Friday, February 12, 2010

Love. What's Love got to do with it?

Or:  You've reverted to your inner child self again

Or:  Book Review - 3 books at a time.

Or:  What have you been doing for the past several hours?  Why did you take the day off, and what do you have to show for it?

I really do love to read.  I was a HUGE reader all my life growing up and when my kids were little.  I can remember reading book after book after book.   I owned the entire Nancy Drew series.  As a young married gal, I moved onto huge novels, joined a book club and maintained at least a book a week record.

 I lost that appetite gradually over the past few years.  I don't know what happened, but my trips to the library dwindled to nothing more than every other year when I would go once to grab several for the beach.

For the most part, I make it through my weekly People magazine, occasionally my Runner's World, and sadly, I am several months behind on my Ensign.  This last week though?  I have devoured 3 different books.  Sure they are all three small and quick reads, but they each made an impression on me and in their own way, caused my little old, black heart to swell with love.

Alphabet Soup
I know, I know I already  reviewed it in this post.  And if you want to be in the running for a copy, you'll have to go there and post a comment, but it does merit another mention.  Not only because I am the best book pimp in the world, and an even better SIL, but because I am still laughing over the stories, many of which I had forgetten.  The family armed with their paintball guns going after the rodents.  Push-ups on the side of the road and yes it was Luka who barfed in the cookie dough.  It's such a fun read and when I was finished, I pondered all the good times my family has had together.  I thought of my brother, his wife and children and was reminded how much I freakin LOVE them!

Prepare Now for the Temple
Okay, I won this back in August of LAST YEAR in a blog give away, and I confess that it has been in my reading basket on my nightstand since then. I keep dropping my monthly magazines on top of it and forgetting that I had it.  Wednesday night, I did a little cleaning and de-cluttering and my basket got my wrath.  I rediscovered a whole lot of reading material that I had put aside for a "later date".
I loved this read.  Brittany  (private blog - sorry) does a great job of addressing the importance of preparing to attend the temple and directed it to young women.  Who am I kidding?  I even learned a thing or two.  Ever since I have served in YW - I have made a deal with each of them.  When they get married in the temple, I will give them their first pair of  "good girls"  (that is what I call the garments).  I've tried to make is a special occasion and impress on them what a big deal it is.  I decided after reading her book, I am going to include a copy of it for each of my girls when I give them their "goods".  I am also inspired to get myself back to the temple.  I need to worship there more often.  I am reminded how much I love it.
PS - sorry it took me so long to review it Brittany!

The Shack
Martie was telling me all about this earlier this week and I was so intrigued I actually asked to borrow the book and then spent a good several hours reading it.  I had a hard time putting it down.  I don't want to give too much of the plot away, but let me say is one of the most thought-provoking books I have read in a long time, and while the specific's aren't necessarily important, the message can be life-altering.  I absolutely view my purpose and my relationships with every single person I encounter different than I did this morning.  Isn't that a strange thing?  Here it is 4:00pm MST and I am a different person than I was 8 hours ago. 
In fact, I finished the book, laid it down on my chest and just rested quietly on the couch thinking.  THINKING.  In my mind's eye I pictured my parents, my siblings, my husband, my children, my friends.  Individually.

I picked the book up again, thumbed through and found some of my favorite thoughts and then wished the copy was my own so I could pull out my highlighter.  It centers completely on love and relationships.  I looked at my book marker which happened to be a pink doily heart I had on hand for Valentine's.   I then thought how fitting it was that I read this book on Valentine's day weekend.  Love.

That's really what it's all about anyway right?  Love.  Valentine's day isn't just a day for romance, chocolate, hearts and devotions to our sweethearts, it also includes expressions of love for ALL of our relationships.

Great book.  Great read.  Great thought provoker and life changer.

And now, I think I'll hit the library tomorrow and start embracing that piece of me that LOVES to read.


tammy said...

I had all the Nancy Drew books too!! In fact, I think they're still in my Mom's basement.

I read The Shack last year. It was different than what I'd expected. Thought provoking is right.

If I don't win your giveaway, I may cry. Not really. I will probably buy the book myself. I wonder if it's Kindle compatible?

I got a cute little pic of you and the Shark on my phone today. Wish I coulda been there.

Cherie said...

I LOVED Nancy Drew and had quite a few. My dream was to own them all but it never happened - I know I read them all though, because I checked out the ones I didn't have from the library (and who the freak cares right - I was just remembering and thinking how I hated snotty girls like you who had them all - J/K!! ha ha).
Srsly - I love to read to, love a great book, and appreciate book reviews because I don't have time to waste!!

Thanks and have a wonderful Valentines Day!!


Nancy Drew, Loved them all! I have been addicted to reading since I was 8. I was forced to start using the library my husband said he was done supporting my two books a week habbit.Bummer, I love to share:)I have not read the shack but It's now on the list.

Merri Ann said...

This is a timely topic for me ... I was just this week telling my husband that I needed time to read ... my brain is turning to mush. I discovered I've even stopped reading comics in the paper that are too wordy. I have a hard time enjoying a book 2 pages at a time ... ahhh well ... the kids are only young once ... soon enough they will be wanting their "space" and I'll have more quiet time than I want.

I loved the Nancy Drew series, too ... Along with The Hardy Boys and of course all the Walter Farley books ... I am a huge animal nut.

Thanks for the reviews ...

Hope you have a great weekend...

Pedaling said...

i just joined in a book club for the first time- it's helping make the time to sit down and read a bit more.

yep, valentines day is a celebration of Love for all our relationships- not just a sweetheart thing- that's how i celebrate it, too!

Scrappy Girl said...

I have several books just begging for me to read them. I lost interest a while back and only read 6 books last year. I am sure that is the fewest I have ever read in all my years of living {after I could read of course}

Motherboard said...

I've been thinking about reading The Shack, but everyone says it is an emotional roller coaster ride and I'm sure I want to take that kind of ride. Is it? An emotional roller coaster ride, that is?

Mae Rae said...

I read the Shack last year and was so taken. I spent days curled up on my bed and devoured it. I absolutely could not put it down. I will say that there were many parts that made me cry and made me reread.

Loralee and the gang... said...

I had the whole library of Nancy Drew books, too! And I am also sorely in need of reading more and better books. Right now I'm reading "Tripwire" by Lee Child. Just a fun read - great to have in my purse for waiting rooms and car rides. These look like some great suggestions!

Gloria (The Mamafamilias) said...

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Please, please, please put that on your library list. (My girlie girl works at the library so she recommends all the best books and this was one of THE BEST to me)

Ha - word verification is "normo". I could go so many places with that.

Emma said...

Reading can be alot of fun.... I tried to read the Shack and I hated it... I guess the message just got lost on me... Glad you liked it!

Martha H. said...

I am So, SO glad you enjoyed The Shack! I thought it was a great book. The message is timeless and transcends so much.

Hooray for reading!