Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tickle me Pink Tuesday

Things that are just tickling me pink today!

Meeting Shawn!  I have been dying to meet this lady.  She is an amazingly creative,  and talented performer. And a hoot to sit and chat with. I can only hope to be as cool as her one day!  And I loved meeting all the great ladies there as well!

Learning that while Zupa's is mighty tasty - my stomach doesn't like it.  I am always grateful to learn those bits of information.  

That Tiburon can crop any touch up any photo and make us turn out a decent.  Actually, I was the only one that needed work, the other ladies are naturally gorgeous.  And like how she left her self out of it?  She was there, looking beautiful as always, I promise!

That a person close to me is seriously considering joining the Marine corp.   I can't think of anything more honorable.

That I am browning up nicely, and hopefully while on the beach in 11 more days, no one will mistake me for a beached sea animal and try to roll me back in.  There is still the possibility, but since I don't think brown whales exist, I might have a shot.

That the Olympics are almost over so I can get back to my regularly scheduled TV.  I tried really hard last night to watch ice dancing and just couldn't get into it.  I need the Biggest Loser and The Office back.

Anything tickling you pick today?


Vanessa said...

I was thinking you were looking very tan.

Booo to the Shark not being in the photo.

I need The Office back also...and Community and Parks & Rec and 30 Rock.

Wonder Woman said...

I'm glad that my husband is finally enjoying Lost as much as I am. He was hating it at the beginning.

I'm also tickled that my baby's still cooking and my MIL will be here in 48 hours!

Mae Rae said...

i can't wait until the Biggest Looser is back on...I am dying on Tuesday nights.

#2 was a Marine. Very honorable.

Mrs. Organic said...

It was great meeting you, sorry about the unfriendly stomach. (If only Tib could crop out my puffy eyes, too. Yes, I am totally vain).

I am tickled pink about getting away this weekend, surf sounds here I come!

Cherie said...

I thought you looked tan - Forgot you get a fabulous vacation in a few weeks - Boo Yah!!!!!

Jewls said...

For real? I love ice dancing. Still bummed the Canadians won, but at least it wasn't the Russians, lol!

tammy said...

You are looking rather tan and beautiful.

Is it your son who's thinking of the Marines?

Sissy is looking much older in those pics below!

JennyMac said...

You are beautiful Melissa!

kado! said...

how FUN!! You guys all look beautiful too!