Sunday, June 13, 2010

An Open letter to my beloved Low-Carb Monster

Dear Sweet, sweet nectar of the high heavens,
This is a hard letter for me to write.  Tears may or may not be streaming down my face an onto my keyboard, needs to be done.

We've had a great relationship over the last couple of years.  Sure, we've had our ups and downs, our on's and off's but I'm gonna need to take a break for awhile.  Our daily, first thing, in the morning trysts are going to have to end.
Here's the dealy-o.  I leave for trek in a couple of weeks.  I can't take you with me.  I've plotted.  I've schemed.  I've tried to figure out any way I can to renegade you in my equipment bucket and I just can't make it happen.  We both know I can't quit you cold turkey, so we are going to have to end this early.
Our little get-together this morning (which by the way, was fantastic)?  Our last for a while babe.  Sorry. 

This is going to be as hard on me as it is you.  I promise.  You won't be there to see me through Ragnar.  But, I think overall, that might be best seeing as there will  be a couple of former bishops in my ride and you would not go over so well.  I would really have to do a lot of 'esplaining and people just don't understand us and our relationship that well.

You won't be able to see me through the South Country event - I'm gonna have to TRI it without you.  I guess it'll just have to be plain water in my bottle on the bike...........I'll make it, will you?

I'm not saying that we won't be able to see each other ever again. NO!  But we're just gonna take a small break.  We'll always be friends right?  Just on a break.

Love you always,


Pedaling said...

it's good stuff.
i went off it as well-- wasn't as hard as i thought and really feel much better, overall, now anyway.
though i will confess, on occasion i will sip a bit of 5hr energy---

linda said...

Cold turkey, no way! It has to be a slow separation!

I've taken a break from my Pepsi lovin' days and it's hard. I don't drink, smoke, or do anything illegal! Pepsi was my vice...but my thighs/butt are taking a beating! I had to make the break!

Jenny said...

Best of luck! Way to go on deciding to give your self a few days to get off of it.

Have fun on Trek.

tammy said...

But we were on a break!
Sorry, I instantly thought of Ross.

Never even tried them so I don't know what I'm missing. I do, however, take a little yellow caffeine pill sometimes (Shhh...)

Missy said...

WoW! Good luck! LOl

CountessLaurie said...

We were on a break!!! (I am with Tammy - immediately thought of Ross.)

You are a strong woman. I will give up caffeine for no one. I will get the the pearly gates and st peter will have a cuppa for me... I know it :-)

Good luck. We are here for you!

Garden of Egan said...

Good luck on getting through the day without "him". I shall pray for you.

I need to have a break up with my beloved pepsi but I'm too chicken.
You're sorta inspiring me.

Hope you get it all out of your system before your trek.

Just ME the MOM said...

Hee - I can totally relate :) Not being much of a water drinker . . . you're probably a smart cookie for thinking ahead :)


Loralee and the gang... said...

I agree with Pedaling...once you get through the withdrawal, you will feel much better! (Those drinks can't possibly be good for you, long-term. And technically, if it's addictive, it's against the WOW. But you already knew that,right? And I hope saying that doesn't mean you won't be my blog-buddy anymore. I just care!)

Cherie said...

I feel your pain big M! Last time I went on trek I was still addicted to Coke. That was the hardest thing!
I know you can do this cause you are WOMEN!
Seriously I see you ride and run in all those events - you rock. Giving up the can do hard things !!!!

Mae Rae said...

giggling, this is going to be hard. I feel for you!

Braden said...

LOL. I had a similar conversation with my dr. pepper before a priests and laurels trip. My cousin founded/runs/whatever Ragnar!


Me and Coke a Cola have a similar deal. Dang it!!