Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday Wrandom Wrambling's

I really don't do well in January.  Or February.  Or March.  Okay, I don't do well unless it's like July through the end of August.  And while many of you frowned on my tanning bed,  it makes me happy.  Just a few minutes of bright lights, warmth and solitude.  I am lucky in that I inherited my Dad's skin.  Fair looking, but I can brown up like nobody's business.  Go ahead and judge. 

I really want hardwood floors.  Heck, I'll take laminate.  I am so OVER carpeting.  How to convince Splenda daddy....... the  good boob isn't going to work for this one.

I think I have found my trick for maintaing/losing weight.  I LOVE a huge lunch and then nothing else the rest of the day.  If I do eat at night, it's when I let myself have a little treat or a small snack.  So far, it's working great.  I am down 4 ellbee's.  Of course, the gym has to remain a huge part of my life, but that's easy.

Speaking of the gym.  I am SO NOT getting back to my racing shape.  I mean, I can run, but not long like I used to be able to.  It's very frustrating and I know that I need to chill out, and realize it will come back, but really, I want to be able to run.  LIKE I KNOW I CAN!

I'm going to try Zumba Friday morning.  I am positive I will make a fool of myself.  But what else is new?

I promised everyone I would make soup today.  Now I'm not in the mood.  I gotta quit setting expectations of myself for others.  Really.  If I were to just set out some ceral and milk, do you think anyone would notice?  I mean it's still bowls right?

I took my concealed weapons training course MONTHS ago and I still haven't sent in my paperwork.  I really need to just dig in my basket, find it and get it done.  Maybe Friday.

Speaking of Friday.  I get to take the day off and have Sissy come over early.  Maybe a matinee is in our cards.  Princess and the Frog or Alvin and the Chipmunks?  On second thought, don't answer that. 

Speaking of Sissy, I REALLY want to take her Disneyland in the fall.  Think it'll happen?  I hope so.

I read the obituaries.  I always have.  Is that weird?

I love doing the daily crossword puzzle in the newspaper.  Yeah, we actually still TAKE the newspaper.  Only for my crossword puzzles.  And no, those books you can buy are not the same.  If I don't have time to do the puzzle for the day, I save it.  Sometimes on the weekends, I have the entire week's worth to do.  When I am traveling for work, I have to go buy the Deseret News so I can do the puzzles.  The Trib isn't the same, nor is it doing them on-line,  It makes me so happy. 

Speaking of happy, did I mention I don't do well this time of year?  'Sokay, will be having a little artificial light later today!


Mae Rae said...

most January-s (shit how do you plural January) well anyway, most of them are not good for me either. This one however has been extremly good for me. I wish it would stay bright longer and the sun would shine brighter. I bet you suffer from Vitamin D deficiency. Bet ya do...

Kristina P. said...

I don't understand what this Zumba thing is.

tammy said...

I used to feel the same way about Jan - March. I think it's time you became a bird and migrated south for the winter. Preferably my part of south.

I really really want hand-planed wood floors (like Pedaling has). But since Luvpilot's upgrade to cap-ee-tan is taking longer than expected, I would settle for laminate at this point too. Heck, I even offered to get my boobs done for him if he'd give me floors. He's considering the offer.

kado! said...

how funny...did you read the US Weekly insert where the lady from Golden Girls (yes I forgot her name...) said it was against her religion to throw away the weekly crossword made me think of that!!!

we have the paper delivered on Sundays...I love the coupons! ...and we take it to the beach to the Summer! ;)

Pedaling said...

aren't you glad i said i tanned....
see we are so meant for each other,
though, i thought for sure you didn't because you have no wrinkles..
you have great skin genes, girlfriend!

let me know how the zumba goes!

Anonymous said...

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Just SO said...

I am doing unusually well for January and I'm not sure why.

I can see where a tanning bed would help with the blahs. Unfortunately I am one who burns and then peels so...

Good luck with Zumba! I'm taking a belly dancing class and tonight is the first night. I'm slightly nervous.

Devri said...

Ok don't judge you for tanning beds, must have missed that post. girl, go brown up, if I had the money, me'd be soakin it up too! I would love hard wood floors, I have tile, much better when you have little children. I have seen the wood floors with children.. not for me,(at least right now).
What in the world is zumba? do share please I am lazy to google it. lol
have a wonderful winter, and you should take her to princess and the frog, oops sorry you said not to mention. :D

wonder woman said...

A tanning bed for the sake of your mental health is much different than a tanning bed strictly for vanity purposes. You do what you gotta do.

Good luck with the flooring stuff. I think the hardwood/tile/carpet compromise wouldn't be too bad.

Uptown Girl said...

a tanning bed sound DELIGHTFUL right about now! I do the same thing with the free newspaper crosswords btw. I try to use my crossword book, but sometimes they are just way above my level!

wendy said...

ok, so I used to be "so down" with the artificial light thing. But I am very fair and I BURN.
then when hubby #2 developed melanoma this past July I am kinda freaked out. He showed me this greyish colored lumpy thing (quite small actually) on his arm and wondered if he should get it checked. I told him YES, don't wait cause ya never know. Well, good thing as it was positive for melanoma. He had to have a huge chunk of his arm dug out then skin graft from his thigh for that arm and they are still doing some testing.
so---------be careful.
and incase you are wondering, hubby #2 and I are and will always be very good friends. weird, I know.

This is a hard time of year for sure. We do get quite a bit of sunshine here though --just cold sunshine.

I think if you serve the ceral HOT, they'll never know. Cheerio soup---is good for the soul.

so the boob thing won't work eh. sorry about that. can you "step it up" if you catch my drift (tee,hee)

later girl

wendy said...

hubby and I do them every morning.

Boomer Pie said...

Good luck with the running. I promised myself I'd try running this year, but I really hate it. So I still continue that. But I'd really love to rollerblade. Anybody tried that?

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

I dont tan. I burn and turn white again, so I dont bother. But Im glad it puts a smile on your face. And I love crossword puzzles too.

Oh...and I would rather eat cereal than soup anyday.

Shawn said...

YOU need to lose weight?----puh-lease!! What does that make me? An elephant? heh, heh....

Notice what I fixated on? I'm still annoyed I can't lose that last 10 or so lbs.---arrgghhh.

Jewls said...'s all the same!

Patricia said...

Okay I know were related somewhere down the line because I also love crossword puzzles and no the ones in books are not the same. I think a tanning bed is great as long as it doesn't make you look like an old woman and with your skin I don't think that's possible.


Emma said...

Bring on the sun!!! I hate this time of year too.... yuck.

tiburon said...

I am so excited that you are coming to Zumba I could spit.

Kristina - come on Friday. We will learn you.

Vanessa said...

I hate January too.

Princess and the Frog was cute. My girls LOVED it!

Omgirl said...

No judgment here, I SO agree with you on tanning. I used to look down my nose at it...until I tried it. Now I relish the 15 minutes once a week that I get to sit in that warm bed, soaking up Vitamin D and totally relaxing. It's one of the vew Zen moments in my week. I LOVE it. And I have skin like you--looks pale but it browns beautifully without ever burning. LOVE IT. Thanks to my dad, too.

CountessLaurie said...

I love a tan. Seriously love it. Should have done it before Grand Cayman. Even with my 8000spf, I have a sunburn... but it'll fade nicely :-)