Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling

I got my nails put back on.  I realize it's very much a UT thing and I swore I wouldn't do it, but there is something satisfyng about having arylic nails and never worrying about polish.  Of course, there are the every other week fills, but still.........and no one gives a back scratch like I do now.  It's nice to be needed for something.

Luka has been home over a month now.  He has applied for several jobs to no avail.  From the feedback we have gotten, there have been so many people apply (over 300 applicants for one position), that there seems to be no wiggle room for the HR departments to allow exceptions to the interviewing process.  Just tells you how bad the market is out there.  Bad.  He might have to just do school fulltime and let Mom and Dad help.  I hope he has some nice parents.

I'm having a hard time getting up and going to the gym.  Last year?  NOTHING would have interefered with my two a day workouts.  Now.....I am letting any tiny little thing serve as an excuse to stay in my bed.  Okay, I think the reasons are valid, but still.  This is not like me.  And right now, I kinda don't care.  Sad.  Even more sad when March 6th comes around and I can't show myself on the beach.  I need to get that caring feeling back.

Watching all the news about the huge snowstorms in the east and am thanking my lucky stars that I don't live there.  The footage looks SO depressing.  I'm cold just seeing all that snow.  I feel bad for the people that live there and are getting slammed with this blizzard.  It seems as the day goes on, it is getting more and more dangerous.  Hoping all my bloggy friends out there stay safe.  You know who you are.  YOU!

Valentine's Day is Sunday.  I haven't every really been super fond of the holiday, but this year, I am kinda of excited.  No special reason.  Splenda and I aren't the type to go crazy and gah gah,  so there's nothing super exciting to look forward.  Dinner Friday night with our bonco friends, and that's it.  I think as I age, I find it easier to be content.  I think that is a good place to be.

I always joked that I couldn't wait to be 50.  My kids would be grown, grandkids would be on the way, and Splenda and I would have more time to travel and play.  However, now at 43, I find I am pretty darn happy right now.  Kids are mostly grown, Sissy is a big part of our lives, and while we both still find work to be full time and demanding, we do have the opportunity to play alot.  I think I have learned to love the stage I'm in.  Stop looking forward so much and enjoy the here and now.  Too bad it took my until age 43.

Luka just offered to go pick up Chili's for lunch.  Using his own gift card.  What a great kid!  I hope he remembers that he's going to be broke pretty soon.  Anyone know of a job opening for a 21 year old return LDS missionary, who speaks fluent Spanish and trying to start from scratch?


Wonder Woman said...

Chili's for lunch sounds oh-so-good. The chicken enchilada soup is my absolute favorite.

I think it's awesome that you're loving life right now. Better late than never.

You know, when I first read your profile and saw that you were a 43 y/o MeeMaw, I was surprised. That's fairly young to be a grandmother. But then I realized if my oldest had a baby by 22 (like his father) then I'd be a 43 y/o grandma, too. Which blows my mind. Anyway........just a thought.

Kristina P. said...

I;m actually glad it's on Sunday, as that means we don't have to do anything. I'm very indifferent about it.

And I will say, I am sort of wishing for a snow day right about now. The kind of snow day where everything is closed. When does that ever happen in Utah?

Mae Rae said...

I wish I could offer him a job but you just got him back the last thing you need is to have him move away again. I think the footage on the TV is crazier than it is in real life. I never scare out of work and yet stayed home for WHAT?

Jewls said...

I can't seem to find the motivation for working out either...but I have no excuse! And I need my figure so that I can go to the pool in a bikini right after baby Z is born (ha ha, I kill myself!) I think contentedness is marvelous, good for you!

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

Am I one of your blogger friends who are burried under tons of snow??

I hope Luka finds a job soon.

Stace said...

if he's really desperate for stuff to do, i know of a really great non-profit that could use some volunteer help :)

Pedaling said...

this time last year i was at the gym 5x a week- this year not so much....what is the deal?

i feel the same about valentines as you- i'm a firm believer in never ordering flowers, the month of feb when the prices are hiked and never going out to eat on the 14th.
for valentines i make it a special family dinner complete with dessert- we don't usually have dessert- so that makes it special.
that's what we'll be doing again on sunday.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I found a new thing that I am absolutely in love with so I want to share. I wore nails for five years, I took them off about six months ago and just a few weeks ago went in to get a manicure and the gal told me about a new product. It's called the three week manicure. It's done at salon's and it's by OPI. It's called Axxium and literally they paint on the laquer, cure it, and your out the door. I la, la, love this new product. So, if youever think about taking your nails off, check this out. It's amazing!

tammy said...

The job market & economy scares me. Things have got to get better.

Valentine's, Schmalentine's. With Luvpilot's b-day in Oct, mine in Nov, Christmas in Dec, our anniversray in Jan, we are over the gift giving. I told Luvpilot not to buy me flowers, I'd rather have a cheesecake. And I have never been one to do the cliche thing and go out to dinner on V-day.

Luvpilot hates working this time of year with all the weather problems. Well, except for when they cancel his flights and he gets paid to sit in the hotel. That part's not so bad.

kado! said...

ohhh...I can't wait to ask Tanja more about that product! I was like you...on the edge about going back...just having taken the plunge into acrylic again!

Oh...are you feeling bad for me??!! Don't worry..I'm loving the snow! I LOVE a good snow-day...(that is the Vegas girl who was deprived of snow for 9 years speaking!) I'm a stay warm indoors and enjoy the view with some hot-cocoa kind-a snow-day girl! and I'm loving it! ...the kids are back in school today..and then out for 9 days of Winter break! Talk about a great Vacation package they got..huh!?