Sissy's mommy are feeling the monkey off their backs now.  Congrats to them both.

Speaking of Sissy.  It's our weekend with her.  I can hardly wait!  I didn't get to see her at all last weekend and I miss her so much my heart aches.  Literally aches for her!  Lot's planned and all fun stuff!  Can't wait for her knock at the door and her "Mimi!  Come pway toys wif me!"

My 'token male reader' left this morning for the MTC. Missionary Training center for my church.  I am excited for him, but will miss that kid!  I'll miss his emails, and his FB comments.  He promised he would send me updates on his mission.  Love those kids who serve so unselfishly.

I now have a race or event planned for every almost every single weekend from now until October.  That makes me happy.  That makes me muy happy!

Speaking of happy, I have one reserve capsule left, better head to the pharmacy and get the approved prescription picked up so that we don't have another M-Cat meltdown.  Doubt my friends and family could take another one.


Gramee said...

wow, I know why we were both on one this week.
My biggest problem is i chose to be on a diet and cant have any bubbles or candy.

I did get a refill of my pills

they may take a few days to work.. lol

Amy said...

I have both anxiety and depression. When I have been off the happy pills for a few days, people take cover. The dpression makes me weepy and teh anxiety makes me want to throw things, yell, and basically have a full blown come apart. Glad you got your pills filled.

tammy said...

Depression is not fun.

Being without happy pills is not fun.

Can you imagine us back in the day of no happy pills?

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

I have happy pills too.....I bet most women do. And Im glad that Sissy wasnt around during your "episode".
Hang in there!

Mrs. Organic said...

I'm so sorry you through this, especially when you have so many demands on your body.

This happened to me when Ty was in the hospital. He ended up getting admitted and I hadn't brought my thyroid medicine or happy pills. At the time I had no idea you could go through an actual withdrawal from skipping doses. Four days later I was so physically ill and in the depths of despair I couldn't even ddrive myself home.

The doc passed us on the way out and I looked so horrible he thought surely my son must've died. Blaine took me home, I happened to take my meds and voila! 20 minutes later I was almost fully functioning again.

wendy said...

Um, you might want to see what you can do to keep those pills in your "2 years supply".
It might be more needed then the wheat and powdered milk. Just saying.
YES, I have had a few come aparts in my day. I am still trying to put back some of the pieces.

divorce can be sad and ugly indeed ---but also sometimes healthier then staying together.
Some things in life are just Hard.
Hard, hard, hard.

oh, and besides not keeping guns in the house....lock up all sharp instruments.

Chief said...

hell.. how are you getting paid for this crap?

ha ha

luvs ya

Chief said...

Is it more than $3 an hour? Maybe Bud should start bloggin'

Pedaling said...

uhm, yeah, probably not a good idea for there to be guns in your house.

i do get p.m.s. something mean, at times.

congrats on the family divorce!

Wonder Woman said...

I'm pretty sure Superman has both anxiety and depression, but because he's a man he won't medicate or even consider going to the dr. He does pretty well, but I can't imagine how happy he'd be with some balance.

Glad you got everything taken care of!

carma said...

I've blogged about my anxiety a few times -- it's probably genetic too :-( I hail from a long line of worriers...

You've got a great support system going. My "extended family" on the other hand is a huge source of stress for me; I may soon be blogging from padded cell..

Boy that was quite a tease about the blogging paying. NOT that I am asking...

CountessLaurie said...

Oh, yuck! Sorry you had a lousy time there. And you aren't a nut job. Nut jobs are the ones that don't recognize that they might need a happy pill. I think you are perfectly fine.

linda said...

Some days I think I need some happy pills myself! This raising kids stuff isn't for the faint of heart (even if they are 21 and 24!)

I'm so sorry for the meltdown. I can only imagine how out of control you must have felt...and so helpless! Thank goodness your feeling yourself again.

Have a great weekend with Sissy, enjoy every minute!

Mae Rae said...

What the heck man! I think the Countess just called me a nut job. Or maybe that was self assesment. Either way sweetie, I am glad that you are on your way back to "normal". Love you!

Martha H. said...

Happy pills are fab.

Thrilled for 'dawg about the divorce. It's been a long time coming.

Plain Jame said...

Hope the son gets into boot camp asap, although I'm soooo nervous for him. I'm a nervous nellie. I'm happy the chapter of his divorce is over in his life so they can both move forward.

ps - I frequent the pharmacy lately myself. Meltdowns solved. xoxo

tiburon said...

That was HARDLY a meltdown of epic proportions. Nothing to apologize for.

But when you get a minute give me a call - I will show you how a professional does it.