Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A strongly worded letter to Chili's

Oh how I USED to love you.  Serious love.  The make-out and marry you kind of love. 
 I could come there, order my chips and salsa, diet coke with vanilla and make a selection from your guiltless grill menu.  I enjoyed the fact that there were so many healthy options on that guiltless grill menu for me to choose from.  I could visit often (and did), because I could get something different each time and yet still stay within my caloric restrictions.

What happened to the Guiltless Grill menu items?  It is now completely missing from your menu.
No more Guiltless Tilapia.  No more Guiltless Pita. No more Guiltless Chicken Platter.  In fact, the word Guiltless doesn't even exist anymore on your current menu.  What the crap???

And don't even start me on the Southwestern Cobb Salad.  I realize it wasn't a "guiltless" item, but Splenda and I could share one with a small bowl of soup and it was the perfect portion of food.

And the soup?  I'm a Chicken Enchilada girl (no cheese on the garnish) but the last time I had a cup, I bit into a piece of chicken that turned out to be nothing but gristle.  Or chicken fat, or whatever the correct technical term is.  That is enough to make me never order it again for the simple fear of another such bite.

I'm so sad.  So sad indeed.  Now it appears that the only thing I can order from your establishment is the Chips and Salsa.  To go of course.  No server wants a table with nothing but chips and salsa.

Please for the love of all that's holy and sacred at least don't go messing with those mmmkay?
And if you can find it in your heart to at least bring back the Southwestern Cobb salad, I could return as a regular.

A chips and salsa loving, chicken gristle hating, former patron.


Becca said...

I gave up on Chili's several years ago when I took my family there for my birthday dinner. Our waiter was not at all a good one. He looked at my family with disdain in his eyes and said "Are all these kids yours?" When we responded yes, he said "Oh, I don't really even like kids." I wanted to ask him if he didn't like tips either, but took the higher ground and seethed about him to my hubby. I haven't been back since!

Martha H. said...

You can always share some chicken fajitas with Splenda. That with the chips and salsa = one great meal!

DeNae said...

There is one kind of fajita I like at Chili's. Period. I think the whole place has gone downhill. Sorry you're grieving!

Just ME the MOM said...

Or you could just be like me - and eat dangerously:) I LOVE chili's!


linda said...

A friend of my posted on this exact same thing. She was sooo upset. Come to find out, you can request those items that have left the menu. Supposedly, they'll still make them for you.

Wonder Woman said...

I LURVE the chicken enchilada soup, too.

Last time we were at Chili's, they had a different salsa. Lots of red sauce in it.

I was very angry.


Pedaling said...

i'll have what martha's having.

Chelsea said...

I think I know who you are because I've seen your comments on Vanessa and Tib's blogs...and I happen to think we'd get along quite nicely. I want to defend my employer just a tiny bit here if you don't mind.
First, let me apologize for the many changes to our's just as hard for me, I promise. We did it to offer more fresh and different choices than our competitors, even though I think they suck to begin with.
It's true, we took the "Guiltless" section off the menu, but added a little chili pepper w/a halo next to the items we can make guiltless for you. Someone commented that we'll supposedly make them for you still, which is true with the exception of the's gone, so sorry there.
As for the cobb salad, we have everything except the eggs, so order away! If you email Vanessa and get my email, I may even send you some coupons to lure you back into my humble work abode!
C'mon, give me another chance!

BTW, person who commented about their idiotic server...if I'd been his manager I'd have fired him on the spot! I had a server tell my host not to seat him any kids bc he didn't like them...I sat him every single screaming child I could find for a week, then told him never to do that again...lesson learned.

tammy said...

I hate change. Period.

But thank you Chelsea, you've been very helpful.

Vanessa said...

That Chelsea, she's a gem...and my bff from college. She'll hook you up.

I was sad when she told me my cajun chicken sandwich is gone, but I will drown my sorrows with some chips and queso.

Mae Rae said...

chili's has gone so down hill. I will say that the best thing they did for "us" is have the share two for 20 menu. It has saved me at least $15-20 for the fam to go out to dinner. Mainly because I wont eat anything on the menu but the kids eat cheaper too.


I say jusy say NO to the switch up, can't stand being teased!! Leave my favs alone.

kado! said...

only have been to Chili's twice and both times someone in our family got very sick. So i'd never been back...

tiburon said...

I am with you. Their guiltless grill was the bomb. So sad it is gone :(