Friday, June 4, 2010

Wednesday's Wrandom Wramblings - on Friday

I know - I know!  Today's post is supposed to be all those funny things that I have heard said, or thought in my head or actually was clever enough to say myself.  Here's the thing.  I'm old.  And unless I write them down right away, I don't remember them. 

The only thing I can remember this week?
A bestie saying that she told her son "I'm gonna rip your eyeballs out and put them in your back pocket so you can SEE me kick your butt!"

I don't care who ya are - that's funny!

I just got a head full of random crap right now.  Rolling around.  Bouncing at times like a pinball machine.  Remember those?  We would spend hours playing the pinball machine.  Do they even have those anymore?

Tomorrow is a big bike ride.  105 miles.  Little Red in Cache Valley.  Doing it with a hysterical bunch of girls.  Should be fun, fun, fun!  I haven't logged more than about 27 on my bike in one sitting this season.  Could be interesting.  And as a side note, we are going up tonight and spending the night at a hotel.  I will be sharing a bed with a Shark.  Is that dangerous?  Do they cuddle or straight up kill you when you are sleeping?

I had to drive home from Logan yesterday.  It's like an hour and 45 minute drive.  2 hours with the construction.  I fell asleep at the wheel TWICE!  I pulled over and closed my eyes for a few minutes before my phone started ringing and I realized that I was almost out of gas.  I get so tired in the afternoon's it's all I can do to keep my eyes open.

Please don't lecture me about driving drowsy.  I'm still recovering from the chew out's I got yesterday.  I get it okay??

I've had google issues lately.  I go to my regular blogs through reader, I attempt to post a comment by clicking on the "post comment" and randomly it freezes and I can't comment.  So, if you haven't noticed anything from me lately, don't be mad.  I've tried.  For reals I have.  I've been reading.  I just can't seem to always comment.  Friends?

My chicken wing still hurts.  I had a massage that helped for about 2 hours.  I used a tens unit.  I've done heat.  My trainer gave me some good things today, so hopefully this will get under control.  I've been working on it all day long. She mentioned it's a common stress injury.  She even asked was I under a lot of stress?   ME?  nah..... never........Okay, maybe a tich but really?  For my body to do this?  Pisses me off.  Bad body!  Bad, bad BAD body!

Recently someone in my inner circle lied to me.  Straight up lied.  Not the first time.  I'm sure won't be the last, but I am seriously bugged nonetheless.  Part of me wants to call her out on it.  Confront her, berate her and remind her that I still can't trust her.  Another part of me thinks, why bother?  It won't change anything.  Just let it go.  For the record.  I hate being lied to.  And for those who do it consistently, I always seem to see right through you.  The jig is up.  Just be straight with me.  And de-friending me on FB doesn't help your cause either.

I'm caving.  I'm getting a shock collar for the dog. Ms Barky Von Schnauzer.  We have been working with her training wise and it's a no go.  I think I might find myself, AND HER, kicked to the curb if something isn't done.  Wish us luck with it.  I'm not happy about it, and it  will likely require me to take extra little yellow pills, but my family is ready to kill me.

Time to replace the heat pack with ice. 


Garden of Egan said...

I did the Red Ride about 5 years ago!!! That was so fun. Beautiful country.

You be careful. It sounds scary to sleep with a shark. Good luck to ya!

Good luck tomorrow with the ride.

Stace said...

sleeping with "the" shark...only thing alarming i noticed is she has a tendency to molest ones leg in the still of the night. best prepare yourself. even then, i'm jealous.

Chief said...

can you drive on this ride. I would love to come along

and the liar... spork to the nipples.. the end

sorry about your hurt flipper

The dog issue makes me sad in my heart. Have you called Cesar Milan

What did I miss? anything?

Oh the eyeballs in the pocket LMDAOOOO!

Chief said...

Im looking at your calendar.

Bud does Trek the same time you do. maybe you will see him somewhere up in the mountains.... he will be the one singing, crying for food, passed out still holding onto the cart, then singing again.. all within 5 minutes

carma said...

I know it's probably annoying when people give advice - but have you had your thyroid checked??? I am always so drowsy and what do you know - by thyroid is messed up. Hoping this medication will perk me up a bit. I take out a book to read when it is slow at work and before you know it I am dozing off.

Like that eyeball humor :D

wendy said...

YOU --I must say, are one of the funniest people I know. You are a freaking insane out of her mind gal and I LOVE IT.
I have to tell you , I was reading DeNae's blog and the comment you made about Ms. Obama "spitting while talking" about made me pee my pants. HIGH FIVE

anyway, I am off track. DON'T SLEEP AND DRIVE. I did that once and drove me and my sister and all our 8 kids off the road. I FELL SOUND ASLEEP. The whole rest of the trip my sisters kids would whisper "you aren't going to let aunt wendy drive again are you"

good luck on the bike ride. I love your athletism. (sp?) Can I loose weight osmossisly (sp???) by reading and supporting your super human self.
can I?

Amy said...

Good luck on your ride.

I love the eyeball comment. I am going to have to use that with my son or neices and nephews, afterall I am the mean aunt.

CountessLaurie said...

pocket eyeballs - hysterical

bike ride - have fun. sharks only bite the tasty, tan ones. are you tasty and tan?

I fell asleep at the wheel once. Scary!!!

I am sorry about the liar. I guess since she defriended you, she probably wasn't trying to spare your feelings...

Have a GREAT fun weekend!

Vanessa said...

I promise! I didn't lie! That wasn't me in the KSL photo!

Just ME the MOM said...

Nice to know someone besides me - head is spinning with random thoughts - that is my in real life everyday. Ha! I just have to laugh about the dog collar - I love those things, both my dogs have boundary collars to keep them from straying, they occasionally wear "bark" collars to encourage them to be less aggressive (I really think it works!), and my perpetual puppy has an obedience collar that he wears when he gets out of the habit of paying attention to what I'm telling him. Maybe it is "I" who is addicted!


tammy said...

Connor loves pinball machines. Especially the Pirates of the Caribbean one in the Disneyland arcade.

I won't lecture you, I'll just say if you crash and die while sleeping, I'm gonna be pissed.

I want to know about the lying person now. I hate liars too.

Connor thinks we need to get something to make Harry stop barking, but truth is it gives me great satisfaction to have him barking at the golfers whose balls hit our house.

Good luck today!

Java said...


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Have a wonderful weekend!!


You go girl! If I tried to bike even 10 miles, more than just my chicken wing would be hurting...

Lindzena said...

I really do admire the biking thing. So fantastic, I don't know if that's something I would ever really be able to do. PS, Logan is one of my favorite places EVER. I used to go to school up there. But yes, the drive back is boring and tiring and long. Glad you made it back ok. :)

Mrs. Organic said...

Hope you had a fantastic ride. Can you even walk today? I feel it when I've only done a third of those miles.