Thursday, February 11, 2010


As everyone knows, I watch FOX news fairly regularly and often.  Okay daily.  Most of the day.
And anytime you watch any certain channel for a period of time, you become familiar with the advertising.  I hate the advertising at FNC.  The ads are boring, and are the same companies over and over and OVER again.  But, that's not why we watch FOX news anyway, right?
But I digress.
Lately an ad's for the Pajamagram company has been played repeatedly. And I find myself laughing out loud every single time.

Seriously?!  The Hoodie-Footie Snuggle suit?   Sexy gift pack?  Really?!?!
From their website:   "It's the best of "sexy" and the best of "snuggle up" in one great gift!"
From the TV ad:  "Cozy, comfy and a hint of sexy"


Ignore the picture on the left.  Look at the footie/hoodie on the right.  It's sexy?  REALLY?!?!

Either I am really old or they are really weird.  Or is it both?



Martha H. said...

I think it's totally hot. Literally! I'd be sweating my tooshie off if I ever got that thing.

Sexy? Really? I think not!

Just ME the MOM said...

I am laughing my head off - what on earth is sexy. Guess I don't feel so bad after all in my lovliest flannel jammies! I might even be SEXY:)


Pedaling said...

k- they really are that bad- about 3 years ago ted got me some for christmas- think red velvet- oh, my goodness- it was the first and only gift that when i opened-saw what it was - i literally busted out laughing- i didn't want him to feel bad-but seriously- luckily he laughed right along with us- i did model it though- and after taking it off my skin was pink from the red velvet- i finally got rid of it about 6 months ago-

Vanessa said...

It reminds me of Ralphie's pink bunny suit that his aunt gave him for Christmas.

tammy said...

I'm just picturing Pedaling in it now. Cute little fuzzy thing.

Wonder Woman said...

Babies wear them -- maybe if your man's a pedophile?

Um, that may have been in poor taste. But it's all I got. That suit is mildly disturbing.

Lene said...

Wonder Woman made me spit Dr Pepper on my keyboard.

Sexy?!? umm NOT

Patricia said...

I think I would burn up in that and it's not sexy at all.


kado! said...

ha! I was just cracking up last night as I cooked dinner and was listening to Fox from the other room...that same commercial came on...

...all I gotta say is...I better not be receiving a Pajamagram or else someone will not be happy! (actually make that two somebodies!)

Becca said...

I'm with you 100 percent on the FNC advertising. Especially this one-every time it comes on I just laugh. I think I even snorted the first time I saw that sexy number!

Plain Jame said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! YOU COULDN'T PAY ME ENOUGH.. ok maybe you could pay me enough MONEY to wear those. But I would never in my normal right mind wear those. EVER.

LaurieJ said...

I was in the denists chair getting a root canal when this came on! I was laughing (as much as you can in that moment) and so the procedure was paused so we could all enjoy it!
Now that is good advertising.