Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Slang Gang Word of the day - Two-fer special

February 7: LCD Trip

When you watch too much football on your LCD big-screen. Can apply to other sports or programming in which you sit, staring at it for hours. Known to have negative effects on you health.

Joe Sixpack gets an LCD Trip every night watching ESPN.

We totally LCD Tripped during last year's Superbowl.

**This happened to me on Sunday.  Only it wasn't the Superbowl.  Sissy is sick and wanted Toy Story.  over and over and OVER again.  Like 18 times.  I still have the music in my head.  Total LCD trip**

February 8: mondaze

a daze you find yourself in due to it being Monday

I locked my keys in my car because I was in a total Mondaze. I hate the start of a new work week.

** Can actually happen any other day of the week.  For me - every day.**


Plain Jame said...

Hahahaha, those really are super funny... maybe because I've experienced them both.

tiburon said...

The LCD thing happens to me everyday. And I like Mondays. Cause my kids all go back to school.