Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tickle Me Pink Tuesday....illustrated style

Random photo's from the weekend.

Isn't nice to know that your hooker heels will go with just about anything?  Includuing hospitals gowns and those butt-ugly bottoms?  Seriously - I think there could be millions made if someone would just come up with a half decent design.  And call them after me.  Waiting........ (fingers tapping keyboard....)

While the 'Mayer' doesn't tickle me, the Shark does.

(luka)(luka and GB on his right.  Old man on his left)(luka and team calls a time out )
(tuffy)(CB and Sissy)(more)(and some more)
Nothing like church basketball.  Where everyone's TRUE colors can come out!  Actually, this year is quite tame.  I am tickled most my Sissy's love of the boys and the game.
Even more so by CB's obvious mutual love for her.  CB (in the blue hat) is autisitic and our favorite kid to have around.  From the minute Sissy was big enough to interact with him, she loves to be play with him.  She will look for him at church and loves when she sees him at the house.  She's got an unusual sense of  kindness and happiness for CB and he is the greatest with her!

Amber's birthday and all the fun that comes with it!

The ever fashionable Veronica

The Shark and the Glamazon!  I wish I could sparkle half as pretty as she does.  I try and end up looking like a cheap hooker instead of the classy broad like she does!

Veronica, me, Amber, Sher, Kristina, Motherboard, Annie (who I just met  and fell in love with!), Tiburon and Vanessa.

Good freaking times!


Kristina P. said...

Dinner was good times! So good, I'm apparently half asleep!

Just SO said...

I'm sure that you will be getting a phone call soon about the designer hospital gowns.

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

Looks like you guys have lots of fun...how come I never get invited?!?! just kidding!


Yep, those heels definatley make the outfitt!!

Cherie said...

What? How did I miss this good time???
Glad you had fun - what a great group of women!!

Pedaling said...

bloggy birthdays and beautiful women, for sure!

gotta love that church ball!

tammy said...

So sweet about Sissy and CB. Love that.

Does Vanessa ever take a bad pic? It's just not fair.

Emma said...

Looks like a good time!!!!

My brother ward wont let the men have a basket ball team....they didn't play nice!

Vanessa said...

What you didn't see Tammy, was my hair and makeup team in the booth behind me...STOP! It was loads of fun! (except the part when Tib kept making out w/that John Mayer magazine!)

kado! said...

lucky! again..you Utah girls have too much fun!

great pics!

veronica said...

Such fun times! We must do that on a regular basis. I mean it.
And I was REALLY hoping you would post the photo with Tib licking the magazine. Good thing she's not obsessed or anything.

Sue said...

I love how you can kick up those heels...in a hospital gown or havin lunch with the gals..

your right, nothin like church ball to bring the devil out in us all!!

tiburon said...

NGL - that magazine is in my nightstand. I only got it for the pictures though - not interested in the articles...

annie valentine said...

It was a good time. Good times like that should have a repeat button.