Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sland Gang Word of the day - triple threat

February 16: Verbal Handcuffs

When someone won't stop talking (usually about a subject you have no interest in). The talker has verbally forced you to stand there there and listen, even though you have given many clues that you have checked out. Examples: vacant stares, looking at your watch, checking your phone, answering in short one word phrases.

Girl 1 :So then I realized my cat really likes Meow Mix more than Frisky's but only if I mix it with Fancy Feast.

Girl 2: (Stares blankly)

Girl 1: Unless of course it's Chicken Livers from 9 Lives, Snowball loves that. It's her favorite.

Girl 2: Uh-huh.

Girl 1: Of course on her birthday I give her the good stuff, real tuna!

Girl 2: (Thinks I'm screwed, verbal handcuffs)

**Any time anyone begins speaking technical computer language I am verbally handcuffed.**

February 17: that's crazy
It's the perfect response when you haven't been listening at all.
It works whether the other person has been saying something funny, or sad, or infuriating, or boring....

Them: 'my girlfriend dumped me last night'

You (thirsty, not paying attention): 'oh man, that's crazy'

Them: 'I won 500 bucks at craps last weekend'

You (hungry, daydreaming about a tasty sandwich, not listening): 'wow, that's crazy'

**And now I understand my boys' responses so much better now.**

February 18: Balls out

To exude tremendous effort, to try extremely hard.

I decided to slack off and get a B in the class, but Ross went balls out and got a 100%

**Something I rarely am accused of doing**


Sher said...

I wish they had a "like" button on blogger.
That way, I could give you my nod of approval, even though I don't really have anything to say about it.

Jewls said...

I have to confess, I totally zone out when Lance is talking sometimes. "I'm crazy," probably wouldn't work for some of the boring happenings at his work though!

Martha H. said...

I like the slang gang words.

Jillybean said...

Dude, that's crazy!


Evry time these pop on your blog I have been ordered to share with the hubster! He loves them, and so do I.

Mae Rae said...

nope, never a balls out kind of gal here either...i kinda take it as it comes, laid back and all.

I am often verbally handcuffed and then have a tendency to use that's crazy when i am not listening to anything they say.