Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tickle Me Pink Tuesday - round 1

I am tickled pink when I come home to PRIZES!
A little bit ago, I won Kado's fabulous giveaway.  And I have to tell you, that girl NEVER disappoints!  I was out of town when the package came and despite that it had MY NAME on it, Splenda opened it up (in the name of making sure it wasn't a bomb), and then lovingly put it all back in the box and left it for me to find.

Check it out!

A cool reusable lunch bag.  A clock attached to the frame, a notepad, and a Starbucks gift certificate.  She included a handwritten note and then, knowing what a Yankees fan I am, she included a darling poem that her son's teacher wrote for their class for the holiday's. 
I love it all!  Trying to decide if I want to keep the clock and frame at home for everyone to enjoy or be selfish and take it to my office at work.   For now, it sits beautifully on my dresser!

And Kado - I don't even have words to tell you how much I love you.  But you already know right?  My sistah from another mistah!



Fabulous! Glad it wasn't a bomb:0

tammy said...


I am going to start opening all of Luvpilot's boxes in the name of making sure they aren't bombs because he tends to sneak items for his car that way. Can someone please tell him his car is fast enough and looks cool enough??

Martha H. said...

That Kado is something else. I heart her A LOT!!!

Pedaling said...

well, no wonder you're tickled pink!

Mae Rae said...

Great reason to be tickled pink...gifts and presents are the greatest. I love the fact that your honey cares enough to blow up for you.

kado! said...

hahaha! I am so glad it finally got there...I have to say that the other morning I woke up with this horrible thought that the USPS might have heard the ticking in the package ('cause i was so smart and put the battery in the clock then wrapped it up and sent it!) and decided to tear open the package to be sure it was not a bomb...so how hilarious you mentioned that in your post...seriously!

Well..glad it got there, that it was NOT a bomb, and that you are enjoying the contents!