Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Slang Gang Word of the Day - a plethera (plethura?) today

May 26: one cheek bench sneak

The easing out of flatulency gently, usually when sitting down, so as not to attract undue attention.

"I was on a date, so I had to pull the one cheek bench sneak."

** LOL - really, no commentary necessary from me**

May 28: elevator reflex

The urge people get once inside an elevator to stare compulsively at the ascending numbered lights (usually on top of the elevator doors) either because they are truly convinced this will speed up the whole 'process' or they are simply socially-awkward beings who can't bear to look at random people in the face for 30 seconds.

Mo:"Dude so I was talking to this chick.."
--elevator opens--
To単o Bicicleta: "Call you back Mo I have to stare at the floor 'till I get off the vator or else I have to talk to these people".
Mo: "Sounds like a bad case of the elevator reflex yo, you should go get checked."

** I hate this.  If we are going to share a small box to possibly our deaths when the cable fails, the least you can do is make some small talk with me.**

May 31: Football Minute

When someone asks for a minute to do something, even though they know it will take much longer than 60 seconds.

Wife: I need to run into this store. It'll only take a minute

Husband mumbles: More like a football minute.

**see also Mexican Minute.  They openly admit it there.**

And the BEST one in this series?........

May 30: Concert Resume

n. A complete and comprehensive list of concerts that one has attended. Often casual conversation between fellow concert goers.

Today, I added Rock on the Range to my concert resume, which was already more than impressive.

**The only commentary I have is this:   click here.  A TRUE Concert Resume.  I think she needs to update it and make it a sidebar feature.


tammy said...

Oh yes. Immediately thought of Tib with the concert resume.

tiburon said...

OH MY GOSH. I never thought of having it as a sidebar feature.

Sooooooo doing it.


Martha H. said...

Totally thought of Tib. Good idea on the sidebar of all concerts she's attended and will attend.

Garden of Egan said...

I do the minute thing all the time.
I'm bad

My verification word:

You should go eat some.

CountessLaurie said...

I have to do my concert resume. I was quite the junkie back in the day. Then I became poor (probably because of all the freakin concerts) and got choosy. They used to be cheap... now, I would need to take out a loan...

Sue said...

I do have quite the concert resume..

It might take me a "minute" to think of them all..

with 24 g-kids...can I say they all cheek bench sneak.