Monday, June 14, 2010

Movie Review - Shrek- Forever After and Dear John

Let's start with this one:

Dear John.   'dawg brought it over from a red box.  War movie.  Should be good right?  I didn't even attempt to watch it.  Sissy and I snuggled and went to bed.  So Splenda and 'dawg put it on the big screen and settled in.
The next morning I asked for a review.

Me:  So Splenda, how was the movie last night?
Splenda:  Dumb.

Alrighty then.  I texted 'dawg.

Me: "so.....if you could review the movie in a couple of words or so, what would it be?"
'dawg: ".............."  ( I can't post his exact two words for fear of offending other branches of the military)

Alrighty then.  Good thing he took it right back to the red box.  Lesson learned?  If it doesn't say SPECIFICALLY that the military portrayed is Marines.....fuggedaboudit!

And now this one!

Saturday was a rainy, cold, gloomy day and our plans for a 7.5 mile walk got cancelled.  So, after a quick midmorning nap, Sis and I headed out to the movie.

Here is Sissy's review:

Me:  Did you like the movie Shreka
Sissy:  Yes.
Me:  Did you like it at the theater?
Sissy:  Yes
Me:  What was your favorite part?
Sissy:  Da dragon
Me:  Did you like the fat cat?
Sissy:  Yes
Me:  Did you get to eat lot's of popcorn?
Sissy:  Yes.
Me:  Mimi didn't eat all the popcorn this time did she?  You had plenty right?
Sissy:  Yes

And that's it.  I would have to say that as she gets older, it is easier and easier to do the movies.  I find a seat up at the top where there are some empty ones in the corner that when she needs to wander a bit, she can and not disturb anyone.  And as long as I limit her diet coke intake, we usually can hold it the whole movie or get away with only one quick potty break.

If I had to guess which she liked better Shrek or How to Train Your Dragon, I would guess the second.  Shrek was it's usual self.  Mostly the same old jokes.  I do love that donkey and puss in boots, but meh, prolly won't even buy it on DVD when it comes out.   Save your money for the dollar showing.



Agreed! Dollar or netflix instant que. Dear John, chic flik...

tammy said...

Yeah, Shrek was definitely more funny in the earlier ones. Nothing new to laugh at. I was wishing we hadn't paid extra for the 3D version.

Mae Rae said...

well that just saved me a boat load of money. Thanks!

CountessLaurie said...

I thought Dear John was a love story... so I laughed when Splenda and dawg sat down to watch it...

Sissy gives a good review. Glad to know that you are sharing your popcorn :-)

Pedaling said...

thanks for the review.

i think we're out to see the karate kid, today. i'll let you know how it goes.